Omar Yunes’ Achievements as an Entrepreneur

Omar Yunes stands out as the best Mexican Entrepreneur in food industry.He has proved that food industry can succeed even with the many challenges in place. Omar has always worked closely with his employees to deliver best services, hospitality and delicious meals to their clients.

Yunes also won the best Franchisee in the world award of the Mexican region. The award was as the result of his impact to the food industry, his ability to motivate and encourage employees and coming up with innovative strategies to improve the productivity of the food industry. Yunes’s personal skills such as adequate and timely planning activities, employing professionals who make the productivity simple and faster also contributed to him being awarded. Omar Yunes has earned his food industry a worldwide recognition. He has been able to apply and exercise his skills and experience to solve the challenges that come along. This has made it possible for his industry to compete with other food industries globally.

Omar Yunes leadership skills
These leadership skills are revealed from his:

Omar owns several food companies. Despite the demand of huge responsibility, Omar ensures that all the records are put in order every time.Yunes work together with a number of accountable supervisorto provide accurate records and reports. For example the work flow records, management of cash books among other records are up dated accordingly.


Omar as a leader ensured that there is transparency of work matters. He communicated information necessary to all employees without hiding some information or issues to some employees. Omar worked with the employee as a team; therefore he treated each equally and openly.


Omar has the ability to find sustainable solutions to various market challenges. Omar believes that there are no challenges without solutions. This attitude keeps his mind open and up to give the best despite the challenges faced.


Omar motivated his employees every time to ensure that they work smart. He treated the employees with high dignity and offered freedom of expression at work. He ensured that they worked as a team so as to attain their vision and mission of the industry. Omar valued the work of employees and always encouraged them to keep giving their best.

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