Cancer Treatment Centers of America Starts Campaign to Create Awareness Among Men About Prostate Cancer


Every year, millions of people across the globe succumb to the deadly disease we all commonly refer to as cancer. There are many different types of cancers, and thanks to the advancement in the field of medicine, many of the cancers are now curable. One of the most common types of cancers that are noticed in the United States these days is prostate cancer. It is a kind of cancer that can be cured when detected in the early stages and to detect it in the early stages, regular screening is essential. The problem why so many deaths occur due to cancer or just about any kind of disease is the lack of awareness and the complacency towards health issues.

People do not take the symptoms seriously until it’s too late, and this is the problem that most of the physician report as one of the common reasons why people do not come for regular screening. Many of the symptoms of the most deadly diseases do not cause any significant issues in leading a healthy life until the later stage, and thus, people do not give it the due importance it demands. To create awareness among men about prostate cancer and why men should go for screening, LabCorp, National Football League Alumni Association and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America are collaborating. The collaboration would help in creating deeper awareness and make screenings more accessible to men.

The LabCorp would be offering free screening to 2,000 eligible candidates over 40 years of age as a part of the campaign. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of five specialized hospitals that provide cancer treatment and have a team of experienced and skilled oncologists and cancer specialists. The association of CTCA in this campaign would benefit common people and help in the long-term in saving many lives as their expertise in cancer treatment is unparalleled.