Why Glen Wakeman’s Business Development Strategies are Remarkable

Glen Wakeman is a tech entrepreneur, investor, writer, and executive with over twenty years of experience in finance and business. Today, he serves as the CEO of a lucrative SaaS venture founded in 2015 called LaunchPad Holdings LLC.

LaunchPad Holdings LLC

LaunchPad Holdings was born out of Wakeman’s intuition to build and design a simple software platform. Wakeman also enjoyed matching intuitive ideas with financial resources like money. LaunchPad Holdings is known for its automated software service that targets early-stage start-ups. The service enables entrepreneurs behind these start-ups to make a workable plan out of their ideas. Its goal is to eradicate challenges that entrepreneurs face when running early-stage start-ups.

Education and Career

Glen Wakeman went to the University of Scranton and graduated with a bachelor’s of science in economics and finance in 1981. He proceeded to the University of Chicago and pursued an MBA in finance in 1993.

Wakeman held different positions in the business development and P&L departments of GE Capital. The company’s board of directors recognized him as a Growth Leadership role model for his exemplary leadership skills. Wakeman is also the founder and served as president of Nova Four. Read more about Glen Wakeman at crunchbase.com.

Professional Achievements

Throughout his lengthy career, Glen Wakeman made a name for himself in the business sector as an entrepreneur and a mentor. Wakeman has also developed business strategies for companies with over $15 billion assets in management and professional teams of more than 17,000 individuals.

Wakeman also spent his career guiding start-ups and M&As. He relied on a performance methodology focusing on risk management, leadership, human capital, execution, and governance. Wakeman usually shares these business strategies on his personal blog. He also writes about business administration and management, emerging markets, and international fiscal matters.

Wakeman’s blog also features articles themed on global affairs, business transformation, capital raising, and angel financing. He mentors C-level executives and provides expert advice to start-ups such as Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded. From his blog, one can note that he is passionate about executive development, growth, and innovation in business.

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USHEALTH Group Delivers on Corporate Responsibility for Members Insurance Needs

USHEALTH Group has taken its responsibility for its members seriously and has flawlessly implemented products that meet their everyday needs.

The company, which is located in Fort Worth, Texas, has been in the insurance industry for 50 years servicing customers with life, health, vision and dental insurance, as well as insurance for critical illnesses and accidental injuries. Read more: USHEALTH Group, Inc.: Private Company Information

Crunchbase revealed that the mission of USHEALTH Group is to provide members with the type of insurance coverage that is affordable, sustainable and dependable.

In order to continue this mission for five decades, USHEALTH Group needed to earn the trust of its members who rely upon the company’s products for their families; often when it’s vital to their livelihood.

What USHEALTH Group does better than any other insurance company is listening to their members. The company’s Chief Executive Officer Troy McQuagge has stated that excellence doesn’t just happen, especially within the insurance business, and that it has to be earned by the consumer.

Mr. McQuagge took over the leadership role as CEO in 2010, and the company has been led on a path that is innovative and has taken well-executed risks that have been very beneficial for its members. USHEALTH Group operates with a standard of excellence in every product and service the company offers.

During a challenging and very uncertain time within the insurance industry, USHEALTH Group has remained committed to strive for distinction with products that are innovative and affordable. The company offers essential health benefit plans that meet or exceed the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

However, USHEALTH Group gives the consumer a wide-range of health care choices that are unparalleled in value and benefits. In addition, the choices of life insurance products are unlike any of the company’s competitors.


The life insurance product MedGuard is a distinctive choice for consumers that not only support the responsibility for families being protected at a crucial time, but also providing coverage to compensate for any gap between health insurance and life insurance to cover unexpected bills and non-medical needs that are not typically thought of during a time of need.

MedGuard is a select-type of product that is vital to the financial well-being of families, when they need it most.

In 2017, USHEALTH received the Gold Award for Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative at the Annual CEO World Awards ceremony held in San Francisco. The award is considered an extremely coveted accomplishment in the world of business and it is a peer-recognized program that honors companies internationally within all industries.

The honor of this type of an award solidifies USHEALTH Group as a company that has the integrity and accountability to continue bringing its 15 million members unmatched quality products and service.

Tony Petrello in Philanthropy and Business

Tony Petrello recently helped launch the Neurological Research Institute located at Texas Children’s Hospital. Mr. Petrello is known for actively engaging in philanthropic causes of immense value to the human race. Together with his wife, he contributed $5 million towards the institute’s role in fighting debilitating and life-threatening neurological diseases affecting children. He has pledged an additional $2 million to be given to the hospital in the coming years. For Tony, this particular cause is close to his heart since he has a daughter with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). As a result of the PVL, his daughter developed cerebral palsy and will, therefore, have to learn to do everything that comes naturally to other children. Not only does he give his money towards such noble causes, but he also gives his time by speaking and writing on them. Tony Petrello is currently a director of Texas Children’s Hospital Inc.

