The Brown Modelling Agency: Austin’s ‘Full-Service Agency’ Lone Star

The city of Austin, Texas has made a name for itself in the fashion and modelling world–and that name is ‘The Brown Agency.’ The company, which trains and places talent for a broad variety of fashion, print, and screen markets, is Austin’s only full-service talent supplier and is one of only a handful of such agencies in Texas. Brown Agency was launched in 2015 upon the merger of two of Austin’s premier talent agency powerhouses–Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South. Justin Brown, the former head of Wilhelmina Austin and now current CEO of Brown Agency, is enthusiastic about the direction the company has taken. He strives for an agency that provides its clients with attractive, dedicated, and dependable talent–and Brown Agency delivers just that. The company’s growing portfolio includes such high-end names as Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Dodge, Bing, CVS, L.L. Bean and more. A former model himself, Brown has experience in the Las Angeles and New York markets that enables him to usher Austin’s up-and-coming talent further into the modelling industry spotlight.


According to Market wired, Michael B. Bonnée, founder of Heyman Talent South, also views the merger as a win-win for both companies. “Heyman Talent-South…[was] very fortunate to build a very strong theatrical division as well as commercially,” he stated, “Justin, with Wilhelmina, had the strongest agency in their categories. Merging two established agencies really created something that no other agency can do.” Bonnée is currently Brown Agency’s leading theatrical agent.

As a full-service talent company, Brown Agency serves as a gateway for models to gain access to a broad variety of industries. The agency hires and trains talent for runway and commercial fashion, plus-size fashion, television and film, editorials and magazines, print advertising, theater, industry expos, and corporate events. Potential talent is encouraged to find their niche in the modelling world by attending the agency’s Open Calls, which take place on Thursdays between three and four PM.


As Austin continues to take off in the fashion, screen, and print markets, aspiring models can enjoy confidence in Brown Agency’s training and placement expertise, while potential clients can come to rely on the agency’s extensive experience and professionalism.



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Fabletics is Committed To Helping You Sweat In Style

In recent years, the e-commerce industry has taken the world by storm. These days, consumers rely heavily on the reviews and experiences from of others to help determine their final purchasing decisions. This shift in consumer behavior has opened many doors for some of the worlds most successful brands.


When Fashion forward athleisure brand, Fabletics made their first debut, they had no idea they would develop into the $235 million dollar business they are today. The company’s Corporate Marketing Officer, Shawn Gold, credits much of their success to the feedback from their subscribers. Using these reviews, the makers of Fabletics were able to gain a clear understanding of the needs of today’s consumer.


With the increase in digital trends and use of data, maintaining a good rapport with your consumers online is essential to continued success. Positive reviews help increase revenue potential for businesses by attracting more consumers to the brand. Think about it. You work hard for your money, right? Consumers want to be confident that they are getting the best value, and one of the best ways to determine that through the personal experience and opinion of others. Consumer review provides real and unbiased insight into products and brands, thus greatly influencing the decision of others.


Fabletics commitment to customer satisfaction is what sets them apart from other brands. While many factors contribute to their overall success, the company admits their consumer-led approach is one of their greatest qualities.


From the big screen to behind the scenes, Kate Hudson is a woman of many talents. When the founders Fabletics’ parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group, had the idea of creating Fabletics, they knew exactly who they wanted to represent the brand. Hudson was approachable, relatable, and led an active lifestyle that she frequently shared with fans and followers. She was perfect! Thrilled with the opportunity, Hudson has been a hands-on member of the Fabletics team since day one. From accounting to inventory, she works closely with the team and uses the feedback from more than one million paying subscribers to ensure the brands continued success. Aside from her work behind the scenes, Hudson frequently shares work out routines featuring some of the brands latest trends. She truly believes in the brand, and that gives customers the confidence they need to believe in it as well.


If you’re in the market for new athleisure wear head over to Fabletics and take their short Lifestyle Quiz to find out which trends the best match your needs, and sense of style.

