White Shark Media Builds Advertising Strategies For Small Businesses

White Shark Media hasn’t been around all that long. In fact they were started as a small marketing boutique company in 2011. But since then, they’ve grown into a premier small business solutions advertising agency with offices that serve North American, European and Asian clients. White Shark Media works for small businesses using search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click (PPC) vehicles for their advertising, though they do also offer a Triton website package that’s SEO compatible if you choose to signup for it. There are several reasons why clients have hired White Shark Media, and you may want to consider them as well if you’re using SEM for your business.


First, White Shark Media is an approved Google small business partner in their SMB network, something that has strict requirements to be listed in. They’ve also become an authorized reseller of Microsoft’s Bing Ads program. Second, they have highly trained professionals that have the experience and the knowledge to bring local SEM business marketing tactics to their clients. And White Shark Media uses a full set of Google’s analytical tools and research to make sure they get the top notch results out of AdWords campaigns and PPC marketing. And they’ve taken steps over the last few years to correct deficiencies in their program.


They do have an option that when you hire them, you can choose to go with a brand new AdWords account because sometimes starting from scratch is how better campaigns are built. But if you have an AdWords account that’s done fairly well already, they’ll allow you to keep it. White Shark Media also understands the importance of keeping all clients in the loop throughout the ad campaign optimization process, so they host monthly review meetings at GoToMeeting.com where they analyze each campaign and discuss how it could be improved. White Shark Media also has call tracking programs to monitor any leads coming through the phone.


White Shark Media also has an initial meeting session where you can discuss with them whether you like their service. You can go to their website at WhiteSharkMedia.com and signup for an evaluation session, and they’ll setup a date and time to meet with a specialist at GoToMeeting.com. The specialist will go over your current campaign setup and discuss how they could improve it, though no changes will take place until you actually hire White Shark Media. But you’re free to either hire them right away, take some time to think about it, or simply walk away altogether.