Ryan Seacrest Produces Happiness Through Entertainment and Philanthropy

Ryan Seacrest is a busy man just with his work with American Idol that returned this Spring, but he has a lot more on his plate than just the popular musical contest series. In fact, Ryan Seacrest is involved with many other projects in the entertainment industry including both TV and radio programs. As a host and co-host, Ryan Seacrest can be found on the radio and television in the morning with On Air With Ryan as well as Live with Ryan and Kelly. While he is known by most of his fans as the co-host of Live with Ryan and Kelly, many people don’t realize that he serves in the position of executive producer for the show as well. Even less commonly known is his rule of producer for Keeping Up with the Kardashians as well as the different spinoffs based on the Kardashian family. He is involved with many different entertainment projects in the role of producer through his company, Ryan Seacrest Productions.

While his entertainment endeavors are a large part of his career, he also keeps himself busy with his two product lines, Ryan Seacrest’s Distinction and Polished by Dr. Lancer. These products are both lines that are designed for men who want high-quality and convenience. Distinction is a clothing line that is only available through Macy’s with suits and separates that create a smart look for his customers. The skincare line Polished was designed with a dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer, with anti-aging properties and quality ingredients in a simple system that includes everything a man needs to keep his face looking healthy.

To give back for his hard-earned success, Ryan Seacrest created his own organization that is dedicated to making the lives of children with medical conditions more enjoyable during their stays in the hospital. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has build media broadcast centers in ten hospitals within the United States for the use of patients and their loved ones. These broadcast centers create a great opportunity for patients to not only learn, but also to just enjoy themselves during a potentially scary and stressful time.

Whitney Wolfe’s Ban on Gun Photos Is Received With Animosity From Bumble Subscribers

Bumble is a popular social networking and dating up that started in 2014. The CEO and founder Whitney Wolfe Herd was a former assistant head of marketing for Tinder before leaving and joining efforts with the Badoo founder Andrey Andreev to come up with the site. Having worked in the Marketing Department, Whitney was familiar with sourcing out users who would create a strong client base, and in December 2015 she had managed over 80 million matches on the app. A year later, Bumble launched the Bumble Bff segment that was purely for meeting friends of the same sex and Bumble Bizz that was meant to help women create professional networks without fear of intimidation.

The app that allows women to make the first move is currently hosting over 35 million users across 144 countries and has a net worth of about $1.5 billion. In the recent past, Whitney Wolfe and her employees have faced severe threats after her decision to prohibit any gun content in the dating site. This has raised tensions among the bumble staffers, but her decision was final. Despite threats on her life and cyber attacks, Whitney Wolfe said gun photos and profile pictures were against accountability and kindness which are the company’s important virtues.

Following the Mass shootings in a High School in Parkland, Florida, Whitney donated $100,000 on behalf of Bumble to the pro-gun control group march for our lives campaign. She said she would not support the idea of guns even though she was from Texas and knew most people were responsible licensed gun holders because they were the biggest cause of 80% deaths caused by domestic brutality. The American entrepreneur who took the threats from these pro-gun activists seriously had security guarding Bumble’s premises for a few weeks.

In 2017, she tied the knot to the love of her life, Michael Herd, an entrepreneur in the gas and oil industry. The colorful ceremony took place in Italy. Whitney Wolfe, who had worked with orphanages in Southeast Asia graduated from Southern Methodist University with a bachelors degree in International Studies. She is a Salt Lake City Native who currently resides in Austin, Texas.

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Wes Edens: A Visionary who Co-founded the Fortress Investment Group

Three entrepreneurs founded it, and one of them is Wes Edens, who also owns sports teams ranging from basketball to online gaming. He bought the Milwaukee Bucks at the National Basketball Association (NBA), and he also became the manager of the FlyQuest group playing for League of Legends. He is an alumnus of the Oregon State University, and he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Business Administration, and he is also considered as one of the best in his class because of his visions for his future self. Upon graduating, Wes Edens started to send his resumes to different financial firms, and the Lehman Brothers later hired him.

