What Business Owners Can Learn From Robert Deignan

Becoming a business owner is an arduous journey. Few people are prepared mentally or physically for all of the work that is required to succeed. Robert Deignan is a prominent entrepreneur who has founded several prominent companies. He is currently the owner of ATS Digital Services. The company was founded in 2011, and it has grown every year since that point.

Robert attended college at Purdue University. During his time at the school, he learned valuable lessons related to running a business. He also met people he would work with for the rest of his career. He graduated with a degree in organizational development and quickly started his career.

Corporate Life

After graduating from college, Robert started working for a large company. He advanced in the company and earned a high salary. Instead of spending his money, he lived a frugal lifestyle and saved a large percentage of his income. He knew that he wanted to start a business and he needed cash.

After leaving his corporate job, Robert felt like he was free to do whatever he wanted. He started his first company and struggled to make it a success. It would take several years of hard work before the company earned a profit.

Lessons for Others

Robert enjoys working with young business owners who need advice about managing a company. Over the past few years, he has spent more time mentoring others than ever before. He is a firm believer in helping other people reach their goals. When he was struggling as a business owner, he had a mentor who graciously offered valuable advice.

Robert tells new business owners to avoid taking on too much debt. He also believes in building an online brand. Customer service should be prioritized above everything else. A happy customer is the best marketing plan for any new business.


A chat with the GreenSky Credit CEO David Zalik

GreenSky Credit is a privately owned financial technology company. It was established in the year 2006. It’s located in Atlanta, Georgia. The company offers technical services to merchants and banks such as the preparation of loans to consumers. The consumers use the credit for home improvement, healthcare, solar installation among other purposes. In an interview, the CEO of GreenSky Credit, David Zalik, confirmed that financial programs for the company are provided by state-chartered and federally-insured financial organizations. So far the company has been successful. For the last four years, it has managed to transact over billions. Since its debut into the market, GreenSky Credit has had a promising breakthrough. However, it’s not well-known as compared to other so-called financial-tech markets like lending corporate or social finance corporate. This is because GreenSky Credit doesn’t make loans from its capital.

David Zalik reported that back in 2016, they were able to partner with several banks. Some include SunTrust Bank and Regions Financial corporate. These banks gave loans using GreenSky Credit mobile app to all their esteemed customers. The consumers ranged from merchants to retailers, like the home depot. Moreover, some individual contractors registered with the company.

David Zalik said the corporate signs up merchants that sell items like furniture and other home improvement items. These includes aluminum siding, roofing and window replacement items. The CEO of the Company reported that they are aiming to expand and be able to cover medical personnel like doctors, nurses and vet professionals.

Essentially, the firm uses credit cards for a broader and more focused surveillance spending on all customers spending and investments. This offer is given under fixed terms that effect on a set period and also fixed-interest-rate payback. David Zalik said that the company would review an idea that they had of putting up a call centre in Kentucky. Currently, the company has done around $8 billion, and now they are targeting a trillion dollars. Since GreenSky Credit was founded, it has earned the trust of many consumers. It’s always their goal to leave all consumers satisfied. This is how to have been making profits consistently at the end of each financial year.