Jason Hope Hopes to Age Gracefully If Not At All

Aging is the number one cause of most late-stage diseases. Cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, and Arthritis are all linked to the body’s degeneration resulting from aging. Most medical practices treat aging, using things like diet and exercise. Organization like SENS however want to find a cure. A cure for aging, one that will slow it down or stop it altogether. For successful investor and entrepreneur Jason Hope this is a cause he not only believes in, but advocates for.

Jason Hope is a noted philanthropist as well as a successful businessman. He is also a futurist, one who studies current trends and makes predictions on how they will affect the near-future. The trend he follows the closest is anti-aging research. In 2010 he pledged $500,000 to SENS, a non-profit organization seeking to find the cure for aging. Hope is among many entrepreneurs who believe the future of healthcare orbits around anti-aging research. To be clear this is not a snake-oil cure that will keep us all young forever, but a medical breakthrough that will highly restrict the degeneration of the body brought on by aging. Since his donation Hope has become a huge supporter of SENS, representing the organization at public events, and writing numerous articles advocating their research. He believes that such research will transcend aging improving the quality of life for future generations.

According to Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer for SENS, it is generous donations like Hope’s that are the lifeblood of the industry. Hope’s pledge provided the funds for SENS to build a new laboratory that presently researches AGE-breakers. AGE is a metabolic waste that builds up in the human body over time. It is linked to the advanced glycation at the root of high blood pressure. AGE-breaking treatment would stop this waste build up allowing for the prevention of high blood pressure, as well as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and even cancer.

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The Freedom to Decide

Freedom has a number of applications as far as wording is concerned. The word freedom means to be able to have the ability to do as one pleases as long as it follows a moral code. Freedom checks follow the same general idea; they are an investment option that allows investors to be tax free on their retirement options, something that literally gives them the freedom to a bright and beautiful future. The concept of freedom checks was recently made possible by Matt Badiali, a skilled professional investor who knows what the American people want. The idea was first formed years ago by another originator; Badiali has simply taken the same idea and moved forward with it. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

As far as investments go freedom checks seem extremely appealing. They take advantage of Statute 26-F, which allows companies to issue the checks as an investment option to employees without worry of being taxed at all, as long as they meet the two requirements for the issuing of them. The main requirement is that the company issuing the freedom checks earn 90% of their overall income from gasoline or oil sales. Over five hundred companies have decided to use freedom checks as an employee incentive as they are cheaper to disperse than other benefit forms, are easily placed into an investment account of an investors choice, and are versatile on the market. Since these freedom checks are not considered to be social security income or Medicaid payment and so they do not follow the same guidelines as either one. Freedom checks are based on overall income and there is really no set amount that an investor can use for payout purposes. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have already been paid out to investors, who can now happily invest as they please and prepare themselves for a better retirement. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

In a country that has quickly over the decades went from an industrial giant to more of a service industrial complex, it is a breath of fresh air to see investment alternatives that take advantage of a more industrial clientele. Freedom checks will quickly become the investment option of choice for workers of the oil industry, a mainstay of the American economy that looks to be getting stronger rather than weaker during the onset of alternative energy. Whether the freedom check will continue to grow in a bubble or fail is all up to timing.

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How Jorge Moll Would Change The Healthcare Field

The D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR) is an organization located in the greater Rio de Janeiro area of Brazil. It is led by its founder Jorge Moll, Ph.D., who is the president-director and has a seat on this organization’s governing board. Their Cognitive Neuroscience is led by him as its education and research head. Additionally, he heads its Neuroinformatics Workgroup.

Jorge Moll was given the Research Fellow NIH award which lasted from 2004 to 2007. As of 2008 he is an affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. The International Neuroethics Society elected him to their governing board for two years, 2012 and 2013. He was also given a Visiting Scholar Award by Stanford University’s Stanford Neuroscience Institute in 2015.

In December 2017, Jorge Moll was interviewed by interview.net. He said that growing up he wanted to help people who had mental conditions which prevented them from fully enjoying life. He says he attended the Federal University of Rio de Janiero in order to start working on this dream. After earning his MD in neuroscience there he then graduated from Sao Paulo University with his Ph.D. in experimental pathophysiology.

The reason Jorge Moll established the D’Or Institute for Research and Education was to have one of the world’s top education research, and healthcare organizations in Brazil. He says his workdays is spent meeting with other people which include his organization’s students, researchers, scientists, and other entrepreneurs in the field of healthcare. Jorge Moll likes to collaborate with others and he says that it is vital to have a free exchange of information with others.

