A chat with the GreenSky Credit CEO David Zalik

GreenSky Credit is a privately owned financial technology company. It was established in the year 2006. It’s located in Atlanta, Georgia. The company offers technical services to merchants and banks such as the preparation of loans to consumers. The consumers use the credit for home improvement, healthcare, solar installation among other purposes. In an interview, the CEO of GreenSky Credit, David Zalik, confirmed that financial programs for the company are provided by state-chartered and federally-insured financial organizations. So far the company has been successful. For the last four years, it has managed to transact over billions. Since its debut into the market, GreenSky Credit has had a promising breakthrough. However, it’s not well-known as compared to other so-called financial-tech markets like lending corporate or social finance corporate. This is because GreenSky Credit doesn’t make loans from its capital.

David Zalik reported that back in 2016, they were able to partner with several banks. Some include SunTrust Bank and Regions Financial corporate. These banks gave loans using GreenSky Credit mobile app to all their esteemed customers. The consumers ranged from merchants to retailers, like the home depot. Moreover, some individual contractors registered with the company.

David Zalik said the corporate signs up merchants that sell items like furniture and other home improvement items. These includes aluminum siding, roofing and window replacement items. The CEO of the Company reported that they are aiming to expand and be able to cover medical personnel like doctors, nurses and vet professionals.

Essentially, the firm uses credit cards for a broader and more focused surveillance spending on all customers spending and investments. This offer is given under fixed terms that effect on a set period and also fixed-interest-rate payback. David Zalik said that the company would review an idea that they had of putting up a call centre in Kentucky. Currently, the company has done around $8 billion, and now they are targeting a trillion dollars. Since GreenSky Credit was founded, it has earned the trust of many consumers. It’s always their goal to leave all consumers satisfied. This is how to have been making profits consistently at the end of each financial year.


Al Christy – Equities First Holdings Just Started With a Family-Owned Apple Orchard

A company that just started by giving a stock loan to a farmer, several years later has brought a meaningful impact to many investors by offering higher level of services lending. Al Christy takes proud of staring a company where he has been able to help numerous investors; both individuals and companies access affordable stock-based loan with agreed attractive terms. Al Christy has been in the entrepreneurial practices for some time and in mid 1990s, he came across a mortgage banking institution that specialized in residential, commercial and small business loans.

However, in 2002, members of a family-owned apple orchard get to him to discuss on business loan. Their orchard at the time was the tenth biggest apple producer within America but was facing bankruptcy as it needed $3.5 million for payments of 24 apple growers. The orchard family owners had exhausted all kinds of commercial lending alternatives and made their decision to get in touch with Al Christy on extra mortgage on the property with the objective of meet their financial team if necessities.According to the economic atmosphere during the time, he was not able to provide an extra mortgage facility but after reviewing their stock portfolio, Al Christy established an innovative solution that used part of the family’s stock holdings as security for the loan. That sustained the orchard in honoring its debts and also remaining in operation.

It is at that point that Al Christy (the Founder at Equities Founder) noticed serious gaps that prevented potential investors from acquiring capital. There was the market need that enabled businesses and individuals to effectively leverage the equity within their portfolio and access liquidity whether for business expansion or other uses.Approximately 15 years later, the company runs at least an office in every continent and has completed various transactions worth over $1.4 billion. Although every story is not as dramatic as that of the apple orchard, Equities First has impacted the lives of various investors and continually strives to offer alternative lending solutions.

Leveraging Your Money

Woe is me: this is what could be heard falling out of the mouths of investors when they were categorically denied access to their funds because they are tied up in a long-term investment vehicle that lacks liquidity. There is now a solution to this situation in the form of a non-purpose loan. Although there is some disclosure involved, mainly as to what the loan will be used for, investors rejoice over not having to sell assets, that are likely performing, which is also why they don’t want to sell them, in the event liquidity needs to be established. Equities First, which considers itself to be “a secure, efficient, alternative source of capital,” understands this niche market very well.

Investors need not liquidate their assets, but rather they can call Equities First, have their holdings evaluated, and they can obtain a non-purpose loan against the value of their holdings. This is the greatest way to establish liquidity, in the event it is needed, so as to put your money to work, basically twice. Anyone who has suffered through being on margin, and also holding long-term assets, knows full-well what anguish can result from not having access to those funds.

A firm like Equities First answers a lot of questions for investors, and helps them to get access to funds that have been relegated to a state lacking liquidity. It helps to have a place to turn, and in a lot of ways, this might be a way in which to make even more money on your non-liquid dollars by using a non-purpose loan, so as to make additional investments. The bottom line is this will help you maximize your portfolio returns while leveraging those values without having to sell-out a position.Lamenting a sell-out, because of financial distress, is the sorrow of many investors.

Before non-purpose loans, however, that was all that could be done. Add to this, even if you could sell something, it still take 3 days for settlement. Instead of selling a bunch of bonds, exposing yourself to the deleterious forces of interest rate-forced market devaluation, use a non-purpose loan and let your money continue to accrue interest in your holdings. This is smart business.