His job at the Lehman Brothers started his career in the financial sector, and he became a managing director for the company. Spending six years with Lehman Brothers, he managed to learn some of the techniques on how to handle an investment firm, and how to become a successful businessman in the financial sector. He also learned a lot about investment and even tried it for him to see if he would earn a profit. After working with Lehman Brothers, he transferred to the BlackRock Asset Investors in 1993, serving as a managing director. He met the two other co-founders of the Fortress Investment Group at the BlackRock Asset Investors, and together, they discussed the possibility of creating their financial management firm. The three visionary entrepreneurs agreed to quit their jobs at BlackRock Asset Investors and founded the Fortress Investment Group in 1998.

Wes Edens, along with his two other co-founders, served as the company’s principal. They worked together to gain new clients, and their assets started to grow as years go by. In 2007, they decided to introduce the company to the stock market and offered an IPO to the public. 8% of the Fortress Investment Group was sold to the public, which is roughly equivalent to $600 million. The New York Stock Exchange welcomed their decision to offer the company to the public, and in just a short time, many people are now shareholders of the company, and their stock market value started to climb. Wes Edens continues to become one of the most important figures in the company, and he is currently serving a high ranking position within the Fortress Investment Group.

Surf Air Travel Recommendations

1. Meadowood Spa in Napa Valley
The Meadowood Spa is Napa Valley is one of the best destinations in Southern California that Surf Air recommends. It is one of the best luxury destinations to visit throughout all of California. Here, you will experience the uniqueness of Napa Valley with all of the wines the destination has to offer. With a 4.5 rating on Tripadvisor, 85% of the reviews rated the property with an “excellent score”. The Meadowwood Spa and Hotel feature multiple recreational activities such as croquet, tennis, and a golf course. Here, you will also be able to hike trails, swim, and experience the Forbes 5 star spa that the hotel has to offer. In the end, the resort is one of the best throughout the wine country.

2. Bacara Resort and Spa, Santa Barbara
Another Surf Air recommendation is the The Ritz-Carlton in Santa Barbara offers an enjoyable and luxurious spa. The spa offers a redwood sauna, an adult only swimming pool, a rooftop terrace, and a steam room. This resort just screams honeymoon or even a great place to take the wife to for vacation. Not to mention that the resort is right on the Pacific Ocean! How cool is that? You will be able to watch a beautiful sunset while relaxing in the spa. The resort also offers multiple tennis courts, a restaurant, and even a wine tasting room. In the end, the long beach that this resort has to offer seals the deal for me. The Pacific Ocean is absolutely beautiful and this resort allows you to take advantage of this.

Overall, traveling and experiencing new places should be fun, especially when they are so luxurious. These two resorts have been at the top of the list for a while now and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. In the end, the offer what other resorts cannot.

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End Citizens United: The Complaint Against Rick Scott

End Citizens United filed a complaint against Rick Scott for using a “SuperPac” to find senate campaign. They believe that was he is doing is illegal. It is being said that he is going around the law to get the money and refusing to adhere to the federal limits that were issued.

This is a serious matter as candidates are supposed to uphold all laws, not keep some and break others. So far Rick Scott has $78 million raised for his campaign coffers. A “SuperPac” is well within its right to raise as much money as it can and spend as it needs to as long as there are no direct links to any campaigns. End Citizens United is actually accusing Rick Scott of violating the anti-coordination law. They claim he did it with the New Republican Pac. Scott used to be the chairman of this particular group before running for the Senate. Because of that, the PAC promised to get him elected to the United States Senate.

Adam Bozzi who is the Communications Director for End Citizens United States that Scott is only interested in political ambitions and not the law. Basically, Bozzi is saying that he figured out how to bypass a law to acquire soft money that was meant for the president. He stated that Scott evaded disclosure laws, and paid his campaign bills with that money. People on Rick Scott’s campaign team denied the accusations. Documents showing that he was working with the PAC at the time seem to show otherwise. The PAC’s website had Scott listed as the chairman back in January. End Citizens United was created to keep big money out of the political system. They work with candidates who feel the same way. One of their biggest goals to make donations amounts public and require limits. Getting rid of political greed is a priority for this organization.

End Citizens United is throwing son serious allegations out there. Just how factual they are no one knows. Only time will tell with a thorough investigation as to whether these statements are true.