TechStyle Stands Behind Their Subscription Membership Services to Shoppers Interested in a New Fashion Trend

The presence of fashion, e-commerce and technology is popping up everywhere. During the year 2016, the amount of e-commerce revenue had totaled more than $70 billion dollars. By the year 2021, the projected amount of revenue to be raised will reach $116 billion. The fashion brands and startups have all found a way to become more appealing to the presence of the digital friendly consumers. The presence of e-commerce sites is adapting to advanced technology in order to create a market which is being shared through social media outlets.

There has been a model that proved the acceptance of membership style programs that have either found success amongst shoppers or failure for the items they are selling. The one business that comes to mind is the leader of subscription type memberships that has been quite successful in e-commerce.

TechStyle is a name that many others have not heard of or is not familiar with. The brand is a leader in the roles of technology and marketing for e-commerce. The fashion group is led by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg who are both CEO’s for the business.

Startup Who Set The Bar High For Breaking The System

During 2010, a retail business that was created to be the very first type of fashion memberships was released. The program that is known to shoppers as JustFab allows shoppers the opportunity to increase their footwear collection through the subscription membership program. With this membership, shoppers are given access to retail shoes for 30% off from the normal price paid in stores. The same shoppers are also granted the ability to shop before other customers and to collect loyal reward points for their purchases through JustFab.

When the model proved to be a success in just a few years, JustFab had reported to selling just slightly above 2.5 million pairs of various styles of shoes. The first quarter of 2012 had shown the increase in shoppers to the membership service that has proven to be successful for the CEO’s Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler.

It was during the next few years that more businesses popped up with membership programs and subscription services. The other businesses known as FabKids and ShoeDazzle have reached success in other countries like Germany and the U.K. Class A celebrity who is cashing in on the business is Kate Hudson who has brought Fabletics to the leading market for fashion wear to be used for athletic appearances is helping to increase the presence of businesses utilizing the subscription base memberships.

Invent A New Color Scheme For Your Hair With Lime Crime

Are you looking for a bold color scheme for your hair that provide a temporary or permanent solution. Lime Crime creator and CEO, has impressed her following with a line of hair dyes that offers thirteen unique colors. Get a full 700 ml in each jar that will give you an amazing 14 washes. You won’t be able to find the intricate colors that are offered by LC cosmetics. You can choose from many colors that will allow you to be completely unapologetic about your new color. They encourage girls and guys everywhere to bring out the unicorn inside of them.


Lime Crime cosmetics is used by some of the top celebrities in the industry including Kim K. and Miley Cyrus. They have said, that LC cosmetics hold extremely well under the camera lights. Their waterproof cosmetics guarantee not to smudge during your normal routine of eating and drinking. You get a super-foil base that provides a smooth application with a perfected mold finish. Get the perfect colors for your eyelids and lips every time. Their colors make it very easy to compliment any mood and transition from a day or night look.


You can find unique ways to blend their makeup on their YouTube channel. They offer real testimonials for thousands of women around the world. Discover a new way to blend two colors to find the perfect blend for your look. You can also find ways to compliment your hair dye or cosmetics with clothing items and accessories from their sister company, Dolls Kills. Say goodbye, to the dull boring colors that you’re use to and transform your look with the benefits of LC unicorn hair dye products. They offer the LEAP Bunny approved products that their customers are use too.


Join the 2.4 million Instagram followers that are choosing the trendy colors that are offered by Lime Crime. Visit their unique website for more promotional and purchasing options for first-time customers today. You will never want to go back to other leading competitor cosmetic brands that you use to wear once you experience the benefits of LC.

Some of Lime Crime’s Starring Hi-Lites

HI-LITE by Lime Crime is a new line of highlighters that are revolutionizing the way you highlight your face by offering diversity in colors and shines. Make the switch from you boring old grayish highlighter that lacks creativity and move over to a more colorful and expressive palette by bringing out some of the natural and unnatural tones that your skin has to offer. You can create a fairy tale look that will make you stand out. Imagine having purple or pink highlights that complement your makeup and set your face out from the rest of the crowd. You can do it with one of HI-LITE’s currently offered unique palettes.


