Goettl Air Conditioning Expands By Merger To Meet the Demand

In 1939, the Goettl Air Conditioning Company was born when two Goettl brothers decided to start their young company in the desert Southwest. Today Goettl has locations in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson. Goettl was the first company to bring the evaporative cooling system to the market and later the refrigerated air conditioner. Both were especially welcome in the desert Southwest.


Goettl has served several generations of families with the best in heating and air conditioning installation, servicing, repair, and replacement. They also are experts in indoor air quality and HVAC for businesses.


Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl, has recently merged with Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air in Las Vegas. The expanding markets in both Nevada and Arizona have led Goodrich to look to the future with the desert population beginning to expand. There are new neighborhoods, strip malls, and apartments which are crying for good air conditioning and heating installation and servicing in both areas.


Goodrich plans on hiring and training 100 new employees in 2017, and it is a good bet that they will be needed to handle the additional business expected to come Goettl’s way.


One exceptional plan that customers have like for many years. The Goettl Maintenance Program costs only $12 per month and offers some very good benefits. First of all, members of the plan receive significant discounts on installations, repairs, parts, and service. There is a warranty for five years on parts and two years on service. There is a 48-hour emergency service where a serviceman will be at your door within 48 hours of a call. Each year, the member gets a free tuneup on their heating air conditioning system.


Goettl has made it a point to treat each customer fairly and honestly and to always give customers the best service that can be provided. Customers constantly are giving the company good ratings and reviews due to the outstanding work that they have received from Goettl technicians.


A common experience that customers continue to extoll is that the repairman always explains what it is that he is doing so that the customer understands how things work and why it is being fixed in a certain way. When the repair is fininished, the customer knows why it works and why it will stay fixed.


Goettl gives each customer options when it comes to servicing and repairing their equipment, and every job gets a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is all about the customer, and that is what has propelled the success of Goettl since 1939.

The Leading Lingerie Brand In Australia, Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is an Australian Lingerie brand, which was founded by an entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan in 2006 in Brisbane. The brand has been growing at high speed in the recent past, and it recently launched an E-commerce site in the United States of America. The brand, Honey Birdette, also revealed the proposed plans to take its United Kingdom retail portfolio from three stores to forty by the close of the 2018 business year. The brand decided to launch the e-commerce site in the USA after they experienced a massive increase in the online sales by a whopping 374% over the last twelve months. According to Eloise Monaghan, the online platform is expected to enhance the customer’s experience for the better. The e-commerce site is also expected to increase the online sales further especially with the free delivery of orders, which attract 50 dollars and above. Faster order tracking, easier returns and product range extension are also some of the benefits to experience.
Honey Birdette is referred to as a high-end lingerie brand by women, and it is well known for offering high-quality lingerie outfits especially in Australia, USA, and in the United Kingdom. Since its foundation in 2006, the company has grown, and its popularity is rising year after year. The company has also had a shift in the management team and policies to ensure that they give the best to their esteemed consumers.
Most of the Honey Birdette’s growth and success came after Chanelle Rogers left her employment in a famous lingerie brand, Risqué Australian Lingerie Company. Ms. Rogers gave her version of how women face difficult situations in the lingerie world. Since Honey Birdette Company has always maintained its reputation for efficient service delivery and high regard for employees, it has remained to be the leading and the best performing lingerie brand.

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Succeeding in Politics

If you want to succeed in politics, you have to be willing to work hard on the right things in order to get ahead. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are being made in this area. With her knowledge and experience, she can help develop a political campaign that is going to have a lot of success over time. If you are ready to learn from someone who can help raise money, Andrea McWilliams is the person to go to.


Andrea McWilliams


There are a lot of people who grow up wanting to be in politics their whole life. However, Andrea McWilliams is not one of those people. If you are ready and willing to make a difference in the lives of others, you need to find what you are passionate about. Andrea McWilliams is great at fundraising and organizing political events. This is where she has learned to make the biggest impact she can in the world around her. Now is the time to start thinking about what she can do in order to drive success and value over time.


Future Plans


If you are ready to take your life to a new level, Andrea McWilliams is the person to work with. She can help you organize a political campaign and raise money so that you can fund it. A lot of people in the Dallas area use her services because she is doing such a good job in her current position of helping other people in politics.


Talk Fusion: Your Video Marketing Partner

A revolutionary Video Chat product, designed by Talk Fusion recently received an award from the famous Technology Marketing Corporation. It is the second award in this year that this media giant has awarded to a company for its exceptional service and product which facilitate data, voice and video communication because of the quality of services that Talk Fusion offers to its client.


Rich Tehrani, CEO TMC said that it is an honor for him and for his company to receive this award but his award is not their target. Their target is to offer quality services to their client so that they can trust them and their product more than any other product in the similar category.


By using WebRTC technology, Video Chat let its users communicate with anybody, anywhere no matter what kind of devices have been used such as desktop, smartphone or tablet. This application is available in the Google Play Stores and iTunes. Two awards in a year demonstrate that this product will be future for video conferencing and video calling.


