The Freedom to Decide

Freedom has a number of applications as far as wording is concerned. The word freedom means to be able to have the ability to do as one pleases as long as it follows a moral code. Freedom checks follow the same general idea; they are an investment option that allows investors to be tax free on their retirement options, something that literally gives them the freedom to a bright and beautiful future. The concept of freedom checks was recently made possible by Matt Badiali, a skilled professional investor who knows what the American people want. The idea was first formed years ago by another originator; Badiali has simply taken the same idea and moved forward with it. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

As far as investments go freedom checks seem extremely appealing. They take advantage of Statute 26-F, which allows companies to issue the checks as an investment option to employees without worry of being taxed at all, as long as they meet the two requirements for the issuing of them. The main requirement is that the company issuing the freedom checks earn 90% of their overall income from gasoline or oil sales. Over five hundred companies have decided to use freedom checks as an employee incentive as they are cheaper to disperse than other benefit forms, are easily placed into an investment account of an investors choice, and are versatile on the market. Since these freedom checks are not considered to be social security income or Medicaid payment and so they do not follow the same guidelines as either one. Freedom checks are based on overall income and there is really no set amount that an investor can use for payout purposes. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have already been paid out to investors, who can now happily invest as they please and prepare themselves for a better retirement. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

In a country that has quickly over the decades went from an industrial giant to more of a service industrial complex, it is a breath of fresh air to see investment alternatives that take advantage of a more industrial clientele. Freedom checks will quickly become the investment option of choice for workers of the oil industry, a mainstay of the American economy that looks to be getting stronger rather than weaker during the onset of alternative energy. Whether the freedom check will continue to grow in a bubble or fail is all up to timing.