Sussex Healthcare Offers Job Opportunities

Sussex healthcare is an independent company that is composed of care homes, and it offers support mainly to the elderly, physically disabled people, those suffering from neurological diseases, people who have Dementia and also those with learning disabilities. The healthcare is located in Sussex, Tilden House, Dorkin road, in the united was founded in 1998.

Sussex announced its new CEO, Amanda Morgan Taylor. The company has over 20 homes, which are providing specialized care to their “patients.” It received accreditations from the HQS in 2002 and 2005; it acquired the ISO 9000:2000 hence making it stand out as the only private organization to attain both the HQS and the ISO.

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The following are some of the available jobs in Sussex healthcare. Send your applications via email
1. Registered care home manager
Payment; £45000-£50000 on a yearly basis, they are Location at; Horsham West Sussex, applicants must be experienced in this field to be considered for the position.

2. Interim registered care home manager
Should expect a salary of around £45000-£50000 yearly, their main offices are in; West Sussex, Horsham applicant are required to have prior knowledge and experience in home management

3. Activity assistant
The salary is £7.5 per hour for more details visit them at West Sussex health care.

4. Autism lead
The payment ranges between £35000-40000 annually

5. Payroll supervisor
Payroll supervisors are paid £22000-25000 annually, their role in the organization is overseer payroll supervision and other related duties.

6. Deputy care home manager
Will receive £35000-36000 on a yearly basis and will be offered additional benefits, to be considered for the position candidates need to be a registered nurse.

7. Registered care home manager
A registered care home manager receives a payment of around £30000-320000 on a yearly basis, for more information candidates can visit their offices at West Sussex Horsham. It is also important for applicants to be registered managers.

8. Purchase ledger-account assistant
Approximated salary £21000-12450 yearly

9. Dental Receptionist
A dental receptionist is paid hourly about £8.50 and this position is a full time job.

10. Accountant assistant
£21000-21450 per annum, applicants must be able to edit purchase ledger reports

11. Kitchen assistant
Kitchen assistant also paid on an hourly basis, £7.5 per hour.

12. Care home unit manager
£28000-£29000 annually and additional hours are paid.
Location; Horsham, West Sussex

13. Care home unit deputy
£36000 paid annually and additional hours rate
Location; Horsham west

14. Support worker/ HCA
£7.55-£8.55 paid annually
Location; Horsham, broad bridge health
Permanent job

15. Weekend driver
£7.90 per hour
Location; white lodge, purely


The Rising Success of Eric Lefkofsky

Studies estimate that around 40 percent of a U.S. adults will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. And that number is expected to go up in the next few years. It has been recognized that electronic health records are key to helping make sense of this growing battlefield. Very unfortunately, however, up to this point, the medical field has not taken advantage of what is out there. Enter Eric Lefkofsky. It was at this point that he became alerted to this huge gap in data collection efficiency. He was shocked that despite the growing and increasingly confusing mass of cancer patients, there had yet been no streamlined way to electronically collect and store data.

So he started Tempus. Tempus creates technology for cancer doctors that allows them to easily analyze any patient’s clinical and molecular data. Although they had the had the tools and equipment necessary for such an endeavor, they weren’t sure how to store the written data collected by an individual doctor. They overcame this obstacle by developing software for their mechanism that installed natural language processing and optical character recognition. This made the gathering of human genome sequencing so much less expensive than it was originally. It used to be so expensive (around $100 million) that it was rarely done. It can now be done for about $5,000, with that number expected to drop even further in the next few years.

Lefkofsky did not begin his career in technology development. His first job was selling carpet while attending the University of Michigan where he studied. After graduation in 1993, he and a friend bought a clothing store. In 1999, the two ventured into technology, starting an internet company named Starbelly which did so well that they were able to sell to Halo it for a large profit in 2000. In 2001, Leftkofsky started the print procurement company, InnerWorkings. In 2005 he co-founded the freight logistics company, Echo Global Logistics. All of this was only the beginning. He has since founded many more successful companies, but Tempus, which he founded in 2016, is his most personal endeavor.

Dr. Mark Holterman’s Incredible Passion for Children

Dr. Mark Holterman is a medical surgeon who deals with pediatrics. He works at several hospitals which include Hope Children’s Hospital, Illinois and much more. Dr. Mark has twenty years of experience in being a surgeon which has contributed significantly to him being an expert and influential person in the medical field. Mr. Holterman is a fully certified surgeon who has also achieved many things in life, for instance, he has an outstanding academic record that is a degree holder in biology from Yale University, and he has masters and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. He also did a fellowship in pediatric surgery from the University of Washington Seattle and much more. Know more on

His excellent academic records prompted him to be a medical researcher. He, however, did his clinical research at the Institute of Montreal which also became an added advantage to his medical career. Despite Dr. Mark Holterman being a medical surgeon, he also a professional lecturer who teaches at the University of Illinois, college of medicine. He teaches surgery and pediatrics. He also advocates for full-time pediatrics surgical care and proper treatment.

Despite his teaching and medical career he also works with other scientific organizations that promote healthy living and quality life. He serves top positions because of the high experience he has since he started working. For example, he is the president of an organization known as Mariam global health, an advocate in reformative medical researchers. He has also received numerous certifications, awards and international recognition on his name.


Dr. Mark Holterman has the following certifications, he was certified both in surgery and pediatric surgery by the American board of medicine and much more. Different associations have also honored him. They include America’s Top Doctors, ACS fellowship and much more. His passion and dedications and helped many people, medical centers, and even research institutions to offer better and quality services to the ordinary people.

Dr. Mark Holterman does not only concentrate on the teaching and being a surgeon, but he also supports community empowerment, quality life, and education. He also helps other small charitable organizations such as International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN), Hanna Sunshine Foundation and much more. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman at

Talkspace Helping Patients Get Therapy From Licensed Therapists at Affordable Price

Whether you know it or not, depression is amongst the most common mental illness in the world. Many people show evident signs of depression while for others, it is hard to figure out if they are going through depression or not. People generally tend to stay away from people who have depression as they feel it is contagious and can get to you. However, it is not true, and in fact, it only gives more confidence to help people who are suffering from depression. The people who are suffering from depression need mental support and someone to whom they confide their feelings without being judged.

Most of the times, people continue to function in their normal lives without letting others know what they are going through, and it creates a hole inside, which if not addressed at early stages, can lead to more significant mental issues in the future. The stigma associated with depression needs to end because as a society we are growing and maturing, and chronic depression is something that can be diagnosed with care and affection, and not by stigmatization of the people suffering from it.

Talkspace is an ideal mobile application that would help you get therapy from the licensed therapist at a fraction of the price. There are over 1,000 licensed therapists associated with Talkspace, and getting started with it is very easy and affordable. When you compare to how much Talkspace charged in comparison to the traditional form of getting therapy at the office, it is sure to help you make up your mind about getting clinical help from a therapist. Depression is a problem that tends to grow, so sooner you start with getting clinical attention to it, the better it is for you. And, Talkspace is the right place to get started with clinical therapy as it costs less and ensures complete privacy like a traditional setting.