Gaining inspiration from the natural blooming flowers that come with spring, the newest addition to the HI-LITE line for unicorns is aptly named the Blossoms palette. This palette contains three distinct colors that still complement each other and go with the fresh theme of spring, since the shimmery highlights still hold a pastel influence that have become synonymous with such a season. In this palette, you will receive Lavender, Sunset Shift, and Warm Gold – each as luminous as the last.


If you are in the mood for a more generalized palette, the HI-LITE: Opals palette contains three equally opalescent colors with high flexibility with natural skin hues. The three colors included in this palette include Peach, Gold, and Pink, and would make for a great starter palette for those just getting into highlighters and want something exciting but who may not be ready to take the plunge into unexplored territory just yet.


The last but certainly not least highlighter set would be the HI-LITE: Mermaids palette. If you are looking for an under the sea influence this summer and your favorite mythical being just so happens to have a fin, try out this unique palette of Ivory, Lavender, and Seafoam Blue-Green. It will highlight all the right contours of your face, leaving you looking out of this world. Just like the other two palettes through Lime Crime, the formula that makes up these highlighters will conform to your skin and will last all day long.


Fabletics: A New Face of e-Commerce

Fabletics is an online retailer that deals in sportswear and other accessories related to the body. It particularly specializes in women’s sportswear and workout leggings. In short, it caters to almost everything a woman could need to keep smart and gorgeous.


Fabeltics was co-founded by the famous actress, Kate Hudson, in 2013. Its association with this famous star has added to the aura of pleasantness and exclusivity around Fabletics.


Fabletics has become a big name in the fashion industry with its burgeoning size and revenues over the years. During the last three years, Fabletics has grown its business by $250 million. The brand’s growing share of in e-commerce means is equated as a threat to the monopoly of Amazon, which controls 20% of the fashion business online.


The rising success of Fabeltics lies in its customer friendly membership subscriptions and its broad variety of fashion products that cater to women of almost all ages. It also considers the comfort and needs of its clients. Fabletics has come to realize the emerging trends of customer experience and exclusive brand design because these are the most important things for a cool customer who shops online.


Following in the footsteps of Warby Parker and Apple, Fabletics has designed its strategies to extend the scope of its business from the virtual space of internet to the physical space. It plans to extend its presence in the physical arena by adding more stores on ground to its 16 such stores in the large cities across the U.S. It successfully runs such stores in hubs like California, Florida, Illinois, and Hawaii.


The secret behind the growing success and appeal of Fabletics, according to its General Manager, is the brand’s focus on an up to date and redefined adaptation to changing nature of fashion and high-value brand. Besides, its membership plan and tailored service with a niche to provide trending fashion at a lower price than other brands in the market. The managers at Fabletic know how to make people happy by seeking to know who these people are and what they want.


Fabletics is a branch of a JustFab Inc, which launched the brand in collaboration with the iconic Hollywood star, Kate Hudson. Although there were already several brands in the market, there was a lack of stylish and high-quality products on a reasonable price. Fabletics was created to fill this gap. Over the years, it has lived up to its objective of forging a unique customer experience.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Lime Crime Enters Its Next Phase

One of the signs of a living business is that it is always going through different phases. When it comes to Lime Crime, it has entered the unicorn phase. These products have been in development for a while. They have been created with vegan ingredients. At the same time, there are no chemicals that could cause problems with use. Doe Deere has made sure that she avoided putting in bleach or ammonia. Therefore, more people are safe to use this product. Lime Crime is definitely on a roll with all of the new products that it is offering to its customers.


Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of this product is how long it could last. These products can last a long time for people that apply it. The make up can last for up to 12 washes as it depends on the type of make up used and the type of method used to apply it. For people that are just looking for a unique way to express oneself, Lime Crime has brought forth the unique item that is very useful with the unicorn coloring. Lime Crime enables people to bring forth something that is attention getting.


