A Look inside the Daily Life of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is the original and current host of the iconic music competition program American Idol, which airs on the ABC network. The show began in 2002 with its final consecutive season ending in 2016. American Idol returned as a “reboot” in 2018, with Ryan as the host.

Ryan’s career ranges from being a host, producer, and DJ. He is also an award-winning entrepreneur. Ryan’s exposure to broadcast and cable television has enabled him to reach audiences all around the globe, earning him the respected reputation as being “the hardest working man in the business.”

The iHeartradio number one program, “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” on 102.7 KIIS FM in Los Angeles, is nationally syndicated. The program is known for interviewing celebrities and also for a very popular segment titled “Ryan’s Roses,” where selected callers are able to find out if their significant partner is cheating on them. Ryan is also the host of the Top 40 radio show, which is also in syndication.

Last year, host Ryan Seacrest joined “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” as a co-host and executive producer. He is able to DJ the Los Angeles radio program via satellite while continuing to host “Live With Kelly and Ryan” in New York. He is also the host of the annual “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve with Ryan Seacrest” program.

Ryan has been a fixture on the E! Network for over a decade as the celebrity host on the “E! Live from the Red Carpet” event for numerous award shows. His production company, Ryan Seacrest Productions (RSP) also produces many of the shows on the E! Network, such as “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” The company also produces the NBC hit show, “Shades of Blue” on the NBC Network, starring Jenifer Lopez and Ray Liotta.

Ryan serves as chairman for his foundation, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF). His philanthropic efforts have helped children around the country receive fun and exhilarating opportunities to experience multimedia programming while receiving life-saving treatment at the hospital. The RSF has created 10 multimedia centers nationwide. (Reference: Instagram)

More facts about Ryan’s radio shows: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl4h_3qTOIUnUX8KCICRM3A

Malcolm CasSelle is on the Lead of Launching WAX through OPSkins

OPSkins is a leading marketplace for digital trading. When discussing digital items, virtual assets like bitcoins are inclusive. With the ongoing revolutionary embrace of cross-border payments, it is clear that most investors prefer the decentralized system of trading platform. However, the centralized system has its disadvantages. Some of these disadvantages include technological incapability. As such, investors are now delving into decentralized marketplaces for trading.


Because of this new shift of preference in trading, OPSkins is coming up with an emerging platform made for virtual asset trading. This platform is called WAX. The World Asset Exchange is a revolutionary marketplace built by a blockchain as well as decentralized contracts. For traders, this will be a platform that allows buyers as well as sellers to trade virtual assets correctly.


World Asset Exchange will provide solutions to two universal problems that most traders face in business; fragmentation is one of the issues. According to this new platform, traders will not lose their assets to fragmentation. The second issue is fraud. WAX will curb fraud because it has a smoothly aligned interface that barely faces technological issues. Additionally, the blockchain- enabled interface allows users to sell and buy without clicking off their regular routines. Of course, with the ever-changing methods of selling and buying in the trading system, many traders are rushing for the deal.


Behind the new launch of WAX is Malcolm CasSelle. He is a successful entrepreneur and now the CIO of OPSkins. Aside from that, Malcolm CasSelle is the brain behind Worldwide Asset eXchange. But before that, he worked at New Ventures as the president. Also having worked at Digital Media of SeaChange International, he developed a particular passion for leadership.


In addition to holding the stated titles, Malcolm CasSelle worked at Timeline Labs. He was the chief executive officer of the firm, and in his capacity as the team leader, Malcolm ensured that the company’s revenue multiplied. Moreover, CasSelle has been an active investor in early-stage emerging companies related to Bitcoin. CasSelle is a dedicated team leader and project manager. He values business and has invested a substantial income in growing several companies.


At-Home Income Using the Market America Method

Being able to make money from home has always been a dream for most people. It’s nice to be able to stay at home, not change your lifestyle and sell products while making a pretty nice income. Market America has been created for people like you who want to make money without putting a ton of effort into it and without making trips to a boring and stuffy office each and every day. You can finally supplement or even replace your current income by choosing Market America. Market America is a lot different from other at-home jobs you might have heard of or tried in the past.

A lot of at-home jobs require you to pay a lot of money to get started or purchase products that you’re then tied to selling. If you don’t sell those products, you’re out the money you spent on them and it can be a costly affair for people on a budget who just wanted to earn a little bit of extra cash flow. Market America allows you to pick out a line of products on their site that you can then sell on a website that you own and maintain. The great thing is that Market America helps you to get your site started, so you’re essentially never alone in the process of working from home for a brand new company.