About End Citizens United: mothershipstrategies.com/case-study/end-citizens-united/

LA Galaxy’s Jonathan Dos Santos Nabs Multi-Year Sponsorship From Herbalife

Jonathan Dos Santos is one of the hottest professional soccer players in the world right now, so it’s big news when he signs any sort of a long-term sponsorship. It’s especially big news when the new multi-year deal partners him with Herbalife Nutrition, which will become his official sports performance nutrition partner through the 2021 MLS season.

As part of the deal, Dos Santos will be featured in ads and other promotional events for Herbalife and will also have access to the Herbalife24 line of sports performance products, In a recent promo video for the company, Dos Santos explained that he was introduced to Herbalife24® Rebuild Strength in the LA Galaxy clubhouse and in the video he showed how he uses the product as part of a drink he’s named the “Banana Surprise.”

Dos Santos was born in Mexico City and joined FC Barcelona’s famed academy with his brother Giovani. They both worked their way to Barcelona’s first team and then joined Villarreal CF. In 2017, Jonathan and his brother joined the LA Galaxy as two of the team’s three Designated Players. Since joining the LA Galaxy, he has became a favorite of fans for his aggressive play and willingness to spend time with fans before and after games.

Herbalife was founded in 1980 and in the years since has become a force in the global fitness nutrition market. With a line of products devoted to helping people battle obesity and poor fitness, Herbalife and its Herbalife Nutrition independent distributors have changed the face of performance and fitness nutrition, weight management and personal care products. It continues to be one of the fast-growing companies in its sector.

Herbalife also is a proponent of corporate responsibility and social outreach through its Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) and its Casa Herbalife programs. Both programs work to help provide nutritious fitness and health products to low income families, focusing on the needs of young athletes.

The company also sponsors nearly 200 athletes including a number of Olympic teams, the LA Galaxy, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Jonathan Dos Santos. Herbalife has more than 8,000 employees worldwide with offices and distributors in more than 90 countries.


Sightsavers Helps to Eliminate Trachoma in Ghana

In 2000, Ghana had a reported 2.8 million people in the country at risk of trachoma, a contagious bacterial infection of the eye. The disease causes an inflamed granulation on the inner surface of the eyelids. Sightsavers has been working in Ghana, and during the 2018 World Health Organization (WHO) it was announced trachoma had been eliminated as a public health concern.

This news is good for all of Africa where more than 200 million people are at risk of developing this eye disease. With the breakthrough in Ghana, it is now possible to eliminate trachoma in other countries.

This infectious disease is spread by human touch, flies and is often prevalent in more impoverished areas where clean water is difficult to access. If left untreated, the eyelids will turn inwards leaving the surface of the eye vulnerable to the lashes scratching them. This condition is painful and can lead to irreversible blindness.

Simon Bush, Sightsavers Director of Neglected Tropical Diseases, states it took determination, collaboration and a lot of hard work for Ghana to eliminate this painful eye condition which has devasted millions of people who are the most vulnerable. This process was only possible with a global alliance who worked together with Ghana. Help came through government agencies, Sightsavers, pharmaceutical companies, fundraisers, and the community itself.

A midwife from Yendi was interviewed. She had contracted trachoma, and it had been severely affecting her eyesight to the point she could no longer deliver babies. She was only able to help new mothers bathe their children, but she could not perform deliveries. She was waiting for complete blindness to set in, she did not know it could be treated. She believed the condition had been going on for more than a year and when she was told there was a treatment, she said it was like a prayer had been answered.

Sightsavers along with a partnership between the Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Service, WHO, funders, more than twenty NGOs, members of the International Coalition of Trachoma Control, the Carter Center, FH1360, and USAID END in Africa have all worked together to remove the threat of trachoma from Ghana. More than 6,000 people in the country underwent pain-relieving and potentially sight-saving surgery. Zithromax was donated by Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company, to continue protecting and treating people.


Talos Energy Shows Earnings In Report

Talos Energy recently released a report which shows that the company has been able to make a profit in the last quarter. Their earnings have been increasing in the last few years because of their dedication to exploring the Gulf Coast for oil. The company focuses on oil exploration throughout the Gulf of Mexico and the entire Gulf Coast. They also explore the area for gas products that can be produced. Their management team has many years experience working in those regions and because of that, they know where the richest product is. Talos uses the most up to date equipment in their exploration and have been very successful with it.