Growing Nabors Industries

Nabors Industries is the world’s largest land-based oil and natural gas drilling company on land. The company provides drilling rigs in different parts of the world and also provides additional services needed in the industry such as directional drilling services and performance tools. Under the leadership of Tony Petrello, the current chairman of the board, president, and CEO of Nabors Industries, the firm has cemented its authority as a leader in the industry. Using excellent leadership skills, Tony Petrello has ensured that Nabors Industries is known for setting new standards and transforming the industry. His thorough understanding of the industry, business acumen, and strict work ethic has helped his company navigate unchartered waters while experiencing years of steady growth. Additionally, during his tenure, the company has increased its workforce even as other companies were cutting down theirs.

Previous Work Experience

Before rising to the position of CEO and president of the board at Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello put in many years serving in lower ranks at the company. He served as the deputy chairman of the board for many years before finally taking over at the helm of the company. Tony Petrello not only serves as a member of the board at Nabors Industries, but he is also a director at Stewart & Stevenson. Other leadership positions he has held to date include director at MediaOnDemand.com and as a managing partner at Baker & McKenzie, a law firm. Tony Petrello pursued his education at Yale University and Harvard Law School. His knowledge in law and mathematics has positively impacted his leadership abilities and business acumen.

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Helpful Information on Retirement Planning

How is life after retirement? Do you have to prepare for the life after retirement? What are the essential things you have to do before retiring? Many folks end up living a miserable life after retirement, the reason being they didn’t plan well for the resignation. So how do you go about it? According to David Giertz, here are some ways that may assist one when planning for retirement.

How to ensure you are Secure and Financially Stable during Retirement

It is difficult for one to estimate how much money one may need to save for early retirement. At times you never know how much you are expected to save for the full pension. Note, during retirement, you will spend more than you receive and as such you will be needed more money. Thereby, it will be a good idea to save more from your income. Saving from your income may not be enough, and as such, other income opportunities should be considered to ensure you are financially stable during your retirement.

Wise Investments

Note, an investment is an ideal way of earning extra income. But the question is how and what to invest. There are essential things one need to put into consideration to have best investment decisions. For instance, by the time you are retiring, how much would you have saved? You ought to have saved at least six times your yearly income to have enough capital for the investment.

For early retirements, one ought to save at least 30 times of the annual income. By saving more will ensure you have sufficient funds for investment. Second, you need to consult successful entrepreneurs before venturing into any investment. They will guide you in areas to venture in and those to avoid.

Choose the Best Retirement Plan

You ought to find a flexible plan for your retirement savings. The plan should have penalties to discourage early withdrawals. A good plan should only allow the withdrawal after the retirement.

After going through, ways that may assist you to plan well for retirement by David Giertz, it will be good to know more about David Giertz.Mr.David L.Giertz is the president of Nationwide Financial Distributors.

He is also the Senior Vice President for several nationwide companies. In 2009-2013 he was the Vice President of Nationwide Financial Services. In 2004-2009 he was the Vice President of NF Sales.

Omar Yunes’ Achievements as an Entrepreneur

Omar Yunes stands out as the best Mexican Entrepreneur in food industry.He has proved that food industry can succeed even with the many challenges in place. Omar has always worked closely with his employees to deliver best services, hospitality and delicious meals to their clients.

Yunes also won the best Franchisee in the world award of the Mexican region. The award was as the result of his impact to the food industry, his ability to motivate and encourage employees and coming up with innovative strategies to improve the productivity of the food industry. Yunes’s personal skills such as adequate and timely planning activities, employing professionals who make the productivity simple and faster also contributed to him being awarded. Omar Yunes has earned his food industry a worldwide recognition. He has been able to apply and exercise his skills and experience to solve the challenges that come along. This has made it possible for his industry to compete with other food industries globally.

Omar Yunes leadership skills
These leadership skills are revealed from his:

Omar owns several food companies. Despite the demand of huge responsibility, Omar ensures that all the records are put in order every time.Yunes work together with a number of accountable supervisorto provide accurate records and reports. For example the work flow records, management of cash books among other records are up dated accordingly.


Omar as a leader ensured that there is transparency of work matters. He communicated information necessary to all employees without hiding some information or issues to some employees. Omar worked with the employee as a team; therefore he treated each equally and openly.