Once you pick out the products you want to sell and have created a site, you will receive a large percentage for each product that you’re able to sell. If you are able to gain a lot of followers and clientele, this could mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month. Getting started with Market America is easy and quick, as they are there to walk you through the process and ensure that you understand the products before choosing to sell them. This enables you to customize your site to your own needs and to attract clients who will be enticed to buy the products you’re currently selling. This company makes it cheap and effective to finally work from your own home.  Watch Youtube channel

The Career and Success of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is one of the most popular and successful businessman from Canada. He is also a former Chief Executive Officer of UTC (United Technologies Corporation). UTC is a popular American multination business which perform researches and then develop or manufactures high-technology products. In March 2006, Chenevert was elected as the Chairman of UTC. Not only that, he has also work 14 years at General Motors as Production General Manager. He has also worked from 2011 to 2012 as the Vice Chairman in Executive Committee of the Business Council. Later in 2014, he resigned as the Chief Executive Officer of UTC. Then, he started working as an Exclusive Advisor in the Merchant Banking division of the Goldman Sachs.

He has born in Quebec and earned a lot of degrees. He is a very educated and a genius person. He has earned his bachelor’s degree from HEC Montreal in the Production Management. It is a quite popular and affiliated Business School of the Universe of Montreal. He has achieved a lot in his entire career. Chenevert has made some of the crucial decisions regarding the investments. He has invested and used his strategies very wisely to improve the economy to a great extent. He has assisted in creating some more job opportunities that allow the people for managing the time very efficiently. Read more on affiliatedork.com.
Louis Chenevert was amazing as the CEO of UTC and played a major role there. He has left a very high standard as the Chief Executive Officer which is quite difficult for other CEOs to match to that level. He has achieved a lot by making some noteworthy gains when the recession was there. Thus, it was quite profitable for the market at that time. His investment plans were quite significant. Chenevert believed that investing in the modern and latest technologies as well as educating the employee can help to grow your business for better success in the future.

In 1999, Chenevert was also elected as the president of the renowned Pratt & Whitney. He worked there for almost 6 years in Canada. Lately, he is targeting the scopes and opportunities in the aerospace and industrial sectors while working as Exclusive Advisor and also advise some other businesses for working perfectly. At the UTC, he is creating a more environment friendly design. He has made a great selling point for the products with latest technologies. He has brought the idea of innovation investments.

Louis Chenevert’s idea of innovation investments has helped in the growth of the businesses of supplies as well as manufacturers. Thus this outlook of Chenevert has become quite popular all over the world. He has gained a lot of popularity and recognition while working as a CEO in the United Technologies Corporation. He was very clear about the concept and ideas that he wanted to follow. Even when the world was badly affected by recession, he has made some very significant and crucial decisions that was really great for the market at that time. He has made a significant change in the entire economic scenario of the world. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Crunchbase.

Why Glen Wakeman’s Business Development Strategies are Remarkable

Glen Wakeman is a tech entrepreneur, investor, writer, and executive with over twenty years of experience in finance and business. Today, he serves as the CEO of a lucrative SaaS venture founded in 2015 called LaunchPad Holdings LLC.

LaunchPad Holdings LLC

LaunchPad Holdings was born out of Wakeman’s intuition to build and design a simple software platform. Wakeman also enjoyed matching intuitive ideas with financial resources like money. LaunchPad Holdings is known for its automated software service that targets early-stage start-ups. The service enables entrepreneurs behind these start-ups to make a workable plan out of their ideas. Its goal is to eradicate challenges that entrepreneurs face when running early-stage start-ups.

Education and Career

Glen Wakeman went to the University of Scranton and graduated with a bachelor’s of science in economics and finance in 1981. He proceeded to the University of Chicago and pursued an MBA in finance in 1993.

Wakeman held different positions in the business development and P&L departments of GE Capital. The company’s board of directors recognized him as a Growth Leadership role model for his exemplary leadership skills. Wakeman is also the founder and served as president of Nova Four. Read more about Glen Wakeman at crunchbase.com.

Professional Achievements

Throughout his lengthy career, Glen Wakeman made a name for himself in the business sector as an entrepreneur and a mentor. Wakeman has also developed business strategies for companies with over $15 billion assets in management and professional teams of more than 17,000 individuals.

Wakeman also spent his career guiding start-ups and M&As. He relied on a performance methodology focusing on risk management, leadership, human capital, execution, and governance. Wakeman usually shares these business strategies on his personal blog. He also writes about business administration and management, emerging markets, and international fiscal matters.