Bob Reina, Chief Executive Office and also the founder of Talk Fusion, said that we won’t stay quite but will Talk Fusion is working very hard to try to come up with an all in one comprehensive plan for each and every video need of yours. And that is what Talk Fusion all about, to continue proceeds to offer more quality services and benefits to the end user.


And to allow the consumer to try its quality services, Talk Fusion recently started Free Trials to its few services such as WebRTC Recorder. So, you can try this product and see for yourself that it is not just a word like numerous other competitors say but Talk Fusion has what they said it did. They know that be on top is an easy thing but staying on top requires actual dedication. Therefore, with more quality products in the pipeline to amaze the end users, a team of experts that are working dedicatedly to reach and impress new customers to continuously hold the top leading position in video marketing industry.

Clay Siegall develops revolutionary new class of cancer-fighting drugs

Clay Siegall, founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics, as one of the nation’s leaders in the fight against cancer. His firm has developed a revolutionary new class of drugs called antibody drug conjugates that promise to completely revolutionize the treatment of cancer. Ultimately, these new drugs may someday form at least part of the disease’s cure.

A high-flow development pipeline

Dr. Siegall founded Seattle Genetics in 1998, shortly after leaving Bristol-Myers Squibb as a senior researcher. Starting with nothing more than a skeletal staff of researchers, he quickly grew the company into a powerhouse of innovation and new drug research. In 2001, Dr. Siegall led his company to one of the largest IPOs in biotech history. Raising over $1.2 billion, the company generated enough capital to fuel research into new classes of drugs over the next decade.

Currently, Seattle Genetics has eight drugs in its development pipeline. In addition to this, it also has a further 20 drugs which has licensed out to be produced by other drug manufacturers. In 2011, it was the first company to receive FDA approval for an antibody drug conjugate. The drug, ADCeteris, is a revolutionary new treatment for refractory Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It has improved the outcomes of thousands of patients and saved countless lives.

Seattle Genetics also has a large number of patented processes by which it produces novel drugs. One of those processes involves the synthesis of antibodies from mice. Malignant tissue is introduced into the mouse’s body. This provokes an immune response, whereby the mouse produces antibodies that attack the foreign tissue. These antibodies are then analyzed using sophisticated chemical techniques. Thousands of similar molecules are then created synthetically and are tested for optimal characteristics in real patients. Once the antibodies with the best properties are isolated, the cytotoxin, which attacks the malignant tissue, is then bound or conjugated to the antibody. This is an antibody drug conjugate. Such drugs allow for massively higher doses of cytotoxic agents that are delivered directly to the site of the tumor. This dramatically increases the therapeutic window, making it possible to design treatment lethal enough to the tumor that patients only need to take one course.

5 Best-Ever Movie Themes


  1. Indiana Jones (The Raiders March)


This quick, exciting tune has become so iconic, it is hard to imagine the Indiana Jones films without it. To this day, the music first used in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” inspires adventure in all who listen to it.


  1. Harry Potter (Hedwig’s Theme)


One of my favorite movie theme songs, Harry Potter’s theme music perfectly captures the magic and mystery of the wizarding universe. Its sweeping yet minor sound sets an almost eerie mood and provides a subtle background for the films’ action.


  1. Jaws


The spooky, ominous theme music from this film really makes the movie. The idea of a huge man-eating shark is scary enough, but hearing the creepy music as it swims around eating the characters in the film makes this movie downright horrifying.  You almost need to be wearing good headphone brands to really get a feel for the bass in this one.


  1. Star Wars Main Theme


While Star Wars is one of the best movies ever, and is rife with amazing music, the universally recognized main theme perfectly sets the stage for the films. It is exciting, adventurous, and fun: all the best traits of the franchise. Listen to it and feel instantly transported to another galaxy.


  1. Psycho


With plot twists, gruesome murders, and of course the iconic shower scene, Psycho remains one of horror’s most beloved films. The violent, terrifying theme heavy with string instruments turned a great movie into an amazing one.

Al Christy – Equities First Holdings Just Started With a Family-Owned Apple Orchard

A company that just started by giving a stock loan to a farmer, several years later has brought a meaningful impact to many investors by offering higher level of services lending. Al Christy takes proud of staring a company where he has been able to help numerous investors; both individuals and companies access affordable stock-based loan with agreed attractive terms. Al Christy has been in the entrepreneurial practices for some time and in mid 1990s, he came across a mortgage banking institution that specialized in residential, commercial and small business loans.

However, in 2002, members of a family-owned apple orchard get to him to discuss on business loan. Their orchard at the time was the tenth biggest apple producer within America but was facing bankruptcy as it needed $3.5 million for payments of 24 apple growers. The orchard family owners had exhausted all kinds of commercial lending alternatives and made their decision to get in touch with Al Christy on extra mortgage on the property with the objective of meet their financial team if necessities.According to the economic atmosphere during the time, he was not able to provide an extra mortgage facility but after reviewing their stock portfolio, Al Christy established an innovative solution that used part of the family’s stock holdings as security for the loan. That sustained the orchard in honoring its debts and also remaining in operation.

