Professional Lecturer Vijay Eswaran Defines Core Values as Pillar for Success in Organizations

Successful entrepreneur and professional lecturer Vijay Eswaran defines core values as indicators of success in any type of organization. Vijay Eswaran is an economist, motivational speaker, philanthropist and founder and Executive Chairman of QI Group of Companies with interests in real estate, direct selling, education, retail in over 30 countries around the world.

He is a renowned author of the best-selling book ‘In the Sphere of Silence’. Vijay Eswaran has extensive experience as an entrepreneur and also as a philosopher in business and personal leadership growth. His vast background provides perspective into the core values of an individual and organization that determines the potential growth and success of the organization or individual as a whole. The core values of an individual are the intuitive responses of the individual to the environment from the core of their character.

The core values of an organization can be evaluated to determine if the organization is providing the optimal level of performance of their daily tasks. Vijay Eswaran stresses the importance of working and leading with the sense of honesty that exudes from a real place within one’s character. That provides intrinsic character responses from the staff with honesty and truth. In fact, servant leaders with honest core values have mastered the art of operating in truth and compassion for their people to elicit a sense of passion in the work performed by them.

By establishing a level of trust and care in leadership, companies can create an environment and organizational culture that at produce extremely high levels of success and growth. When the core value of leadership within an organization is sound and truthful it creates a reverberation of response throughout the organization to elicit the highest level efforts by the organization’s staff. Professional lecturer an entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran defines core values as a major pillar to determine the success of any organization.

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Richard Dwayne Blair and Retirement Preparations

Richard Dwayne Blair advocates financial planning that entails three distinct phases. He’s the head of a company that’s called Wealth Solutions. His objective is to encourage all people out there to prepare to achieve their financial objectives. It doesn’t matter if an individual wishes to retire comfortably or if he or she simply wants to conserve wealth. Richard Dwayne Blair endorses the power of a tangible and thoughtful plan. His focus is on preparations that are split up into three separate stages. The first stage entails pinpointing peoples’ expansion chances, abilities and objectives in general. The second stage entails putting together powerful investment methods that are suitable for extended stretches of time. The third stage is the last one. It involves taking peoples’ in-depth insurance requirements into consideration. Richard Dwayne Blair is aware that people experience shocking setbacks all of the time. That’s the reason he wants them to get well-rounded coverage in advance. Annuities and life insurance are both strong options that can safeguard people who don’t want to have to concern themselves with stress.

Blair is delighted to call Austin in Texas his place of residence. Austin is the welcoming state capital. It’s a metropolis that’s full of inspiring, artistic and pleasant individuals. It’s a metropolis that’s full of people who want to protect all of their assets well, too. What made Blair decide to set up a firm like Wealth Solutions? He established this company in the nineties. He wanted to teach other people. He wanted to make sure that they never felt lost regarding their financial aspirations. Retirement can be an intimidating thing to many professionals. The idea of never working again can make many people feel uneasy. Richard Dwayne Blair comes from a loving family that consists of many people who work and who have worked in the teaching profession. He, because of that, understands perfectly how effective and influential instructing other people can be. He wants to instruct people who are looking to make financial decisions that are sound. He’s not the kind of individual who likes keeping valuable information to himself. Wealth Solutions’ client base respects that.

Sahm Adrangi: Reliable Investment Personality

There is a growing trend among investors in the United States, which involves investing in high volatile investment options. People believe that by investing in high volatile investments, they can earn more profit because of its extensive growth that can be achieved in an instant. One of the leading investment gurus in the United States today is Sahm Adrangi, and he is helping newbies to learn more about risk investing. Through the company that he established in 2008, named Kerrisdale Capital Management, he can share his knowledge about investing, and many people are benefiting from it. Sahm Adrangi is known for his ability to choose the right investment for his clients, and he is also the reason why they are earning a lot. His techniques have proven to be effective, and because of his skills and expertise in risk investment, many people are now asking for him to help them out with their portfolios. Through helping the people with their investment inquiries, Adrangi received the distinction as one of the most reliable personalities in the field of trading. Visit The Hedgefund Journal to know more about Sahm Adrangi.


Recently, it was reported that Sahm Adrangi went into a deal which involved the purchase of $100 million worth of stocks at a company that is yet to be unveiled. Many people raised their eyebrows about the decision of Sahm Adrangi, but he said that they have to wait for the results because it is only one of his strategies to earn additional profit. The move is considered as a big risk, knowing that the company is still unknown, and there are a lot of things that might happen in the future which would affect his reputation. However, some experts are also lauding his actions, claiming that his brilliant move could end in creating more profit for his clients. View Sahm Adrangi at


Sahm Adrangi managed to get the funding from his loyal clients who have agreed to give him $100 million to invest. They believe in risk investment and has been doing it ever since because they wanted to earn more money. Sahm Adrangi also ensured his clients that the money they lend him would be returned to them with high yields after a short period.