As someone very productive in his field, Jorge Moll says that he believes he maintains this by being transparent and open with others. He also credits being skillful at what he does. What he doesn’t think is very productive is that academia and the healthcare industry alike are actually hindering more scientific research and innovation being performed. He says that the designated career pathways and the healthcare field publications are too confining. He says these do not aspire to address the big challenges that this industry faces.


Louis Chenevert is a Revered Business Leader

While it is very difficult to find the right answer for how a business leader should run the business, it is factual that there are characteristics that an alpha business leader must possess. A good business leader must be enthusiastic and play various roles including being a major team player who encourages employees to give their best. Louis Chenevert is one revered business leader who has put in a lot of work to cement his name in the world of business and leadership.

Background Data on Work and Experience

Louis Chenevert has been working for various companies for quite some time. Perhaps he is mostly remembered for being the chief executive officer of the famous United Technologies Corporation, a company in which he did his best to secure company deals that saw it grow and become a leading business supplier in its category. After a few years of service into the company, Louis Chenevert was promoted to work as the president and later on the chairman of the company.


Before joining United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert worked as a president at Pratt & Whitney. He also worked at General Motors. Moreover, he worked at Goldman Sachs and was always dedicated to giving his best in all those capacities. But most importantly, he maintained his leadership positions by ensuring that he stays relevant as a leader.

His Influence at United Technologies Corporation

When the discussion of legacy and leadership arises, Louis Chenevert is mentioned as the man who walked United Technologies Corporation to greater success. He was the steward of the company. Therefore, he left the company better than he found it by encouraging long-term projects and investments as well as innovations.

The Overview

Louis Chenevert committed to making UTC a leader in the industry. As a company that deals with technology, he took up the role of making sure that UTC engages in various projects that would later lead it to success. Even as he stepped down to leave the leadership reigns for someone else, it was clear that he had walked the company through instrumental partnerships that would continue to bear it fruits.


Jeff Aronin: A Chicago Staple

Bringing pharmaceuticals to the marketplace can be a daunting task. It takes a great amount of money and effort to do so, and one of the leading companies helps pharmaceutical companies bring their drugs to market is Paragon Biosciences. The company is much smaller than some of the bigger names in the industry but over the past 10 years, they have had massive success, helping 13 drugs get FDA approval. They specialize in helping biotech companies with financing, which is vital to getting a drug approved.

Paragon, founded by Jeff Aronin, specializes in connecting these companies not only with financing but will entrepreneurs, clinicians, and other resources that are needed. From financing to science, Paragon Biosciences is a one-stop shop for companies with a desire to help others by bringing effective drugs through the FDA approval process and into the hands of people who need them. Some of the companies that have partnered with Paragon include Harmony Biosciences, Precision BP, and Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals.

The founder, chairman, and CEO of Paragon Biosciences is Jeff Aronin. Jeff has a bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University and received his MBA from DePaul University. He founded Paragon in 2009 after running a pharmaceutical company, Ovation Pharmaceuticals, for nearly a decade. As a successful entrepreneur and Chicago native, Aronin lectures on running successful businesses at both Northwestern University and the University of Chicago. He is also a Henry Crown Fellow at the esteemed Aspen Institute. He was named by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel to the board of the World Business Chicago and was also named as a co-chair of ChicagoNEXT. Jeff also serves as the chair of Chicago’s entrepreneurial center, MATTER.

Aronin, because of his experience securing financing for small business was named to the board of trustees for Discover Financial Services. He is the founder of the Aronin Family Foundation, a non-profit that helps advocate for patients and secure funding for research to support companies seeking to create pharmaceuticals for those patients. An active member of the Chicago community, Jeff Aronin is deeply invested in the people and businesses of Chicago and the surrounding communities.


Glen Wakeman: International Business Guru

Glen Wakeman, the owner and founder of Launchpad and other business ventures, has built his businesses helping others who are in business. Yes, this financial expert has not only taught others about business, but he has blogs and has business writings to prove it.

The business words of wisdom given from Glen have reached business executives at a C-Level. This helps them become well equipped to take on business protocols. When reading his blog, many follow his techniques and end up with successful outcomes. Glen Wakeman inspires himself and others to keep moving towards their dreams and not to forget to maintain great ownership within each company (http://www.glenwakeman.com/about-glen-wakeman/).

