Phillip Diehl of U.S. Money Reserve calls top-level meeting in Austin

Phillip K. Diehl, the former director of the U.S. Mint and CEO of U.S. Money Reserve, called a meeting of top-level officials last week in Austin, Texas. The theme of the conference was the current threats facing the U.S. and global economy. In particular, Diehl aimed to get input from the world’s top economic minds on the implications of the many converging trends that have historically led to hyperinflation.

Gold may be the only hedge Americans have

One topic of the meeting was the role that gold and silver coins can play in the face of extreme systemic risk. Diehl has long maintained that gold and silver are the layperson’s hedging strategy. Diehl says that there are no other asset classes that have historically posted such compelling records as effective hedges than both physical gold and silver.

One of the great services that U.S. Money Reserve offers is to give average Americans the opportunity to take physical possession of this historically robust natural hedging instrument. Diehl says that in cases of a severe systemic shock, it is likely that contract enforcement may become difficult to impossible. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve: and

For this reason, Diehl contends that gold and silver ownership should not be viewed as a sufficient hedge against systemic collapse unless it is actually taken into physical possession by the owner.

As far as the nature of the economic threat, Diehl and other speakers gave convincing arguments that the U.S. economy is at a historic crossroads.

Problems such as constantly expanding, record-level real unemployment, the retiring Baby Boomer generation, the refusal to leave the workforce of many Americans over 65 and many other issues are brewing in a cauldron of economic turmoil that Diehl believes will eventually lead to Venezuelan-style hyperinflation. If that happens, tens of millions of Americans could see their life savings wiped out and end up with no means on which to survive, much less retire.

About U.S. Money Reserve

Since its founding in 2008, U.S. Money Reserve has become the largest distributor of U.S.-issued gold and silver coins in the United States. But the company is much more than an ordinary gold and silver coin dealer.

Employing financial planners, economists and market analysts, U.S. Money Reserve helps its customers use their gold and silver purchases as part of a larger hedging strategy, allowing for millions of Americans to gain the same level of protection against market volatility as investment professionals.

Bob Reina: A True Leader

Bob Reina is someone that people truly look up to in today’s world and that is because he looks out for other people. Not only that, but he cares about other people. This is all directly from his heart, one hundred and ten percent. He does not know any other way to live his life as a human being. He wants to give back and he believes in giving back. One of his biggest things and one of the most important things to him is changing lives. He has talked quite often about wanting to leave his mark on the world and wanting to leave an impact. Learn more:


He has that done with Talk Fusion, an award-winning product that is truly changing lives and changing them for the better in so many ways. That is what people should be aspiring to do when they create a product or do anything in this world. They should not simply do something to increase their place in their world. That comes naturally along with reputation. All of that comes from doing the right thing as a human being. Bob Reina not only believes in doing the right thing, but he lives by that code of honor. Learn more:


He made a donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society because he loves animals. When Bob Reina loves something or cares about something, it truly oozes out of every part of his life. There is no other way around it. It is infectious and people pick up on it and they gravitate toward it. They can’t help but be inspired by it. When someone can inspire other people to be better that is something positive. We need more positive things in today’s world. Bob Reina and Talk Fusion are positive. They know that if we as a society remain positive and keep our eyes on the prize, real change can occur in today’s world. Learn more:


That is what Talk Fusion and Bob Reina are all about: change. Change can often be seen as a bad thing, but it is actually a very, very good thing as it promotes people better themselves and improving their quality of life. Learn more:


Yani Hufnagel Looks Destined For Great Things In College Basketball

Assistant Basketball Coach Yanni Hufnagel’s Recruits Like A Pro

Mention the name Yanni Hufnagel to any of the people that have played for him or coached with him and you will hear the words, “high energy”, “motivated” “hard worker” “great recruiter” and “driven”

Coach Yanni Hufnagel’s love for basketball started at a young age in Scarsdale, NY. As a child he became obsessed and consumed with the game, reading books, articles and news stories on hoops at every opportunity he came across.