Omar has the ability to find sustainable solutions to various market challenges. Omar believes that there are no challenges without solutions. This attitude keeps his mind open and up to give the best despite the challenges faced.


Omar motivated his employees every time to ensure that they work smart. He treated the employees with high dignity and offered freedom of expression at work. He ensured that they worked as a team so as to attain their vision and mission of the industry. Omar valued the work of employees and always encouraged them to keep giving their best.

To Learn More : http://norcal.news/news/23774-omar-yunes-rising-real-estate-costs-and-effects-california-charities

Talkspace Helping Patients Get Therapy From Licensed Therapists at Affordable Price

Whether you know it or not, depression is amongst the most common mental illness in the world. Many people show evident signs of depression while for others, it is hard to figure out if they are going through depression or not. People generally tend to stay away from people who have depression as they feel it is contagious and can get to you. However, it is not true, and in fact, it only gives more confidence to help people who are suffering from depression. The people who are suffering from depression need mental support and someone to whom they confide their feelings without being judged.

Most of the times, people continue to function in their normal lives without letting others know what they are going through, and it creates a hole inside, which if not addressed at early stages, can lead to more significant mental issues in the future. The stigma associated with depression needs to end because as a society we are growing and maturing, and chronic depression is something that can be diagnosed with care and affection, and not by stigmatization of the people suffering from it.

Talkspace is an ideal mobile application that would help you get therapy from the licensed therapist at a fraction of the price. There are over 1,000 licensed therapists associated with Talkspace, and getting started with it is very easy and affordable. When you compare to how much Talkspace charged in comparison to the traditional form of getting therapy at the office, it is sure to help you make up your mind about getting clinical help from a therapist. Depression is a problem that tends to grow, so sooner you start with getting clinical attention to it, the better it is for you. And, Talkspace is the right place to get started with clinical therapy as it costs less and ensures complete privacy like a traditional setting.


Sentient AI Enabling Ecommerce Personalization through AI Technology

The e-commerce companies from across the globe compete these days to attract more customers and provide them with better customer services. It is a competition that has been working well for the customers as it eventually leads to better customer experience and more customer satisfaction. The companies are going to lengths to ensure that the customers have a seamless shopping experience at their site. The increasing competition in the e-commerce industry is calling for the companies to use new technologies and marketing techniques to grab the attention of the customers and keep it.


One of the ways that have become very popular among the e-commerce companies as well as among the customers is the use of e-commerce personalization methods, which is implemented with the help of the artificial intelligence technology. Sentient AI is one of the biggest AI technology providers in the world and has passed its highly advanced artificial intelligence technology to hundreds of e-commerce companies.


E-commerce personalization helps with boosting conversion rates and also improves customers’ loyalty rate. Better the shopping experience of the customers at the site, more likely they are to visit again. It is what e-commerce personalization is all about. It is done through artificial intelligence technology to understand the specific preferences of the customers and provide them with the product list in order of their preferences. It helps in boosting sales as well as ensures that the customers are able to navigate through the inventory of the site in order of their preference, from most preferred to less preferred.


The way the customers interact with the e-commerce sites is registered and recorded by the e-commerce sites these days, and such data is kept for a long time to come. This way, whenever the customer visits the e-commerce site, the site knows exactly what to present to the customers. It not only helps the e-commerce sites to register themselves in the good books of the customers but also makes the customers become the patron of the site. It is a mutually beneficial technology that the artificial intelligence provides to the e-commerce companies.


Such technology has helped the e-commerce industry to become as big as it has grown in the last few years. There are many advances and updates happening in the existing artificial intelligence platform offered by Sentient AI. Integration of such upgrades in the existing AI technology offered by e-commerce companies would make it easier for the companies to provide better and more personalized services to the customers.

Lime Crime’s Newest Release, Pocket Candy Palettes

Lime Crime’s new Pocket Candy Palettes offer five eye and cheek colors each. And, they’re deep wells, so you’ll have makeup for longer than the average compact lasts. Choose between Sugar Plum, Pink Lemonade or Bubblegum. They each come with five deep wells of complementary colors. Lime Crime just released the line in September; so, it’s time to check out what’s new with Lime Crime.

Pocket Candy is a take on the Polly Pocket dolls that came with their own pocket sized carrying cases. Now you can be nostalgic with your makeup and carry the new Pocket Candy Palettes in your pocket.

Sugar Plum, the pink Pocket Candy Palette has five great bold tones.

1) Sugar & Spice (a velvet-matte pinkish bronze)

2) Fairy Floss (a sparkling iridescent lavender turquoise shift)

3) Candied Plum (a shimmery pink-purple)

4) Nutcracker (a velvet matter chestnut-brown)

5) Icing (a frosted bright white)

Pink Lemonade is in a yellow Pocket Candy Palette and it has sunny warm hues.

