Goettl Air Conditioning Expands By Merger To Meet the Demand

In 1939, the Goettl Air Conditioning Company was born when two Goettl brothers decided to start their young company in the desert Southwest. Today Goettl has locations in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson. Goettl was the first company to bring the evaporative cooling system to the market and later the refrigerated air conditioner. Both were especially welcome in the desert Southwest.


Goettl has served several generations of families with the best in heating and air conditioning installation, servicing, repair, and replacement. They also are experts in indoor air quality and HVAC for businesses.


Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl, has recently merged with Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air in Las Vegas. The expanding markets in both Nevada and Arizona have led Goodrich to look to the future with the desert population beginning to expand. There are new neighborhoods, strip malls, and apartments which are crying for good air conditioning and heating installation and servicing in both areas.


Goodrich plans on hiring and training 100 new employees in 2017, and it is a good bet that they will be needed to handle the additional business expected to come Goettl’s way.


One exceptional plan that customers have like for many years. The Goettl Maintenance Program costs only $12 per month and offers some very good benefits. First of all, members of the plan receive significant discounts on installations, repairs, parts, and service. There is a warranty for five years on parts and two years on service. There is a 48-hour emergency service where a serviceman will be at your door within 48 hours of a call. Each year, the member gets a free tuneup on their heating air conditioning system.


Goettl has made it a point to treat each customer fairly and honestly and to always give customers the best service that can be provided. Customers constantly are giving the company good ratings and reviews due to the outstanding work that they have received from Goettl technicians.


A common experience that customers continue to extoll is that the repairman always explains what it is that he is doing so that the customer understands how things work and why it is being fixed in a certain way. When the repair is fininished, the customer knows why it works and why it will stay fixed.


Goettl gives each customer options when it comes to servicing and repairing their equipment, and every job gets a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is all about the customer, and that is what has propelled the success of Goettl since 1939.