What Makes Drew Madden A Success

Drew Madden is a seasoned healthcare services professional and successful entrepreneur who has built his career on putting together talented teams that deliver results. He has a unique expertise in Electronic Medical Records (EMR) projects.

Madden has worked at some of the biggest names in healthcare consulting. He began his career at Cerner Corporation before switching to Epic Consulting. But it wasn’t until he joined Nordic that his career began to flourish. He found a culture and vibe that he connected with as a consultant. Nordic’s culture is people-focused. The company puts together events that help its employees socialize and become stronger as a team.

Outside of the healthcare industry, it’s common to cut and paste one solution and apply it to every situation. But when it comes to healthcare, Madden understands that no one’s health or health history is the same, and their electronic medical records shouldn’t be either.

Madden served as Nordic’s president from 2011 to 2016. Under his leadership, Nordic earned many awards and accolades, including being ranked number one in Epic staffing and implementation support. Nordic is currently one of the fastest-growing private companies in the US: it grew from just 10 employees to over 700 while Madden was president.

He currently works for Evergreen Healthcare Partners as a managing partner. Evergreen Healthcare Partners is built on the idea that people and their ideas matter. The company focuses on building lasting client relationships with this principle in mind. In July, Evergreen Healthcare Partners added Talent Management Solutions to its repertoire, which allows the company’s clients to identify and recruit the best people in IT to their teams.

Drew Madden lives and works in the Madison, WI area. He tweets regularly @drew_madden on the future of medical technology, data software security, and football at the University of Iowa, his alma mater.