They are planning to take their operation further into the Gulf in the near future. The company feels that this area is one of the richest in the world in producing oil. They are very aware of their responsibility to the environment while digging and feel that the techniques they use are safer than most. The company is fully computerized and this enables them to search for and find oil without making unnecessary digs. At one time, the area they are searching was considered to be completely devoid of any oil products and many moved away from it. However, Talos Energy has found that there were pockets of energy products in previously unexplored terrain. They have developed systems to recover these products using their expertise.

The future will continue to need oil and gas for energy and Talos Energy is ready to go forward into the future. Their team of technicians is able to locate and see what assets are valuable to the company and recommend digging in those areas. They analyze seismic readings that are taken periodically in order to report on these. The company is now a publicly traded company on the stock market. Share prices have gone up tremendously in the last few months due to their positive report.

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Jeunesse Global’s Skin Care Products

Jeunesse Global is a young company that has experienced a great deal of growth in just a short period of time. Since the company was founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global has expanded its business across the globe. The company currently has 32 field offices, and its products are sold in 130 nations.


The company is noted for its wide-range of products that are designed to enhance the youthful appearance of the skin. Jeunesse products also help to provide the nutritional support that is necessary for people to feel younger. Jeunesse believes that when people feel younger, it manifests in a more youthful appearance.


Among the many products that are available from Jeunesse, there are a number of skin care products available. Instantly Ageless is a product created to reduce bags underneath the eyes. The product is also useful in reducing the appearance of small lines and wrinkles in the skin. Instantly Ageless can reduce under the eye baginess in as little as two minutes.


The Luminesce line is a group of skin care products that are designed to help reduce the effects of ageing on the skin. Each of the products in the Luminesce line contain APT-200. The Luminesce line was developed by dermatologists exclusively for Jeunesse. These products provide hydration to the skin while they give the skin a brighter appearance, and they can make the skin tighter and younger looking.


NV is Jeunesse Global’s line of cosmetic products. These products also contain APT-200 that makes the skin more youthful in appearance. NV products include primer, foundation and a bronzer. Each of the products in the NV line leave an airbrushed look to the skin. All NV products are appropriate for all types of skin, and none of the NV products contain oil or sulfates.


At Jeunesse Global, skin care is important. These products, along with the nutritional products from Jeunesse, help the skin feel younger, and they help people to feel better about themselves.



Wes Edens’ Successful Career Journey

Wesley Robert Edens is a 56-year-old American who resides in New York City. He is well known for his contribution to the Fortress organization where he was the co-founder. He is married to Lynn Edens, and together they have four children. He went to the Oregon State University where he studied Bachelor of studies in Finance and Business Administration. Wes Edens is a billionaire who has worked with different organizations including BlackRock Financial Management where he held the position of the head of asset investors and Lehman Brothers where he was the managing director. He has also rendered his services in many other firms including Global Signal Inc., Capstead Mortgage Corp, Impac Commercial Holdings and the Global Principal Financial Group mostly holding the position of a chief executive officer.

He joined Fortress in 1998 where he was the co-founder and later became the co-chairperson in the organization’s board. While working with the Fortress company, Wes Edens main role was to head the publicly traded business together with the equity alternative investment business. While working in the Fortress company, numerous employees of the company expressed their satisfaction online. They stated good working conditions and the interns said that they learned a lot from the company.This billionaire’s total take-home pay per year is 54.4 million US Dollars and was therefore ranked at position 962 in the world’s billionaire list in 2008. He is greatly involved in sports, and he even owns a National Basketball Organization and also the FlyQuest which is a new eSport franchise. He is also the co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks.

Apart from his role in his career, Wes Edens also plays a role in the community and the political section. He supported various candidates including Max Baucus, the Montana senator, and political parties by donating 265,000 US Dollars to support their political career. In his support to the community, he donated 2.7 million US Dollars to fund educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. He even serves as a trustee in Chinook charitable trust. He has also boosted organization including the foundation of Environmental Advocates of New York. Wes Edens is one of the rich personalities whose success has become the success of many in the community and whose impact has been felt by many. Through his generosity, many people have had to improve their lives. The organizations he served have also made major steps in development because of his dedication and his outstanding personality.