Academy of Art University

There is no doubt a fashion transformation is going on as the design is in the sky, the streets, and is all part of how we exist. So, here is the American fashion of the 21st century and just picture the way we dress today for different events in contrast to decades ago.

Speaking of fashion’s future, the Academy of Art University recently did a showcase during September 2017. Both students and graduates of the University took part on the platform in front of a national, worldwide audience — including their peers and future career tutors. These fashion participants were presented with the spotlight to showcase their ideas of what’s in the market for the outlook of clothing designs.

For instance, Eden Slezin is a graduate of The School of Fashion, and he is from the Bay Area. Eden is one of 20 participants who expressed his appreciation for a preferred outfit that is well known in San Francisco. Moreover, many of these chosen finalists presented their favored clothing design from personalized influenced events such as the passing of family members or from admiring the environments scene.

Thus, the Skylight Clarkson Square is the recognized place for all things. It is where the Art University’s School of Fashion conducted its 21st runway highlight and where the audience praised many accomplishments. What’s more, The San Francisco urban campus is an adventure you would not want to bypass.

The tour help can provide you its state-of-the-art facilities, galleries, exhibits, and housing. Also, the College students enjoy unique real-world experiences during their time at the establishment which will lead to business success. And, what makes the Academy of Art University such a good school is how it starts you off with the proper foundation. This is an advantage for the students to begin from the bottom to finish.

Also, as a college student at the Art University, you will first receive every necessary element it takes to be a designer. The Academy has always flourished on imagination and innovation. This significant element is a sharing with San Francisco — and since 1929; the city has been recognized as home.

In other words, the former Academy of Art College and San Francisco has grown together. These mutual sources of talent and inspiration have served the city throughout history. The University is independently owned and improved in California and across the US.