Agora Financial – Financial Planning with ease

Agora Financial is a financial content provider which aims to provide its users with the best information in regards to their financial future. Agora has helped over 1 million readers who are not experts on finance be prepared for the ever changing market trends in the economy. Agora alleviates the stress of finding authentic financial advice.
Agora provides readers with over 20 publications, addressing different components of the economy such companies on the rise and wealth protection strategies. Users are presented with 100% unbiased content, as the information that is provided is based on Agora’s own research. Agora’s researchers are not desk junkies who sits at a computer and obtains information just from the internet. Their researchers are actively traveling the globe trying to locate the best investments for its subscribers. Agora funds its own research with over 1 million dollars per year spent on travel and other research means.
Agora’s staff is comprised of many experienced professionals including; a Harvard trained geologist, an award winning filmmaker, an ex-hedge fund manager, a self-made billionaire, and a three time New York Times best selling author.
Agora has been known to spot on in identifying various major market trends over the past two decades. Trends such as the rise in the price of gold, the 2008 housing collapse, the large increase in the price of oil, and the growth of the biotechnology sector. These predictions have allowed readers to protect themselves prior to the declines in the economy and invest and enjoy profits from the inclines in the economy.

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