It is at that point that Al Christy (the Founder at Equities Founder) noticed serious gaps that prevented potential investors from acquiring capital. There was the market need that enabled businesses and individuals to effectively leverage the equity within their portfolio and access liquidity whether for business expansion or other uses.Approximately 15 years later, the company runs at least an office in every continent and has completed various transactions worth over $1.4 billion. Although every story is not as dramatic as that of the apple orchard, Equities First has impacted the lives of various investors and continually strives to offer alternative lending solutions.

Lime Crime Enters Its Next Phase

One of the signs of a living business is that it is always going through different phases. When it comes to Lime Crime, it has entered the unicorn phase. These products have been in development for a while. They have been created with vegan ingredients. At the same time, there are no chemicals that could cause problems with use. Doe Deere has made sure that she avoided putting in bleach or ammonia. Therefore, more people are safe to use this product. Lime Crime is definitely on a roll with all of the new products that it is offering to its customers.


Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of this product is how long it could last. These products can last a long time for people that apply it. The make up can last for up to 12 washes as it depends on the type of make up used and the type of method used to apply it. For people that are just looking for a unique way to express oneself, Lime Crime has brought forth the unique item that is very useful with the unicorn coloring. Lime Crime enables people to bring forth something that is attention getting.


In this world where people are encouraged to love themselves and appreciate who they are, it is important to find something that is unique. One of the reasons being unique is needed is because people are not going to be able to love themselves if they feel that they have to be someone else. One of the easiest ways for people to love themselves is if they know how to be themselves. Otherwise, they are not going to be able to appreciate themselves. With Lime Crime unicorn products, people will be able to explore who they are and use their make up and appearances to discover themselves. follow them on instagram for more of their uodate products.

Felipe Montoro Jens’ Opinions about Water and Sanitation

Hygiene is an important element for every person to consider. Poor sanitation can result in an outbreak of dangerous infections like typhoid and cholera which can lead even to death. Therefore, sanitation issues should be greatly considered to avoid negative impacts on the economic development of a country.

Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian infrastructure development expert. In his report in checkdirector.co.uk, Montoro agrees with the President of Trata Agency in Brazil on issues of sanitation concessions proposed to improve sanitation in Brazil. He indicates that 90% sanitation services are provided by the public, and only 70% of consumers enjoy these services.

To conquer this inequality, operational plans that conform to the requirements of the affected areas needs to be initiated. Loss of water is a serious disaster that retards sanitation levels in Brazil. Felipe Montoro Jens believes that to improve sanitation, the private organizations which have enormous amounts of resources must collaborate with the public sector which has scarce resources to attain the required levels of cleanliness.

Felipe is also convinced that the concessions will improve not only provision of services, but also the management, resources, and administration in this industry. Felipe Montoro Jens emphasizes the importance of collaboration between the private sectors and the government to eliminate sanitation issues in Brazil.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is an experienced infrastructure specialist in Brazil. He is an accomplished businessman holding a Bachelor’s degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation and a Master’s degree from Thunderbird Global Management School. He is currently the CEO of Energipar Captacao S.A.

Before he was granted his current position, Felipe Montoro Jens acted as the senior director of three other organizations: Braskem S.A., Santo Antonio Energia S.A., and Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos S.A.


The Different Stages of the Fashion Industry and the Type of Change That Don Ressler is Trying To Bring

There has been tons of changes to the fashion industry sense the 20th century. After all, there have been many different eras. Also, both men and women have experienced some changes in the industry. One thing that is certain is that the changes that occurred in fashion are representative of the mindsets of the time. For instance, men’s fashion has changed drastically during some eras. Women’s fashion has also underwent changes in different eras according to Don Ressler. Among the changes that have occurred in the past few hundred years are that there have been many different stores and companies that sell clothing.

The recent eras of fashion have brought forth concepts such as fast fashion. Fast fashion is one of the types of stores that tend to attract customers on Pando.com. For one thing, with fast fashion, people get to enjoy some of the trends that they have brought forth at a much faster rate than other types of fashion. Fast fashion companies are the types of companies that have something unique from other companies. Men and women find something that they are not able to find with other companies. Therefore, they have decided that they could have something that they like with these companies.

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There is another change coming for fashion. This one involves something that is way better than fast fashion. Don Ressler is bringing forth these changes. This is not about offering some unique items. This is more about dressing the customer. Don Ressler allows the customers to use their imagination to help them come up with new products that they will like. After all, there are many different individual styles. The worst thing that a fashion company could do is throw a lot of stuff at the wall in order to see what sticks which is the very thing fast fashion does.

Don Ressler is looking to dress people of all body types and all sizes. One of the issues that some people are faced with is a lack of availability for the clothes that are their size. This is where he has decided to make TechStyle fashion all inclusive for people of different sizes.

Learn more about Don Ressler: http://perezhilton.com/tag/don_ressler/