1) Brown Sugar (a satin pink-brown)

2) Pink Jelly (a velvet matte rose pink)

3) Strawberry (a sparkly pink-red)

4) Baby Cake (a velvet matte chocolate brown)

5) Lemonade (a shimmery sparking yellow-gold)

Bubblegum, the blue Pocket Candy Palette is made up of five pastel tones.

1) Pop (a shimmery peach-champagne)

2) Snap (a sparkly cotton-candy pink)

3) Blow (a satin baby-violet)

4) Chew (a velvet matter toasted nude)

5) Bubble (a shimmery sky blue)

All of the Pocket Candy Palettes by LimeCrime are made in the United States, so buying them is great for stimulating our economy as well as looking great. They are also vegan and cruelty free; no animal byproducts are used in their production and they are not tested on animals.

Pocket Candy Palettes come in collectible cases, just like the Polly Pockets did. They have a great 2-dimenional relief of a bow, which makes it easy to identify by touch when searching for them in a crowded purse. They are beautiful to look at and durable. Inside, you’ll find your five deep wells of compressed powdered colors and a mirror so you can apply the colors accurately. If you haven’t yet tried them, go out and try the newest release on Lime Crime’s makeup line, Pocket Candy Palettes.

Dr. Clay Siegall: Understanding Cancer Research

Dr. Clay Siegall is a man of many acts thanks to his extensive educational background. He has a Ph.D in Genetics from George Washington University, and he has a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland. Cancer research is one of the most demanding fields of work on the planet. There is so much to do before a cancer fighting drug ever hits the market. Who is better to understand this more so than Siegall? The guy has spent his last 20 years in this dynamic business and everything hasn’t gone as planned. Seattle Genetics is one of the more premier biotech companies that specialize in developing and commercializing antibody based-therapies. Siegall just so happens to be the president and the CEO.

“Seattle Genetics struggled in its first few years,” said Siegall. Much of the company’s capital was being depleted thanks to all of the day-to-day operations. Change was inevitable as the company brought in an all-new dynamic sales team. This team was already verses in biotechnology and cancer research. After this progressive implementation, Seattle Genetics caught its breath and the rest was history. In over the past five years, the company’s stock has nearly tripled. ADCETRIS, Seattle Genetics’ flagship drug, has brought in up to $350 million on its own. This drug is very advanced, especially when being compared to former cancer drugs. ADCETRIS is designed to seek out and to destroy cancer cells in the body while sparing the good cells. No other cancer fighting drug can duplicate this action as ADCETRIS has changed the status quo.

Siegall’s strong passion can’t be denied as he has a firm interest in saving lives. Of course, earning a comfortable living is a motivating factor, but this disease seems to hit home for him. His father suffered from cancer and to see how devastating the effects are on the body, Siegall vowed to make a difference. All in all, Dr. Clay Siegall understands what it takes to become a success, and he fully understands what it takes to fight cancer.

What Makes Drew Madden A Success

Drew Madden is a seasoned healthcare services professional and successful entrepreneur who has built his career on putting together talented teams that deliver results. He has a unique expertise in Electronic Medical Records (EMR) projects.

Madden has worked at some of the biggest names in healthcare consulting. He began his career at Cerner Corporation before switching to Epic Consulting. But it wasn’t until he joined Nordic that his career began to flourish. He found a culture and vibe that he connected with as a consultant. Nordic’s culture is people-focused. The company puts together events that help its employees socialize and become stronger as a team.

Outside of the healthcare industry, it’s common to cut and paste one solution and apply it to every situation. But when it comes to healthcare, Madden understands that no one’s health or health history is the same, and their electronic medical records shouldn’t be either.

Madden served as Nordic’s president from 2011 to 2016. Under his leadership, Nordic earned many awards and accolades, including being ranked number one in Epic staffing and implementation support. Nordic is currently one of the fastest-growing private companies in the US: it grew from just 10 employees to over 700 while Madden was president.

He currently works for Evergreen Healthcare Partners as a managing partner. Evergreen Healthcare Partners is built on the idea that people and their ideas matter. The company focuses on building lasting client relationships with this principle in mind. In July, Evergreen Healthcare Partners added Talent Management Solutions to its repertoire, which allows the company’s clients to identify and recruit the best people in IT to their teams.

Drew Madden lives and works in the Madison, WI area. He tweets regularly @drew_madden on the future of medical technology, data software security, and football at the University of Iowa, his alma mater.