USHEALTH Group Delivers on Corporate Responsibility for Members Insurance Needs

USHEALTH Group has taken its responsibility for its members seriously and has flawlessly implemented products that meet their everyday needs.

The company, which is located in Fort Worth, Texas, has been in the insurance industry for 50 years servicing customers with life, health, vision and dental insurance, as well as insurance for critical illnesses and accidental injuries. Read more: USHEALTH Group, Inc.: Private Company Information

Crunchbase revealed that the mission of USHEALTH Group is to provide members with the type of insurance coverage that is affordable, sustainable and dependable.

In order to continue this mission for five decades, USHEALTH Group needed to earn the trust of its members who rely upon the company’s products for their families; often when it’s vital to their livelihood.

What USHEALTH Group does better than any other insurance company is listening to their members. The company’s Chief Executive Officer Troy McQuagge has stated that excellence doesn’t just happen, especially within the insurance business, and that it has to be earned by the consumer.

Mr. McQuagge took over the leadership role as CEO in 2010, and the company has been led on a path that is innovative and has taken well-executed risks that have been very beneficial for its members. USHEALTH Group operates with a standard of excellence in every product and service the company offers.

During a challenging and very uncertain time within the insurance industry, USHEALTH Group has remained committed to strive for distinction with products that are innovative and affordable. The company offers essential health benefit plans that meet or exceed the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

However, USHEALTH Group gives the consumer a wide-range of health care choices that are unparalleled in value and benefits. In addition, the choices of life insurance products are unlike any of the company’s competitors.


The life insurance product MedGuard is a distinctive choice for consumers that not only support the responsibility for families being protected at a crucial time, but also providing coverage to compensate for any gap between health insurance and life insurance to cover unexpected bills and non-medical needs that are not typically thought of during a time of need.

MedGuard is a select-type of product that is vital to the financial well-being of families, when they need it most.

In 2017, USHEALTH received the Gold Award for Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative at the Annual CEO World Awards ceremony held in San Francisco. The award is considered an extremely coveted accomplishment in the world of business and it is a peer-recognized program that honors companies internationally within all industries.

The honor of this type of an award solidifies USHEALTH Group as a company that has the integrity and accountability to continue bringing its 15 million members unmatched quality products and service.