His career started young and moved fast. Attending Cornell University he became the basketball team manager his freshman year as well as serving a summer internship for the New Jersey Nets before moving out to Oklahoma after accepting a grad assistant position with the Sooners under head coach Jeff Capel.

After fulfilling his grad assistant duties, coach Capel recommended him to Harvard and in 2009 he accepted an unpaid internship for the Crimson program under coach Tommy Amaker. While at Harvard he was credited with the development of NBA stars Jeremy Lin and Wesley Saunders. Harvard had an impressive record of 90-30 over Yanni Hufnagel’s 4 year stay in Cambridge.

On day one he began his efforts into recruiting and has built quite the reputation for being a fantastic recruiter that is respected and admired by young players across the country.

After leaving Harvard, Hufnagel has went on to coach as an assistant at Vanderbilt, Cal Berkeley and most recently at the University of Nevada Reno under coach Eric Musselman.

In addition to building a great reputation for recruiting in July of 2013 Yanni Hufnagel was named head coach and lead the Team USA Youth Team to a gold medal at the 19th Maccabiah Games in Israel.

Coach Hufnagel has built a strong reputation fast and many of his peers feel his time to become a head coach is coming soon.


Read more about Yanni Hufnagel:

Championing for World Rights with Avaaz

Championing for other people’s rights is something that requires a lot of dedication and hard work. As for Avaaz, everyone associated with the organization is focused on changing the community in protecting the freedom of expression, democratic governance and other important rights affecting both human and animals. Since the year 2007, Avaaz has stood against corruption and conflict around the globe. Despite being located in the US, they still focus on climate change and poverty elsewhere across the globe. The organization’s name traces its background to the Persian language where it’s used to represent voice or song. Just like the meaning of the name, the organization fights to ensure that there is equality.

The group has received the recognition of many media houses such as the UK based Guardian that considers the movement as one of the most rapidly growing activist networks in the northern hemisphere. Since 2009, Avaaz changed its funding policy where it cannot accept donations from corporations and foundations. Instead, the Guardian reports that they have adopted a funding method of accepting donations from its members only who have raised over $20 million since 2009. Most of this money is used to pay the staff working for the company and part of it was used for the start-up.

At the moment, the Guardian reports that the group has its presence in over 30 countries across the globe. Some of the countries where they are vibrant include Brazil, Lebanon, India, USA and the United Kingdom. To ensure their members receive the necessary information, the group makes use of campaigning tactics as well as emails. Email-your-leader tools, videos as well as online public petitions are some of the campaign tactics that the organization employs. However, most of the tactics they use are suggested by their members. The group has been very vocal concerning the Syrian war.

Don Ressler Brings A Higher Value Life To Customers

The one thing that is going to determine how fashion companies are going to do is what they offer. Entrepreneurs that are passionate about the industry of fashion have to put a lot of thought into what they are going to bring their customers. One thing that is certain is that some of the most successful fashion retailers offer more than just clothes and accessories. As a matter of fact, many successful companies that develop and sell products offer more than just products. The most important aspect of the business is the customer. Therefore, it is important the the customer is treated as important.


Don Ressler does exactly what is needed to keep the customer coming back and more. Among the things that Don Ressler has done for his TechStyle company was put develop brands that offer many different types of high quality and unique clothing that are optimized for different body types. This is one of the main draws of the brands of TechStyle. Don Ressler takes it even further to give the customer the celebrity treatment. He has a personal stylist feature on his TechStyle company so that customers can get the right types of clothes for themselves.


Customers get a taste of the exclusive highly valued celebrity lifestyle when they sign up for service at the various TechStyle brands. To top it off, people don’t have to spend tons of money on the products and services that are offered by TechStyle. Therefore, they can feel like they are being wise with their finances. To top all of the features off, people don’t have to worry about their clothes ripping or falling apart quickly because they are made of much better material than even some of the more expensive offers at shopping malls.


Don Ressler has thought about more than selling clothes for customers. He has wanted to sell a lifestyle to people. This is one of the reasons that he has designed his business off of a business model where people have exclusive membership and savings. People are encouraged to make the most of their membership. One of the ways Don Ressler has done this is by making sure that the customers have more control over the products that are being offered.

