ClassDojo; Incorporating Technology into Education

Technology has vastly advanced over the years leading to the creation of a global village so to say. With the advancements, many services have become available to the ordinary person with the click of a button. Over the years, technology has been incorporated into every aspect of the daily life and education has not been left behind. With the access to education material just by the click of a button, ClassDojo has gone further to make the meeting between teachers and their students’ parents accessible at the click of a button too.

Founded in August 2011, ClassDojo is a classroom communication app that helps students and teachers share information on students and track their progress. The app was developed by Sam Chaudhary and Liam don and was a part of imagek12 education technology products. ClassDojo has grown to serve over 3.5 million teachers and students worldwide with the app being available on both the android play store and the app store. ClassDojo is also available on web browsers and can be used on any device. ClassDojo has received several awards over the years including the education innovation award and being featured in the Forbes “30 under 30” list.

ClassDojo was featured in a recent article by the entrepreneur. The article outlines what all education technology professionals need to do to get a gold star from educators. The article goes further on to state what ClassDojo has done right so far, and this includes solving actual problems. ClassDojo talked to teachers and found out what challenges they faced, and they used the resulting knowledge to better their app. This has resulted in the use of ClassDojo by 90% of the United States of America school districts.

Lastly, ClassDojo has had a plan for development and implementation. During the six years, it has been in operation; the platform has grown and adjusted to the ever-changing educational needs of the society. in essence it has helped in keeping students connected both at home and school.

Betsy DeVos Shares Thoughts on Education System

Betsy DeVos is definitely impressing a lot of people that have been waiting for education reform. She has been able to solidify herself as a strong advocate for the charter school system, and I believe that she is on the right track when it comes to building a better education platform.Many people do not really know about the charter school system, but this is becoming something that is much more prevalent because Betsy DeVos is putting more time into it. She has long stated that there is a huge difference in the charter school and public school system. She believes that more charter schools should be put in place because it raises a new standard.

Kids that are part of public school are going to want to get into the charter schools because they know that it gives them a better opportunity. Parents are also going to be more focused on helping your children when they get into the charter schools. This plays a major part in the success of students that have been trying to figure out how they can achieve more before they enter their college years. Many students, before Betsy DeVos (@BetsyDeVos)| Twitter put more emphasis on charter schools, were not even considering going to college. Many of them simply assumed that a college career was out of their reach. What Betsy DeVos has done is give people access to a better school system even if they are not from the best of neighborhoods.

This is something that I have admired Betsy DeVos because she has become a catalyst for changing education throughout the United States of America. I believe that a large part of her focus comes from the fact that students in America are not passing standardized tests. There is a low success rate when it comes to high scores on these type of exams. Betsy DeVos knows that a lot of this just comes from teachers and children that are not motivated. What Betsy DeVos proposes is that more teachers become engaged in the daily lives of their students. She does not want the public school system to simply be a failed education system where teachers are giving homework assignments and not providing any possibility for the students to grow.I can appreciate someone like DeVos because she speaks her mind and she lets people know about the grievances that she has with the education system. She may not be in a position to totally change the education system in the next four years, but I do believe that she will make a lot of progress. Unlike other former people in the position of Secretary of Education, I believe the Besty will get things done.

Andrew Rolfe: Towards Greater Operational Autonomy at Ubuntu Education Fund

Non-profit organizations usually incorporate representatives from their benefactors. While their role in the management boards of these charitable organizations is to represent the interests of their organizations, some of these representatives are professionals with expertise in various fields. One such individual is Andrew Rolfe; a leading company executive with extensive experience and education in organizational management. Andrew Rolfe has built a reputation as one of the leading company executives in the Greater New York City Area. However, the expertise that he has gained over the years has led to significant success in organizations overseas.

As the chairman of the board of management at Ubuntu Education Fund, Andrew Rolfe has overseen a complete overhaul of the organization’s operational strategies. His management acumen is founded on solid academic background marked by studying in some of the best learning institutions in the world. He enrolled at St. Andrews College and Eton College for his graduate studies before joining University of Oxford. He graduated at the university in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. His deep insight in organizational development and management, which has been crucial in his success at Ubuntu Education Fund, was further developed at Harvard Business School. He graduated from the university in 1992 with Master of Business Administration degree where he specialized in managerial economics.

Remodeling Ubuntu Educational Fund’s Operational Model

Since taking over at the Zwide, Port Elizabeth-based, nonprofit organization, Andrew Rolfe has overseen a remodeling of the organization’s operational model. Since its founding, Ubuntu Education Fund had struggled with navigating the conflicting interests of the donors and its primary objectives. Some of the donors directed how their donations were to be spent by the organization including the projects they were to fund. Moreover, they only released the grants on a yearly basis, which inconvenienced the organization. However, since taking over the chairmanship of the Ubuntu Education Fund’s management board, Andrew Rolfe has overseen a complete overhaul of this model. The new model is based on operational autonomy where the organization’s management has full authority on how the donated funds are spent. This is aimed at reducing the influence of the donors on the organization’s numerous projects including provision of quality education and healthcare services to their needy in the Greater Port Elizabeth Area.