Bottled Water Has A Big New Player: Waiakea Water

The convenience of bottled water is second-to-none. Whether going on a hike, participating in some casual sports fun with friends, or doing an intense work out at the local gym, being able to drink water in an instant is invaluable. Becoming dehydrated is easy, especially with the busyness of modern life, but having a bottle of water ready for consumption makes proper hydration a more natural part of a schedule. However, with the sheer number of water bottles available, deciding the best option is difficult. On the other hand, is there even a difference? Water is water, right? The answer might not be that simple – a growing brand known as Waiakea Water is something special.

Waiakea Water’s main distinction from the crowd is that its produced in Hawaii. While this is a cool fact of the brand on its own, Waiakea’s specific source is even more interesting. The water used to bottle Waiakea is actually taken straight from volcanic streams! The novelty of drinking water from a volcano is certainly unique and provides Waiakea with an edge over its competitors. Visit the company website Waiakea Springs to know more about Waiakea Water.

Along with Waiakea’s neat source, their bottles are also much more environmentally safe than most. Because of the potential damage they can do to the environment, some disagree with the use of water bottles entirely. However, Waiakea is extremely conscious of the unfortunate environmental impacts that water bottles can make. For every liter that Waiakea sells, they donate an entire week’s supply of water to Malawi! This extraordinary dedication to the well-being of their surrounding community is just one of Waiakea’s environmental contributions. Perhaps even more significantly, Waiakea is pushing out a biodegradable bottle for 2018. This is a huge distinction between them and their competitors, and yet another reason that Waikea is the definitive brand of bottled water. Read more about Waiakea Water on

Be sure to check out Waiakea water; not only to drink water straight from a volcano, but to also make choices reflective of environmental concern and consciousness.