Interest Rate Changes Provide Highland Capital Management Valuable Investment Strategy

Highland Capital Management primarily focuses on the credit market. As Highland Capital Management assesses the market, there are two dominating risks the firm concentrates on. Those risks include the economic risks, and the interest rates by the Federal Reserve Bank. In order to establish capital building opportunities for their clients and investors, Highland Capital Management roots itself in the ability to perform based upon those risk assessments.

While awaiting the second interest rate rise in 2017, Highland Capital Management was prepared with a strategic development plan to obtain additional capital growth for investors. The Federal Reserve Bank announced a new rate range of 1 percent to 1.25 percent above the current rate of 0.91 percent. This was an increase that was highly anticipated by Highland Capital Management.

Highland Capital Management deals a great amount of their investments within fixed rate credit markets and uses that familiarity to determine which direction the firm will position investors within their portfolio. The new interest rates provide a significant growth opportunity for the firm with over $15 billion in assets and leading the market in collateral loan obligations (CLO). The firm also sees a great opportunity for a floating-rate market and a dynamic way to allocate capital as an asset class for investors as long as those corporations have managed their portfolio effectively.

The opportunity comes at a time when Highland Capital Management recently announced Damon Krytzer as the new Managing Director for business development. Mr. Krtyzer specializes in corporate and structured credit markets as well as portfolio strategies.

Highland Capital Management determines the best opportunity for purchasing regulated entities as a strategic advantage to build upon. For over 20 years Highland Capital Management has capitalized with alternative investing and generated dominance over extended periods of time. With blending a top-down risk assessment framework alongside a bottom-up positioning for determining significant risk targets, Highland Capital Management has been able to make bold decisions and create key drivers for establishing a proactive investment strategy.

Highland Capital Management has a diverse client base and continues to provide alternative investment opportunities through emerging credit markets as well as short and long term equities.

For more information follow Highland Financial on Twitter.

Why mission-critical cloud systems use NuoDB Cloud Technology

Origin of NuoDB

NuoDB is a scalable SQL database software built for the cloud. NuoDB is proprietary software designed in 2012 by a Massachusetts database company of the same name. While developing the software, the company took a different approach to data structure and transmission, giving birth to a highly elastic and scalable SQL database management system.

Approach and Technology

NuoDB has evolved into NewSQL, an advanced SQL with capabilities to scale and perform in high-demand cloud environments. The database uses distributed server instances as network nodes for delegating workloads between them in a peer-to-peer model. This means new server instances can scale out the database.

NuoDB uses SQL to perform its ACID-compliance transactions. In the process of scaling to accommodate short bursts of data requests, it is capable of maintaining transactional integrity. The transactions are routed through a three-tier structure namely administration, transaction and storage tiers. Isolating these layers ensures that data does not mix up during a transaction and reconciliation is easy in the event of a failure.

Commercial Application

NuoDB has become the industry standard for mission-critical cloud applications. It is popular among companies whose functions involve processing large sets of data. Companies such as UAE Exchange, Kodiak and Alfa systems use NuoDB technology for data management and processing.

The Outstanding Campaigns of Avaaz

Avaaz is one of the world’s most influential civil right organizations. The institution has been operating on six continents since 2007, and it is headquartered in the United States. The founders of Avaaz took its name from Persia, and it means a strong voice or a song. Avaaz’s primary goal is to ensure that people are well informed about critical matters such as human and animal rights, corruption, climate change, and many other factors that might negatively impact communities. It has been ranked as the world’s largest and most influential organization that operates through the internet.

The civil rights group has an outstanding democratic mission that greatly inspires its goal of making sure that there are no barriers between communities across the globe, making the world safer, and uniting people of all countries. The excellent work that the foundation has been conducting has positively changed the society. It has managed to empower many ordinary citizens to have the ability to fights corruption and promote environmental conservation locally and globally. The growth of the internet has offered Avaaz more power since it easily joins people to create and superior force.