Wakeman’s blog also features articles themed on global affairs, business transformation, capital raising, and angel financing. He mentors C-level executives and provides expert advice to start-ups such as Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded. From his blog, one can note that he is passionate about executive development, growth, and innovation in business.

View: https://ideamensch.com/glen-wakeman/

Sentient AI Enabling Ecommerce Personalization through AI Technology

The e-commerce companies from across the globe compete these days to attract more customers and provide them with better customer services. It is a competition that has been working well for the customers as it eventually leads to better customer experience and more customer satisfaction. The companies are going to lengths to ensure that the customers have a seamless shopping experience at their site. The increasing competition in the e-commerce industry is calling for the companies to use new technologies and marketing techniques to grab the attention of the customers and keep it.


One of the ways that have become very popular among the e-commerce companies as well as among the customers is the use of e-commerce personalization methods, which is implemented with the help of the artificial intelligence technology. Sentient AI is one of the biggest AI technology providers in the world and has passed its highly advanced artificial intelligence technology to hundreds of e-commerce companies.


E-commerce personalization helps with boosting conversion rates and also improves customers’ loyalty rate. Better the shopping experience of the customers at the site, more likely they are to visit again. It is what e-commerce personalization is all about. It is done through artificial intelligence technology to understand the specific preferences of the customers and provide them with the product list in order of their preferences. It helps in boosting sales as well as ensures that the customers are able to navigate through the inventory of the site in order of their preference, from most preferred to less preferred.


The way the customers interact with the e-commerce sites is registered and recorded by the e-commerce sites these days, and such data is kept for a long time to come. This way, whenever the customer visits the e-commerce site, the site knows exactly what to present to the customers. It not only helps the e-commerce sites to register themselves in the good books of the customers but also makes the customers become the patron of the site. It is a mutually beneficial technology that the artificial intelligence provides to the e-commerce companies.


Such technology has helped the e-commerce industry to become as big as it has grown in the last few years. There are many advances and updates happening in the existing artificial intelligence platform offered by Sentient AI. Integration of such upgrades in the existing AI technology offered by e-commerce companies would make it easier for the companies to provide better and more personalized services to the customers.

Tony Petrello – Purpose

Nabors Industries Ltd., a company founded in 1968 under the name of Anglo Energy, Ltd. and now based in Hamilton, Bermuda, is a top S&P 500 oil, gas and geothermal drill contractor that operates on land throughout America, the Middle and the Far East, and Africa. It additionally performs onshore well-servicing within North America and offers rigs for offshore oil platform work as well as for offshore drilling rig services. The company offers varied support services for offshore and onshore drilling and even for well-servicing operations.

This company’s charter fleet includes 29 marine vessels for offshore operations. It also manufactures quality drilling drives, directional systems, rig instrumentation with data collection equipment, and tools for drill pipe handling with software for rig reports. As of 2006, this company owned more than 600 well-servicing rigs within the U.S. and 190 rigs within Canada as well as nearly 50 oil platform rigs, nearly 20 jack-up barge rigs, and five barge rigs.

The new CEO, Tony G. Petrello, graduated from the Universities of Yale and Harvard; the desire to lead and the passion to succeed were born right afterward. Anglo Energy, Ltd. was first founded in 1968 and traded publicly through the American Stock Exchange as a Class A share under the ticker symbol of AEL.A. Through the long bear market and malaise throughout the 1970s, this company performed well, which lead to its 1980s recession as problems began to surface. As of 1981, earnings capped $36 million, excluding extraordinary charges of $2 million.

However, coming out of this recession by 1982, Nabors suffered losses of $4 million, excluding extraordinary incomes of $4.6 million. By 1983, Nabors was in trouble. That year’s loss grew to $53 million and Anglo Energy then filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy within the U.S. District Court.At the time, this company’s assets were $694 million and sales revenue hit $310 million. The stock halted for AMEX trading on November 1983 though it continued trading on the NASDAQ’s OTC exchange. Since its 1970s high, stock prices fell by 97 percent at the year’s end to a new low. Markets change. Also visit his Twitter account : https://twitter.com/tony_petrello

Jose Borghi: The Common Denominator in the Brazilian Advertising Sector

It is hard for anyone to discuss advertisements in Brazil without Jose Henrique Borghi’s name popping up into the discussion. The co-CEO at Mullen Lowe Brazil is regarded by many as the best ad agent to have ever graced the Brazilian and by extension the larger Latin America’s advertising arena. His degree is in marketing and propaganda, which he completed in the 80s at Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo (PCUSP). His choice of career was largely influenced by his elder sister who out of love for her brother took it upon herself to show him the way. It was after the two siblings attended an advertising event that Jose’s career choice and subsequent destiny was sealed.