Kevin Seawright is Making a Difference

Kevin Seawright is the Founder and Chief Operating Officer at RPS SOLUTIONS LLC (Real Property Solutions), located in Baltimore, Maryland. He believes every body should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and own a nice home and acts as an advocate for those looking to purchase their first home.

He is an experienced financial operations administer that has used his knowledge to create a portfolio of vision; to create stable neighborhoods where wealth and a healthy community is achievable. RPS SOLUTIONS creates affordable homes in vibrant and healthy communities. This provides housing opportunities for seniors and those who may be disabled, that haven’t been able to qualify for other programs to meet their needs.

Crunchbase believes that Kevin Seawright had already been working in financial administration before he received his Masters in Business Administration in 2006. He first began working for the City of Baltimore as the Managing Fiscal Officer and then became the Payroll Director.

In his experiences, Kevin has managed planning for homeless shelter budgets, managed budgets of city, state and federal funding, monitored assets, liabilities, and expenses for state and local revenue, and much much more. He has strategic financial planning experience and knowledge with a vision to help people be successful and happy.

By founding RPS SOLUTIONS he has created a way to provide cost effective property management and give potential home buyers options they thought to be unachievable.

Kevin Seawright can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Crunchbase and LinkedIn, and has also been featured in World Class Magazine and several other media outlets. The Facebook page is under the company’s name, RPS Solutions LLC.

Here you can find a link to a youtube video where Kevin himself is speaking about the company and the mission that drives it.

There are also a few videos of first time home buyers, Jerel and his wife, showing their experience of working with Kevin and his company. RPS Solutions LLC made it possible for Jerel and his wife to own a nice home that they originally thought was out of their reach.

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Logan Stout, CEO of IDLife, Tackles the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

The latest hurricane was one of the harshest the country has ever received since it was formed as a republic. The United States has suffered a great amount of loss due to this hurricane. We have all seen how dealing with the hurricane requires a tremendous amount of effort that cannot be raised in a single day. The Hurricane is also more than what IDLife can handle with Logan Stout as the CEO of the company. When you work to perform your duties diligently, you must always seek to administer the paralleled forms of business and animations. However, the Hurricane came at a time the country did not expect.

When it came, the offices were turned into ashes. The storage full of pallets could be picked up in the middle of the city after the hurricane went off the following morning. This was one of the worst moments of my life as the CEO of the company. While we have worked hard to secure a chance to work for the people, we have never seen the people struggle to accelerate their independent solutions in a manner that predicts the end in mind. The first thing that Stout did was to offer his warehouse for anyone who wanted to seek shelter. He went on to offer unparalleled solutions for those who needed medical attention in the city. As the saying goes, charity always begins at home.

The IDLife Company also joined the rescue forces that were deployed by the government and other various platforms to make the world a better place. This is perhaps the reason why we are all proud to be Americans. It is a country where one problem can be shared and diminished in a manner that sets it a trend in the world. According to the CEO of IDLife Company, people have always offered themselves to assist wherever they could in ensuring the world grows to unparalleled levels.

IDLife is a health company that focuses on issuing supplement nutritional products to individuals based on their nutritional needs. The company also realizes that a nation must be sound in mind to accept a new wave of technology that can only be fostered by a healthy nation. Anyone seeking financial freedom must also have a sound mind coupled up with good health to ensure they make the world a better place to live. This is perhaps the reason why we need to cultivate better healthcare solutions.

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Helpful Information on Retirement Planning

How is life after retirement? Do you have to prepare for the life after retirement? What are the essential things you have to do before retiring? Many folks end up living a miserable life after retirement, the reason being they didn’t plan well for the resignation. So how do you go about it? According to David Giertz, here are some ways that may assist one when planning for retirement.

How to ensure you are Secure and Financially Stable during Retirement

It is difficult for one to estimate how much money one may need to save for early retirement. At times you never know how much you are expected to save for the full pension. Note, during retirement, you will spend more than you receive and as such you will be needed more money. Thereby, it will be a good idea to save more from your income. Saving from your income may not be enough, and as such, other income opportunities should be considered to ensure you are financially stable during your retirement.

Wise Investments

Note, an investment is an ideal way of earning extra income. But the question is how and what to invest. There are essential things one need to put into consideration to have best investment decisions. For instance, by the time you are retiring, how much would you have saved? You ought to have saved at least six times your yearly income to have enough capital for the investment.

For early retirements, one ought to save at least 30 times of the annual income. By saving more will ensure you have sufficient funds for investment. Second, you need to consult successful entrepreneurs before venturing into any investment. They will guide you in areas to venture in and those to avoid.

Choose the Best Retirement Plan

You ought to find a flexible plan for your retirement savings. The plan should have penalties to discourage early withdrawals. A good plan should only allow the withdrawal after the retirement.

After going through, ways that may assist you to plan well for retirement by David Giertz, it will be good to know more about David Giertz.Mr.David L.Giertz is the president of Nationwide Financial Distributors.

He is also the Senior Vice President for several nationwide companies. In 2009-2013 he was the Vice President of Nationwide Financial Services. In 2004-2009 he was the Vice President of NF Sales.