In this world where people are encouraged to love themselves and appreciate who they are, it is important to find something that is unique. One of the reasons being unique is needed is because people are not going to be able to love themselves if they feel that they have to be someone else. One of the easiest ways for people to love themselves is if they know how to be themselves. Otherwise, they are not going to be able to appreciate themselves. With Lime Crime unicorn products, people will be able to explore who they are and use their make up and appearances to discover themselves. follow them on instagram for more of their uodate products.

The Different Stages of the Fashion Industry and the Type of Change That Don Ressler is Trying To Bring

There has been tons of changes to the fashion industry sense the 20th century. After all, there have been many different eras. Also, both men and women have experienced some changes in the industry. One thing that is certain is that the changes that occurred in fashion are representative of the mindsets of the time. For instance, men’s fashion has changed drastically during some eras. Women’s fashion has also underwent changes in different eras according to Don Ressler. Among the changes that have occurred in the past few hundred years are that there have been many different stores and companies that sell clothing.

The recent eras of fashion have brought forth concepts such as fast fashion. Fast fashion is one of the types of stores that tend to attract customers on For one thing, with fast fashion, people get to enjoy some of the trends that they have brought forth at a much faster rate than other types of fashion. Fast fashion companies are the types of companies that have something unique from other companies. Men and women find something that they are not able to find with other companies. Therefore, they have decided that they could have something that they like with these companies.

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There is another change coming for fashion. This one involves something that is way better than fast fashion. Don Ressler is bringing forth these changes. This is not about offering some unique items. This is more about dressing the customer. Don Ressler allows the customers to use their imagination to help them come up with new products that they will like. After all, there are many different individual styles. The worst thing that a fashion company could do is throw a lot of stuff at the wall in order to see what sticks which is the very thing fast fashion does.

Don Ressler is looking to dress people of all body types and all sizes. One of the issues that some people are faced with is a lack of availability for the clothes that are their size. This is where he has decided to make TechStyle fashion all inclusive for people of different sizes.

Learn more about Don Ressler:

Fabletics Is Using An Innovative Approach


Any e-retailer has to go through a lot to market his business. Hence the marketing model will include informing the customer and making him excited to visit the store or site. Next is to price and present everything in the right way so that the customer purchases. Next stage is to provide efficient customer care and ask for feedback in order to gain customer loyalty. This can mean the transformation of the customer into a loyal member.
Fabletics has taken an entirely different approach from all the major e-retailers including Amazon. They have taken the last step first. This is being termed as reverse showrooming by them. Rather than getting people interested to visit the store, they make the showroom so interesting through deals and offers that customers are prompted to visit it.
Fabletics is fronted by Kate Hudson. It offers workout clothes. These are quality products that are designed for the high-end segment.
Fabletics is focused on making visitors as their member first. Hence anybody walking into a store or visiting the site is asked to fill up a lifestyle quiz. This gives an idea about the taste, style, and demographics of the person. Now this person is sent a gift. Hence there is a transformation from a visitor to becoming a member directly.
This brand is quite confident of its goods. They are well aware that nobody can ignore the quality of the workout clothes being provided. Once people receive the free gift, they will try it on. Since the company already has all the details about the customer, hence the clothes will be as per taste and will fit well too.
This would prompt the customer to become a VIP member. This is because of the attractive deals and offers being made available to the VIP members. Hence Fabletics has managed to garner members before they have made any purchase from the company.
In fact, nearly half the people walking in through any Fabletics store are members. Hence these can be considered as low lying fruits. This is bound to lead to higher sales for the company.
There is a monthly subscription fee for the VIP members. It is easily compensated by the savings being made during shopping by using this membership card.
Fabletics ensures that it stocks the latest trends. They are well aware that they are catering to the high-end segment that is knowledgeable and would like to stay fit and fashionable. In the case of those holding the VIP membership, information will be given about the latest trends entering the store. This ensures that the customers do not miss out on anything. In fact, they can be the first ones to sport the latest workout wear. This is why the VIP membership is so attractive for all.
This is a highly innovative and unique approach. Besides, it is working out well for Fabletics. In fact, they are being cited as taking on Amazon with this strategy. It clearly indicates that Fabletics is here to stay!