ClassDojo; Incorporating Technology into Education

Technology has vastly advanced over the years leading to the creation of a global village so to say. With the advancements, many services have become available to the ordinary person with the click of a button. Over the years, technology has been incorporated into every aspect of the daily life and education has not been left behind. With the access to education material just by the click of a button, ClassDojo has gone further to make the meeting between teachers and their students’ parents accessible at the click of a button too.

Founded in August 2011, ClassDojo is a classroom communication app that helps students and teachers share information on students and track their progress. The app was developed by Sam Chaudhary and Liam don and was a part of imagek12 education technology products. ClassDojo has grown to serve over 3.5 million teachers and students worldwide with the app being available on both the android play store and the app store. ClassDojo is also available on web browsers and can be used on any device. ClassDojo has received several awards over the years including the education innovation award and being featured in the Forbes “30 under 30” list.

ClassDojo was featured in a recent article by the entrepreneur. The article outlines what all education technology professionals need to do to get a gold star from educators. The article goes further on to state what ClassDojo has done right so far, and this includes solving actual problems. ClassDojo talked to teachers and found out what challenges they faced, and they used the resulting knowledge to better their app. This has resulted in the use of ClassDojo by 90% of the United States of America school districts.

ClassDojo has also been tested and approved by its users. Most of the ClassDojo users are quick to recommend the platform to others. Lastly, ClassDojo has had a plan for development and implementation. During the six years, it has been in operation; the platform has grown and adjusted to the ever-changing educational needs of the society. in essence it has helped in keeping students connected both at home and school.

Bottled Water Has A Big New Player: Waiakea Water

The convenience of bottled water is second-to-none. Whether going on a hike, participating in some casual sports fun with friends, or doing an intense work out at the local gym, being able to drink water in an instant is invaluable. Becoming dehydrated is easy, especially with the busyness of modern life, but having a bottle of water ready for consumption makes proper hydration a more natural part of a schedule. However, with the sheer number of water bottles available, deciding the best option is difficult. On the other hand, is there even a difference? Water is water, right? The answer might not be that simple – a growing brand known as Waiakea Water is something special.

Waiakea Water’s main distinction from the crowd is that its produced in Hawaii. While this is a cool fact of the brand on its own, Waiakea’s specific source is even more interesting. The water used to bottle Waiakea is actually taken straight from volcanic streams! The novelty of drinking water from a volcano is certainly unique and provides Waiakea with an edge over its competitors. Visit the company website Waiakea Springs to know more about Waiakea Water.

Along with Waiakea’s neat source, their bottles are also much more environmentally safe than most. Because of the potential damage they can do to the environment, some disagree with the use of water bottles entirely. However, Waiakea is extremely conscious of the unfortunate environmental impacts that water bottles can make. For every liter that Waiakea sells, they donate an entire week’s supply of water to Malawi! This extraordinary dedication to the well-being of their surrounding community is just one of Waiakea’s environmental contributions. Perhaps even more significantly, Waiakea is pushing out a biodegradable bottle for 2018. This is a huge distinction between them and their competitors, and yet another reason that Waikea is the definitive brand of bottled water. Read more about Waiakea Water on

Be sure to check out Waiakea water; not only to drink water straight from a volcano, but to also make choices reflective of environmental concern and consciousness.


OneLogin on new policies-GDPR

Christian and Thomas Pedersen founded OneLogin after realizing the struggle and security concerns on clients interacting with cloud technology. The idea was launched in 2010 as an identity and access management where it provides the single sign-on, desktop authentication, web access management, and cloud directory among other services. The primary service element offered by OneLogin is the security of various vendor applications, companies now have the ease of managing their user identities despite their geographical locations. The recent policies in the UK, for instance, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the European Union is out of concern of data security in the fast technological advancement era. The policy is intended to protect data users and general customers of data handling companies including OneLogin. Although OneLogin has made previous efforts through their privacy and security program, their proposal on data processing after safe harbor was denied in 2015 in a report they submitted under the Generally Accepted Privacy Principles (GAPP).

In the previous years, companies have sought to satisfy the privacy and security policies under the GDPR, but the authorities have always been a step ahead mainly because of the ever-changing structure and guidance releases that rapidly advance. Currently, the Article 29 Working Party is working towards new guidelines that explicitly define the standards. As a result, companies strive to keep up with the regulations and new standards hence OneLogin’s strategy on reorganizing fields to match the GDPR standards.

First, OneLogin intends to restructure the company’s data flows and include details in the data mapping diagrams to achieve clarity and transparency in their processes as they interact with external entities. Secondly, the MSA and data processing agreement has been incorporated with Article 34 and Article 28 of the GDPR as a requirement for uniformity in language. In addition to this, OneLogin has resorted to an external independent legal counsel as the company’s Data Protection Officer (DPO), this is based in the European Union. The company also intends to engage an independent review process in making sure all their processes adhere to the new policies and regulations hence acquire and updated GDPR certification as per Article 42.