Daniel Taub the renowned diplomat and international lawyer

Daniel Taub has been an international legal advisor, diplomat, and ambassador. With the passion for serving his country, he has been in various positions in the government of Israel. Daniel Taub has done an important job in negotiating peace process whenever his country has been at war with the neighboring countries.

During the civil war between Israel and Palestine, Daniel took part in peace making process together with his Palestinian counterpart who they had traveled together with to perform the same role for the two countries. The Israel-Palestine became peaceful as the fruit of the negotiation. Daniel Taub as a peacemaker had also negotiated for peace between Syria and his country.

Daniel Taub has been a writer and an ambassador of Israel to his country of birth, the UK. Daniel has written a lot of publications and books. His writing has always been focusing on peace in Middle East, and Israel. Moreover, Taub is a talented public speaker with exceptional communication skills which create humor to his audience. He has been in different broadcasting shows including CNN, Sky News, BBC, and Newsnight. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

As an ambassador for four years in the United Kingdom as from 2011 to 2015, he brought some positive changes between Israel and the UK. He met Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth for the first time when he was given legal documents by Israel government to be a representative in the UK.

The two had an interaction during his enrollment to a point where he was asked how he feels to represent the country he run to exile many years ago in his motherland.  Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

During his tenure as the ambassador, he made the foreign trade between the UK and Israel to double. He made Israelites set more than 300 new business ventures in the UK. Apart from boosting the bilateral trade and the economy, peace and harmony were more enhanced.

The bilateral trade was notable due to its rise to $ 8 billion. Daniel launched a start-up Bizcamp competition with the partnership with Google while he was serving in the UK.

The activity that made him receive a Grassroot Diplomat Initiative recognition. As an ambassador, he focused more on trade links and technology advancement that could bring a notable change to the two countries.

Daniel Taub worked in numerous diplomatic, political and legal roles. He once served in Yad Hanadiv Foundation as the director and Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the legal advisor and vice president at the same time. During Gaza scandal, he represented Israel in a lawsuit that was observed by UN representatives.

The Social Security Conversation By David Giertz

Government disability guidance is a need for Americans and individuals can get assistance from money related counsels who comprehend the touchy issue of Social Security to an exhaustive retirement design. Clients require preparing earlier and after that a short time later retirement to settle on decisions at these key ages. With more than 60 million individuals conceived after WW2 nearing retirement by 2030, there’s the requirement for far reaching training and arranging especially as to Social Security benefits.

Fiscal advocates can act the fundamental part in helping America’s kin avoid a moving toward retirement crisis on Linkedin. Additionally, with four of every five Americans saying if their advocate doesn’t enable them to open up their Social Security benefits they will change to an advisor who does – getting up to speed on a client’s recording choices is valuable for the guide’s business as well.

To help enhance this tangled issue and bolster these discoursed, Nationwide Financial gives a conclusion to-end Social Security program and retirement arrangements on Nationwide that plan guides to be the authorities their clients need to ensure they have enough money for retirement. The protected programming that won honor takes a gander at all the choice methods available to married couples, single people, isolated people, government laborers, dowagers and even the people who have adequately picked the item.

He has additionally been a Director of DGC One AB since 1991. In addition, David Giertz filled the Director position of David Giertz Holding AB. David L Giertz is advocate in money related segment with Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. David Giertz works out of Columbus, OH and also he is responsible for the dissemination of private-division retirement designs and discount technique, shared finances however banks and claim to fame markets, annuities, free merchants and specialists, distribution centers and territorial firms.

Sushi Itto Gains International Recognition Due to Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is now known as the Best Franchisee of the World. This is a highly distinguished title. He received this award in 2015. Omar Yunes was awarded the number one slot in a competition that was held in Florence, Italy. The participants came from countries such as Spain, Portugal, as well as France, and Hungary. In fact, there were several other entries from the home country of Omar Yunes, Mexico, too. This is why before competing in the world final; he had to compete against others from his own country. This was done through a regional version that was organized for this event. In this two franchisees were selected and sent to represent Mexico and compete in Florence.

This is a world competition that awards and recognizes leaders whose talents are able to stand out amongst all. The panel of judges looks at several aspects here. These include aspects like the improvements that the leaders have made to the network, besides the saving programs that are being implemented by them. They also looked at the creative style which they could add to this brand. Next is the knowledge they could add to their company. This way any successful franchise exhibits all these characteristics. In fact, there can be much more which even the judges may not expect. This is where Omar Yunes was able to score high among these leaders.

He is a franchisee of Sushi Itto. The kind of success he has been able to display within his network is much more than what many businesses are able to see through their lifetime. In fact, Omar Yunes had purchased the franchise when he was just 21. He has managed to expand it to 13 units today. He employs 400 workers. All of them are committed to keeping the customers satisfied.

Omar Yunes won the first prize as he has been able to add his uniqueness to this relationship between the franchise and franchisee. It is not typical anymore. He maintains a professional outlook while personally interacting also with the people at Sushi Itto. Besides, he has a unique leadership style too.