Jose’s Career

Jose Borghi first experience in the ad agency was at Ogilvy ad Academy where he was employed 29 years ago. After working briefly as one of the agency’s ad agents, he joined the Talent agency in the same capacity. Jose was at that time young, talented, and ambitious. A decade into his career, he was able to achieve a major professional milestone when Leo Burnett hired him as its chief creative officer. This role was Jose’s career turning point for it provided him with a chance to sharpen his managerial skills within the advertising space. This experience was fundamental when he was laying the ground for his agency, BorghiErh.BorghiErh started operations in 2002 and was managed by Borghi and his partner Ray Erh. This is the company that has evolved and rebranded over time to become the current Mullen Lowe Brazil.


Jose stands as one of the most decorated advertising agent and executive. Some of the awards he has received include 11 One Show, 16 April Awards, and Agency Professional by the Brazilian Advertising Association (ABP).

Jose’s Sporting Enthusiasm

Outside of his career, Jose is a fitness enthusiast and a sportsperson. His favorite sporting activities include biking, commuting, jogging, and 12 Ironman events. Learn More.

USHEALTH Group: Protecting American Families

Protect your family today and secure the future by getting in touch with USHEALTH Group. These are groups of companies that provide you with affordable insurance plans.There are many different reasons why you should choose the USHEALTH as a service provider. However, one factor that makes them the better choice is their ability to treat each client as unique. The idea that ‘one size fits all’ does not apply to this company. They will take their time to evaluate your needs and provide a service that is suitable for you.If you don’t have enough money to cater for the insurance cover, don’t worry; as they have services that will cater to the needs of all persons regardless of their financial status.

The products

The Company has designed excellent services to cover a broad range of situations. Whether you want an accident and illness coverage or you want security, there is something for you. The different products include:

Life insurance: this provides security to your family. It is renewable every ten years. However, the coverage will only last until your 70th birthday.

Accident Insurance: the cover will provide with benefits to cater for the expenses that you may have incurred after the accident.

Income insurance cover: after an accident or an illness, you may not be in a capacity to go to work which will affect your income. With the cover, you will be able to cater for your bills and expenses during the period you are not working.

Premier Choice: if you are struggling financially, this is the perfect insurance cover for you. It does not have any annual deductibles.

Secure Advantage: with this plan, you will be able to lock you rates for up to 36 months. It is also a portable coverage, and that means that you can use it when you change your job.The other coverage plans include Premier Vision, Secure Dental, MedGuard, and Essential Health Benefits.


The USHEALTH Group is the marketing department of the Group. It is the team that is responsible for selling and marketing the services and products of the Company. USHEALTH Advisors have won different awards due to their great services. In 2017, they were recognized at the Stevie Awards for the Best Sales and Customer Service.The USHEALTH Group was voted in as the Company of the Year in 2016 at the Golden Bridge Awards.


Troy McQuagge is the President, C.E.O, and a Member of the Board of Directors. Under his leadership, the Company has raised to greater heights in the insurance industry.Troy is a part of an executive team that includes Konrad H Kober, the Executive Vice President, Virgil Meir, the Senior Vice President, and Cynthia B Koenig the Chief Financial Officer among others.

Business Tips From Entrepreneur Josh Verne Of FlockU

The founder and chief executive officer of FlockU.com, Josh Verne was on the Knowledge For Men podcast hosted by Andrew Ferebee. The interview took a look at Josh Verne’s career and his ups and downs. Josh also shared tips to his fellow men on how they can improve their business and their lives through things that Josh has learned through firsthand experience.


When deciding upon which business to start or which career to embark upon, Josh Verne says that you must choose a business or career that you will feel passionate about doing. You really can’t be successful in business without passion says Verne. If your daily job is not one which you are passionate about, then it will simply be drudgery. Choose a job that you are passionate about and you will be more likely to succeed. It will also be more fun too, which is another side benefit.


For anybody who is in business or has a family, Josh Verne says that you need to speak far less and listen far more. He hammers home this point, by saying you were born with two ears and one mouth so you would listen more and speak less. The reason for speaking less and listening is more, is so that you can absorb more of the knowledge and tips given to you. By speaking less frequently, you will also appear to be more authoritative in the times when you do speak. People will also pay more attention to you if you listen to them and do not blabber on endlessly.