TechStyle Stands Behind Their Subscription Membership Services to Shoppers Interested in a New Fashion Trend

The presence of fashion, e-commerce and technology is popping up everywhere. During the year 2016, the amount of e-commerce revenue had totaled more than $70 billion dollars. By the year 2021, the projected amount of revenue to be raised will reach $116 billion. The fashion brands and startups have all found a way to become more appealing to the presence of the digital friendly consumers. The presence of e-commerce sites is adapting to advanced technology in order to create a market which is being shared through social media outlets.

There has been a model that proved the acceptance of membership style programs that have either found success amongst shoppers or failure for the items they are selling. The one business that comes to mind is the leader of subscription type memberships that has been quite successful in e-commerce.

TechStyle is a name that many others have not heard of or is not familiar with. The brand is a leader in the roles of technology and marketing for e-commerce. The fashion group is led by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg who are both CEO’s for the business.

Startup Who Set The Bar High For Breaking The System

During 2010, a retail business that was created to be the very first type of fashion memberships was released. The program that is known to shoppers as JustFab allows shoppers the opportunity to increase their footwear collection through the subscription membership program. With this membership, shoppers are given access to retail shoes for 30% off from the normal price paid in stores. The same shoppers are also granted the ability to shop before other customers and to collect loyal reward points for their purchases through JustFab.

When the model proved to be a success in just a few years, JustFab had reported to selling just slightly above 2.5 million pairs of various styles of shoes. The first quarter of 2012 had shown the increase in shoppers to the membership service that has proven to be successful for the CEO’s Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler.

It was during the next few years that more businesses popped up with membership programs and subscription services. The other businesses known as FabKids and ShoeDazzle have reached success in other countries like Germany and the U.K. Class A celebrity who is cashing in on the business is Kate Hudson who has brought Fabletics to the leading market for fashion wear to be used for athletic appearances is helping to increase the presence of businesses utilizing the subscription base memberships.

Logan Stout, CEO of IDLife, Tackles the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

The latest hurricane was one of the harshest the country has ever received since it was formed as a republic. The United States has suffered a great amount of loss due to this hurricane. We have all seen how dealing with the hurricane requires a tremendous amount of effort that cannot be raised in a single day. The Hurricane is also more than what IDLife can handle with Logan Stout as the CEO of the company. When you work to perform your duties diligently, you must always seek to administer the paralleled forms of business and animations. However, the Hurricane came at a time the country did not expect.

When it came, the offices were turned into ashes. The storage full of pallets could be picked up in the middle of the city after the hurricane went off the following morning. This was one of the worst moments of my life as the CEO of the company. While we have worked hard to secure a chance to work for the people, we have never seen the people struggle to accelerate their independent solutions in a manner that predicts the end in mind. The first thing that Stout did was to offer his warehouse for anyone who wanted to seek shelter. He went on to offer unparalleled solutions for those who needed medical attention in the city. As the saying goes, charity always begins at home.

The IDLife Company also joined the rescue forces that were deployed by the government and other various platforms to make the world a better place. This is perhaps the reason why we are all proud to be Americans. It is a country where one problem can be shared and diminished in a manner that sets it a trend in the world. According to the CEO of IDLife Company, people have always offered themselves to assist wherever they could in ensuring the world grows to unparalleled levels.

IDLife is a health company that focuses on issuing supplement nutritional products to individuals based on their nutritional needs. The company also realizes that a nation must be sound in mind to accept a new wave of technology that can only be fostered by a healthy nation. Anyone seeking financial freedom must also have a sound mind coupled up with good health to ensure they make the world a better place to live. This is perhaps the reason why we need to cultivate better healthcare solutions.

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In an interview, when questioned about the idea of his business, Mr. Imran said that as a young doctor, working for a privately owned hospital enabled him to provide services that are not available locally. In regard to the response that Dr. Haque got from the clients, inspired him to come up with good bedside manner.

According to Dr. Imran, realizing your ideas require hard work, carefulness, detailed research and financial means. He additionally says that organization and patients are essential for achievement. Dr. Haque also holds the view that networking and mutual relationships with other professionals is key to success.

As an entrepreneur, he said that multi-tasking is one of the habits that has made him productive for years. Comparing it to breathing, it is something that he does more often. He further added that his multi-tasking ability has gone above average, something that has made him become a productive entrepreneur.

Dr. Haque pointed out that as an entrepreneur, he once expanded his business rapidly without having enough security and at the same time managing his fast upcoming medical practice. But he came out of this by sticking to what he understands best, medicine.

Concerning the growth of his business, Dr. Imran says that treating others the way you will like them to treat you is the golden rule that has helped him to rise in his business. By doing so, it has created a good relationship between the persons he deals with as well as building a strong foundation with other individuals.

He is a medical doctor with a specialty in internal medicine. He graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana with a bachelor’s degree in medicine. He also poses M.D from the University of Virginia. Dr. Imran Haque has headquarters at Asheboro in Northern California.

Dr. Imran has been attending to patients with different illness for over than 15 years. Due to the experience that he has gathered in the industry, Dr. Imran is able to deal with a wide range of illness as well as medical examinations. He is a committed doctor, whose main aim is to serve the residents of the Asheboro that visits his facilities.