Wakeman is not only based in one country, his education from the University of Scranton, located in Scranton, PA, has allowed him to base all his knowledge on his evaluations of subjects pertaining to economics and finances. This has put him in an international spotlight. His passion for business has covered a variety of areas including investment mentoring, business counseling, and business production in different markets. His most notable characteristic that he credits as helping him the most in business was his sense of curiosity. Being observant helped him to key into problem-solving. The results are outstanding because of his consistency with using his knowledge daily.

Glen Wakeman has hidden talents that have come to the surface. He has a true remarkable love for writing. Ideas began to be revealed, and that’s how Glen can tell that his advice not only works for him but others too. Those strategic decisions have all come from the knowledge that he has obtained throughout the years. After the completion of his bachelors, he went on to complete a MBA from the University of Chicago which helped to cover more business grounds.

Wakeman states that a simple review allows any business issues to be noted and resolved. This self-advice has helped achieve global exposure. With three decades of studying and applying, he can recognize the issues other businesses have and give strategic advice. Making a decision prior to looking over a businesses budget, networking, and business plan can cause a business to fail from his point of view. His best business advice that he felt he has given is for businessman to research all areas of your business and cultivate from what you find. Glen Wakeman manages to keep his business floating properly while teaching others to weigh the pros and cons of business.


Lawrence Bender and his Movie Production

Lawrence Bender is by far one of the best film producers in the world. Born on October 17, 1957, the producer grew up in the Bronx, New York City, New York to a Jewish family. While in high school, Lawrence Bender wanted to become a civil engineer. One of the reasons was because his grandfather was a civil engineer and another reason was that there were good jobs in that field. After graduating high school, Bender enrolled at the University of Maine to pursue a degree in civil engineering. In 1979, Bender graduated from the University of Maine with his degree in civil engineering.

After graduating from college, Bender began to love dance. It was his dream to become a professional dancer, but an injury permanently sidelined him. This injury ultimately lead him to the film industry.

Bender has created many great films that many of us know like Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterds, and Good Will Hunting. Another notable film was a documentary done with Al Gore called An Inconvenient Truth.

My favorite film of Lawrence Bender would have to go to Good Will Hunting. In the movie, Will Hunting grows up as an orphan and is physically abused throughout the years. As anyone would do, he hides his past. One thing that no one knows about Hunting is that he is a math genius. One night while he is working as a janitor at the university, he solves a difficult math problem that astounds many professors and students. One night, a professor tracks down Will and later becomes his mentor. Will Hunting is faced with another challenge when it comes to his girlfriend, Skylar. Like I said earlier, he doesn’t like to open up about his past and Skylar wanted to get to know him. In the end, I like this movie because of the challenges that Will had to overcome throughout the film.

Another film that I enjoyed a lot is An Inconvenient Truth. In this article, Al Gore explains how humans are accelerating global warming and how it must be stopped. In the end, Lawrence Bender is a fantastic film producer.


Securus Technologies Moves Forward with New Product

One industry that continues to provide a very valuable service to individuals all over the country is the law enforcement and correctional facility industry. While this industry has been around for centuries and has always had challenges keeping prisons safe and secure, the use of improved technology has made it even harder in recent years. Today, one of the biggest issues that a prison can have is controlling the use of illegal cell phones in the prison. The use of cell phones allows for uncontrolled communication and can provide a lot of challenges to prison officials.


While prisons have made cell phones illegal, they are ultimately very hard to keep out. The items are small enough where they can be easily snuck in past guards. While keeping prisoners away from cell phones is very hard, one company has found a way to make the cell phones pointless to even have. Securus Technologies has recently unveiled a new wireless containment system that can provide a prison with more security and services than ever imagined before.


The new wireless containment system that has been introduced by Securus Technologies will work by blocking all incoming and outgoing cellular signals in an area of the prison. A prison that invests in one of these systems will then be able to place it strategically around the prison and will be able to block calls in a very specific area. This will make the phone practically useless for any user as they will no longer be able to receive calls or use data plans.


While this is just the latest product and service provided by Securus Technologies, it is hardly the only successful roll out that they have had in recent years. Securus Technologies was established more than 10 years ago and has continued to develop a reputation for being a leader when it comes to providing security and communications services to the law enforcement industry. The company, which is based out of Dallas and provides services and products to more than 1,000 facilities across the country, has several other innovative products that can help to protect prisons as well.


One of the leading products that is provided by Securus Technologies is a video visitation service. This service allows those that are inmates to make live video chat calls to a loved one or other party. This has been very popular with inmates as it gives them a much better glimpse of their home life. Many prisons have been able to use these calls as a way to award a prisoner for good behavior. Securus Technologies can also provide a monitoring service that will help to monitor these calls. This service has helped to prevent and solve many crimes in and out of the prison.

