Rocketship Charter Schools Build Better Schools With Help From Families

Rocketship has been an open charter school for children from kindergarten through fifth grade for a decade. They first opened up their doors in the basement of a church located in San Jose, California. Since this time period, they have made great movements in the way that they serve their families as well as the impact they hold within their communities. Because they are always open to better serving their students and families, they have learned a few lessons along the way.

First off, personalized learning will always start at home. Their purpose is to allow for technology to be integrated however to not rely on this method for teaching. They believe that the true method of teaching relies on understanding a students need and their interests and then engaging the family of the student. Annual home visits allow for the family and student to build a better relationship which is stronger which helps the student succeed in school.

Secondly, they understand the need for demand however they do not cave where it is most important. The funders and parents of the children who attend school at Rocketship are always pushing for the school to expand the ages of their students. They would like to see the school go from K-5 to K-12. Rocketship knows and understands why they want this but they feel by expanding, they are losing sight of what is important. The education needs of children will be impacted by expanding.

Rocketship is non-profit and is more than just one school. The elementary charter school is a network of schools which serves mainly low income students. They serve in areas where access to a good school is cut short. They hope to build transformative schools which work to do more than just educate their students.

Rocketship hopes to bring empowerment to their teachers and to build relationships with parents by engaging them in how their children learn. They also hope to inspire the communities around them and show them what happens when you bring together the community and students. They hope to close the gap in achievements by working together.