Securus Technologies Moves Forward with New Product

One industry that continues to provide a very valuable service to individuals all over the country is the law enforcement and correctional facility industry. While this industry has been around for centuries and has always had challenges keeping prisons safe and secure, the use of improved technology has made it even harder in recent years. Today, one of the biggest issues that a prison can have is controlling the use of illegal cell phones in the prison. The use of cell phones allows for uncontrolled communication and can provide a lot of challenges to prison officials.


While prisons have made cell phones illegal, they are ultimately very hard to keep out. The items are small enough where they can be easily snuck in past guards. While keeping prisoners away from cell phones is very hard, one company has found a way to make the cell phones pointless to even have. Securus Technologies has recently unveiled a new wireless containment system that can provide a prison with more security and services than ever imagined before.


The new wireless containment system that has been introduced by Securus Technologies will work by blocking all incoming and outgoing cellular signals in an area of the prison. A prison that invests in one of these systems will then be able to place it strategically around the prison and will be able to block calls in a very specific area. This will make the phone practically useless for any user as they will no longer be able to receive calls or use data plans.


While this is just the latest product and service provided by Securus Technologies, it is hardly the only successful roll out that they have had in recent years. Securus Technologies was established more than 10 years ago and has continued to develop a reputation for being a leader when it comes to providing security and communications services to the law enforcement industry. The company, which is based out of Dallas and provides services and products to more than 1,000 facilities across the country, has several other innovative products that can help to protect prisons as well.


One of the leading products that is provided by Securus Technologies is a video visitation service. This service allows those that are inmates to make live video chat calls to a loved one or other party. This has been very popular with inmates as it gives them a much better glimpse of their home life. Many prisons have been able to use these calls as a way to award a prisoner for good behavior. Securus Technologies can also provide a monitoring service that will help to monitor these calls. This service has helped to prevent and solve many crimes in and out of the prison.

Securus technologies- The Benefits It Brings.

Securus technologies is a prison technology company that is in the United States of America. It has its headquarters in Dallas Texas. The company deals with information technology as well as enterprise software and analytics.

Securus Technologies was founded in the year 1986 and has got four regional offices in Dallas Texas, one in Georgia and another in Atlanta. Also, it serves approximately 2,600 correctional facilities in 45 states in North America.

The company also offer its services to more than one million inmates across the country. Securus Technologies also has regional offices in Carrollton and Allen and has more than 1000 employees. The company’s chief executive officer is called Richard Smith.


In September 2004, the company received the Syscon justice systems. This award was to recognize them as an ‘International brand leader in offender management.’


The company came up with a system that manages illegally acquired cell phones. In July 2016, it also partnered with Harris corporations to produce the “cell phone defender technologies.”

The company also developed a wireless containment solution in 2017. This development would help prevent the connections between the mobile networks and contraband cell phones.

Customer comments

The people who have subscribed to the technology have heaped praises on the company’s services. One of the customers thanked Securus after they used this innovation from the cell phone to arrest a corrupt staff member.

Another customer also says that they use the technology to monitor particular information to do with drug dealings, money transfers, firing shots, and threats.

Another customer says that the company’s investigative tools have helped their facility do investigations from within and in the community.

A customer appreciated Securus technologies vision while expressing hope that the investigative tool services would enable them to have adequate investigations and also improve their jail security posture.


We Use Securus To Help My Niece

We have been using Securus to help my niece because she is a very good kid who has parents in jail. We took her in after a pretty big problem in the family, and I know that she needs to have a connection with her parents. Her mother is my sister, and her father is a friend of mine. They are both away in jail, but we can let her talk to them so that she is still connected with them. There are many people like us who are doing the same thing, and I want this sweet girl to have that connection with her parents.


I know that we have been able to set this up on our phones and tablets, and we let her talk to them over homework or when she does a production at school. We have been able to show them parts of her life that they have been missing out on, and we have been able to change their perception of how she lives every day. They will get out of jail soon, and we want them to know how her life works. We all need to be together on this, and that means that I can talk to them, too.


It is very nice for me to talk to them when they get on the line, and I like to see how she lights up when she talks with them. They are very nice people who got into a bad situation, and we all have to get through this as a family. Our family believes in making choices that will benefit everyone, and I have taken the time to use Securus so that everyone benefits. We are using Securus because they are bringing our family together without any problems at all and at any time.