Leveraging Your Money

Woe is me: this is what could be heard falling out of the mouths of investors when they were categorically denied access to their funds because they are tied up in a long-term investment vehicle that lacks liquidity. There is now a solution to this situation in the form of a non-purpose loan. Although there is some disclosure involved, mainly as to what the loan will be used for, investors rejoice over not having to sell assets, that are likely performing, which is also why they don’t want to sell them, in the event liquidity needs to be established. Equities First, which considers itself to be “a secure, efficient, alternative source of capital,” understands this niche market very well.

Investors need not liquidate their assets, but rather they can call Equities First, have their holdings evaluated, and they can obtain a non-purpose loan against the value of their holdings. This is the greatest way to establish liquidity, in the event it is needed, so as to put your money to work, basically twice. Anyone who has suffered through being on margin, and also holding long-term assets, knows full-well what anguish can result from not having access to those funds.

A firm like Equities First answers a lot of questions for investors, and helps them to get access to funds that have been relegated to a state lacking liquidity. It helps to have a place to turn, and in a lot of ways, this might be a way in which to make even more money on your non-liquid dollars by using a non-purpose loan, so as to make additional investments. The bottom line is this will help you maximize your portfolio returns while leveraging those values without having to sell-out a position.Lamenting a sell-out, because of financial distress, is the sorrow of many investors.

Before non-purpose loans, however, that was all that could be done. Add to this, even if you could sell something, it still take 3 days for settlement. Instead of selling a bunch of bonds, exposing yourself to the deleterious forces of interest rate-forced market devaluation, use a non-purpose loan and let your money continue to accrue interest in your holdings. This is smart business.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner’s Produce Flawless Hair On All Hair Types

Wen cleansing conditioners have been around for a long time now, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still good for women’s hair, quite the opposite in fact. Many women from all over still use the product to this day and get amazing results, thanks to the products unique formula that was designed to give a deep clean and conditioning to all types of hair. There are even a number of great reviews on the product to show off how well it works that can be found online. Chaz Dean, the creator of the WEN hair care line, developed WEN more than a decade ago, and has been tweaking it ever since to make sure it is a premium all natural hair care product.

Bustle Magazine had one of the bloggers do a review on the WEN cleansing conditioners as well. The writer in question, Emily McClure, tested out the Fig version of Chaz Dean‘s cleansing conditioners, and by the end of her week trial period using it on her hair, she saw the intended results. Despite her problematic hair, which is very fine, she was able to add new strength and fullness to her hair by adding WEN to her routine. It took a little tweaking to get it just right, however, since she had to lower the dosage and use the product early in the mornings, but the end results were well worth some effort. Emily even has photos of what her hair looked like before and after, and the results speak for themselves.

Even though it took Chaz a long while to get the formula right, and he has still updated it over the years, it was worth the effort since it has helped so many women. This product is not only convenient and can be ordered online on Sephora, but it is affordable for nearly anyone. For $40 dollars or less, everyone women can own a bottle of WEN, and what’s even better is that it can take the place of any current shampoos and conditioners, and even deep conditioners, which saves more money and time spent on an individuals hair.