Clay Hutson secrets to success in the music industry.

Clay Hutson, has managed to establish a successful career in the music industry, he has a business that offers services to musicians and also event organizers. Clay Hutson’s career was shaped by his strong beginning in school when he decided to study theater design, after completing school Clay joined different organizations where he got an opportunity to work with different groups as well as handle tasks on live entertainment. This gave him vast experience, and he attributes his success to the experience. The many years of working in different projects gave him the confidence to establish his own business that would offer top notch service to the people in the industry. Another thing that has contributed to Clay’s success is marketing ability, for a company to yield the best fruits it is vital to be connected to people in need of your service or product, making people aware of your presence in the market helps significantly in improving the sales in a business.

Clay Hutson reveals how he manages to attract more clients; Clay says that it is essential to put in the time and resources needed to ensure clients keep on flowing additionally it is vital to ensure that your services are of the highest quality since by doing these clients can see value for their money.

To attain success most entrepreneurs have a habit that makes them productive, Clay’s productive habit is self-correction, according to Clay going back to check if something went wrong in a project helps to avoid unnecessary mistakes and improves the quality of your work. Clay also pays attention to detail, and this has also helped him remain on top of the industry.

Another habit that Clay attributes to his success is planning, on a daily basis Clay Hutson makes a list of all activities he is expected to perform this guides him and helps him delegate duties when the need arises, making lists also helps him plan on priorities.

Clay believes that one’s employees should have the best skills to be productive unlike other people who say that a person’s attitude plays the most important part, according to Clay have a skilled worker is much better and of more benefit to a company. Some might differ with this notion, but so far Clay’s success has shown that skills should, in fact, be the priority for one to stay at the top. Working with experienced and passionate people guarantees the best and other matters like attitude can be changed in time. Learn more: http://www.etnow.com/news/2017/8/ver-drives-onerepublics-honda-civic-tour-production

Sussex Healthcare Offers Job Opportunities

Sussex healthcare is an independent company that is composed of care homes, and it offers support mainly to the elderly, physically disabled people, those suffering from neurological diseases, people who have Dementia and also those with learning disabilities. The healthcare is located in Sussex, Tilden House, Dorkin road, in the united kingdom.it was founded in 1998.

Sussex announced its new CEO, Amanda Morgan Taylor. The company has over 20 homes, which are providing specialized care to their “patients.” It received accreditations from the HQS in 2002 and 2005; it acquired the ISO 9000:2000 hence making it stand out as the only private organization to attain both the HQS and the ISO.

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The following are some of the available jobs in Sussex healthcare. Send your applications via email
1. Registered care home manager
Payment; £45000-£50000 on a yearly basis, they are Location at; Horsham West Sussex, applicants must be experienced in this field to be considered for the position.

2. Interim registered care home manager
Should expect a salary of around £45000-£50000 yearly, their main offices are in; West Sussex, Horsham applicant are required to have prior knowledge and experience in home management

3. Activity assistant
The salary is £7.5 per hour for more details visit them at West Sussex health care.

4. Autism lead
The payment ranges between £35000-40000 annually

5. Payroll supervisor
Payroll supervisors are paid £22000-25000 annually, their role in the organization is overseer payroll supervision and other related duties.

6. Deputy care home manager
Will receive £35000-36000 on a yearly basis and will be offered additional benefits, to be considered for the position candidates need to be a registered nurse.

7. Registered care home manager
A registered care home manager receives a payment of around £30000-320000 on a yearly basis, for more information candidates can visit their offices at West Sussex Horsham. It is also important for applicants to be registered managers.

8. Purchase ledger-account assistant
Approximated salary £21000-12450 yearly

9. Dental Receptionist
A dental receptionist is paid hourly about £8.50 and this position is a full time job.

10. Accountant assistant
£21000-21450 per annum, applicants must be able to edit purchase ledger reports

11. Kitchen assistant
Kitchen assistant also paid on an hourly basis, £7.5 per hour.

12. Care home unit manager
£28000-£29000 annually and additional hours are paid.
Location; Horsham, West Sussex

13. Care home unit deputy
£36000 paid annually and additional hours rate
Location; Horsham west

14. Support worker/ HCA
£7.55-£8.55 paid annually
Location; Horsham, broad bridge health
Permanent job

15. Weekend driver
£7.90 per hour
Location; white lodge, purely

Source: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/sussex-healthcare