Avaaz works with activists who are currently located in different countries, and they communicate in 18 languages. Hundreds of thousands of people have volunteered to participate in the undertakings of the organization, and many others are willing to join them. Avaaz has attained success by using various tactics. They include lobbying governments, planning protests, sending emails, signing petitions, direct action, and facilitating media campaigns. It makes sure that governments and corporations across the globe consider the needs of the people before making any important decisions. The civil rights organization has currently set up campaign teams in Brazil, Lebanon, the United Kingdom, India, and about 30 other countries. Avaaz is committed to following the law whenever it conducts any protests.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Andrew Rolfe: Towards Greater Operational Autonomy at Ubuntu Education Fund

Non-profit organizations usually incorporate representatives from their benefactors. While their role in the management boards of these charitable organizations is to represent the interests of their organizations, some of these representatives are professionals with expertise in various fields. One such individual is Andrew Rolfe; a leading company executive with extensive experience and education in organizational management. Andrew Rolfe has built a reputation as one of the leading company executives in the Greater New York City Area. However, the expertise that he has gained over the years has led to significant success in organizations overseas.

As the chairman of the board of management at Ubuntu Education Fund, Andrew Rolfe has overseen a complete overhaul of the organization’s operational strategies. His management acumen is founded on solid academic background marked by studying in some of the best learning institutions in the world. He enrolled at St. Andrews College and Eton College for his graduate studies before joining University of Oxford. He graduated at the university in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. His deep insight in organizational development and management, which has been crucial in his success at Ubuntu Education Fund, was further developed at Harvard Business School. He graduated from the university in 1992 with Master of Business Administration degree where he specialized in managerial economics.

Remodeling Ubuntu Educational Fund’s Operational Model

Since taking over at the Zwide, Port Elizabeth-based, nonprofit organization, Andrew Rolfe has overseen a remodeling of the organization’s operational model. Since its founding, Ubuntu Education Fund had struggled with navigating the conflicting interests of the donors and its primary objectives. Some of the donors directed how their donations were to be spent by the organization including the projects they were to fund. Moreover, they only released the grants on a yearly basis, which inconvenienced the organization. However, since taking over the chairmanship of the Ubuntu Education Fund’s management board, Andrew Rolfe has overseen a complete overhaul of this model. The new model is based on operational autonomy where the organization’s management has full authority on how the donated funds are spent. This is aimed at reducing the influence of the donors on the organization’s numerous projects including provision of quality education and healthcare services to their needy in the Greater Port Elizabeth Area.

Securus Technologies – Empowering Local Law Enforcement Agencies with Advanced Crime Prevention Technology

Technology needs to be innovated and upgraded at frequent intervals to ensure it blends well with the contemporary demands and times. Same is the case in the world of prison technology and inmate communications. However, one of the companies that have been single-handedly revolutionizing the field of inmate communications and crime prevention technology is Securus Technologies. The company was established in the year 1986, and since then has grown to become one of the pioneers in the field, and has a broad spectrum of products and services on offer to the correctional agencies.


Securus Technologies believes that developing new technologies and improving and upgrading the existing technologies is the only way to stay ahead of the competition. And, it is for this reason the company announced recently that it had spent over $600 million in research and development as well as a patent acquisition in the last few years. It goes on to showcase the commitment of the company towards the field of inmate communications and prison technology. Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and has other branch officers in Allen, Carrollton, and Atlanta. The company also provides parolee tracking services and government information management solutions.


Recently, Securus Technologies shared with the world the views of the law enforcement officers about the enterprise. The company receives hundreds of letters each week from the law enforcement personnel, and the company decided to share parts of these letters in an open press release on the internet. The law enforcement officials felt much safer after using the products and services of Securus Technologies and also helped them catch the offenders much quickly. The information provides by Securus Technologies’ services such as LBS and Investigation Pro makes it easier for the law enforcement officers. I feel that such services are highly needed in times when the crime rate is increasing across the globe and communities are vulnerable to criminal activities.