The Successful Career of Milan Kordestani the Equestrian

At the age of ten, Milan Kordestani was already riding horses and taking care of animals in his parent’s farms. As he recalls in an interactive session with The National Horseman, his most memorable moment while growing up was riding horses to the camp. This is rather awkward given the fact that most children of his age at that moment were pretty terrified of horse riding. However, being the explorer that he was, Milan took after his parents and dived into farming at the same age. Quickly progressing into ride challenges from the neighbourhood, he always won the competitions. In fact, he was one of the best horse riders in those challenges.


For education, Milan attended Philips Brooks Elementary School. Straight from school, his family relocated to England where he joined Eaton Square School. It was in 2010 that he resorted to relocate back to his native land and join Sacred Heart Preparatory School.


Perhaps moving back to his native land was a good idea because he gained a strong footing and started his career as an equestrian. Milan is currently the CEO of Milan Farms, a company that capitalizes on producing poultry, saffron, in addition to eggs with the help of other farms in the nation. Under the Milan Farms company, Kordestani made a name for himself as the first farmer to capitalize on saffron and grow microfiber sponges.

The Observation

Besides founding Milan Farms, Kordestani is a famous writer at the Huffington Post. Moreover, he is a student at the San Francisco Bay. As early as 2015, he decided to start the Milan Farms project and create a healthy, humane organic system to cater for farmers within his locality. Milan Farms is here to provide clients with an honest option when it comes to taking care of animals. To achieve that, the management applies transparent business models to raise their animals. In the case of service delivery, Milan believes that it is easier to serve a consumer that understands their exact needs or wants. However, in case the consumer does not know exactly what he or she wants, the management can always help.

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