Lime Crime Just Launched Venus III, And We Are Here For It!

Lime Crime, the industry leader in vegan and cruelty free makeup, just launched the Venus 3 eyeshadow pallette and we are loving it! For those of you not familiar, Lime Crime is one of the first digitally native brands that has created a cult following by dropping products that surprise and delight their fans. With a mission to create products as unique as their customers, there makeup line truely offers everything from the everyday lipstick to the once in awhile eyeshadow. Their bright colored packaging, and shimmery products, really make you feel that using the product will turn you into a leigitmate unicorn.

The previous Venus eyeshadow pallettes (Venus, Venus II, and Venus XL) have been widely successful, with their silky formulas and virbant pigments. The Venus 3 is being touted as the “heavenly sister of the grunge pallette”. Quite a bit toned down from it’s predeccessors, the Venus 3 pallette features eight new jaw dropping shades perfect for every occassion. With tones of lilac, rose gold, and mauve mixed in with rich browns this pallette is definitely going to step up your makeup game this spring.

In tune with this years Pantone color, the packaging features a gorgeous lavender and rose gold box, graced with Venus herself to truly make you feel like a goddess. The creamy formula has just enough shimmer to light up your lids without feeling overwhelming. We predict this palette is going to sell out quickly, and is certainly going to be a hit amongst makeup enthusiasts.

Lime Crime’s Newest Release, Pocket Candy Palettes

Lime Crime’s new Pocket Candy Palettes offer five eye and cheek colors each. And, they’re deep wells, so you’ll have makeup for longer than the average compact lasts. Choose between Sugar Plum, Pink Lemonade or Bubblegum. They each come with five deep wells of complementary colors. Lime Crime just released the line in September; so, it’s time to check out what’s new with Lime Crime.

Pocket Candy is a take on the Polly Pocket dolls that came with their own pocket sized carrying cases. Now you can be nostalgic with your makeup and carry the new Pocket Candy Palettes in your pocket.

Sugar Plum, the pink Pocket Candy Palette has five great bold tones.

1) Sugar & Spice (a velvet-matte pinkish bronze)

2) Fairy Floss (a sparkling iridescent lavender turquoise shift)

3) Candied Plum (a shimmery pink-purple)

4) Nutcracker (a velvet matter chestnut-brown)

5) Icing (a frosted bright white)

Pink Lemonade is in a yellow Pocket Candy Palette and it has sunny warm hues.

1) Brown Sugar (a satin pink-brown)

2) Pink Jelly (a velvet matte rose pink)

3) Strawberry (a sparkly pink-red)

4) Baby Cake (a velvet matte chocolate brown)

5) Lemonade (a shimmery sparking yellow-gold)

Bubblegum, the blue Pocket Candy Palette is made up of five pastel tones.

1) Pop (a shimmery peach-champagne)

2) Snap (a sparkly cotton-candy pink)

3) Blow (a satin baby-violet)

4) Chew (a velvet matter toasted nude)

5) Bubble (a shimmery sky blue)

All of the Pocket Candy Palettes by LimeCrime are made in the United States, so buying them is great for stimulating our economy as well as looking great. They are also vegan and cruelty free; no animal byproducts are used in their production and they are not tested on animals.

Pocket Candy Palettes come in collectible cases, just like the Polly Pockets did. They have a great 2-dimenional relief of a bow, which makes it easy to identify by touch when searching for them in a crowded purse. They are beautiful to look at and durable. Inside, you’ll find your five deep wells of compressed powdered colors and a mirror so you can apply the colors accurately. If you haven’t yet tried them, go out and try the newest release on Lime Crime’s makeup line, Pocket Candy Palettes.