5 Best-Ever Movie Themes


  1. Indiana Jones (The Raiders March)


This quick, exciting tune has become so iconic, it is hard to imagine the Indiana Jones films without it. To this day, the music first used in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” inspires adventure in all who listen to it.


  1. Harry Potter (Hedwig’s Theme)


One of my favorite movie theme songs, Harry Potter’s theme music perfectly captures the magic and mystery of the wizarding universe. Its sweeping yet minor sound sets an almost eerie mood and provides a subtle background for the films’ action.


  1. Jaws


The spooky, ominous theme music from this film really makes the movie. The idea of a huge man-eating shark is scary enough, but hearing the creepy music as it swims around eating the characters in the film makes this movie downright horrifying.  You almost need to be wearing good headphone brands to really get a feel for the bass in this one.


  1. Star Wars Main Theme


While Star Wars is one of the best movies ever, and is rife with amazing music, the universally recognized main theme perfectly sets the stage for the films. It is exciting, adventurous, and fun: all the best traits of the franchise. Listen to it and feel instantly transported to another galaxy.


  1. Psycho


With plot twists, gruesome murders, and of course the iconic shower scene, Psycho remains one of horror’s most beloved films. The violent, terrifying theme heavy with string instruments turned a great movie into an amazing one.