Al Christy – Equities First Holdings Just Started With a Family-Owned Apple Orchard

A company that just started by giving a stock loan to a farmer, several years later has brought a meaningful impact to many investors by offering higher level of services lending. Al Christy takes proud of staring a company where he has been able to help numerous investors; both individuals and companies access affordable stock-based loan with agreed attractive terms. Al Christy has been in the entrepreneurial practices for some time and in mid 1990s, he came across a mortgage banking institution that specialized in residential, commercial and small business loans.

However, in 2002, members of a family-owned apple orchard get to him to discuss on business loan. Their orchard at the time was the tenth biggest apple producer within America but was facing bankruptcy as it needed $3.5 million for payments of 24 apple growers. The orchard family owners had exhausted all kinds of commercial lending alternatives and made their decision to get in touch with Al Christy on extra mortgage on the property with the objective of meet their financial team if necessities.According to the economic atmosphere during the time, he was not able to provide an extra mortgage facility but after reviewing their stock portfolio, Al Christy established an innovative solution that used part of the family’s stock holdings as security for the loan. That sustained the orchard in honoring its debts and also remaining in operation.

It is at that point that Al Christy (the Founder at Equities Founder) noticed serious gaps that prevented potential investors from acquiring capital. There was the market need that enabled businesses and individuals to effectively leverage the equity within their portfolio and access liquidity whether for business expansion or other uses.Approximately 15 years later, the company runs at least an office in every continent and has completed various transactions worth over $1.4 billion. Although every story is not as dramatic as that of the apple orchard, Equities First has impacted the lives of various investors and continually strives to offer alternative lending solutions.

Affordable Home Ownership: Southern Dallas Edition.

NexBank SSB recently announced its partnership with a nonprofit mortgage servicing provider in Dallas Texas, Dallas Neighborhood Homes working with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. The move aims to provide at least a hundred loans yearly for the next five years and targets low-income earners in Southern Dallas.

NexBank is offering $50 million in loans to facilitate the growth of the program over the next half decade. Dallas Neighborhood Homes will then use the amount to cater for low-income homebuyers who have little access to mortgages. They will also provide financial advice through the counseling services given by Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. Besides the mortgage-lending capital, NexBank will also settle all title fees for closings under the program and an additional $2000 in closing costs for each loan.

NexBank Partners with Dallas Neighborhood Homes To Expand Affordable Home Ownership in Southern Dallas

According to Mark Tribuna, a mortgage operations official at Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, the ownership rates in North Texas are among the lowest in America and this low-cost loan program is a step in the right direction in raising the number of home owners in the area. This increases the quality of lives for the homeowners as well as the prospects of a better future for their children.

NexBank Capital, Inc. CEO and Executive Vice President Matt Siekielski expressed his firm’s pride in working with both organizations to help  families get affordable homes in North Texas. The Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that builds more than 50 homes annually. It has built more than 1600 homes in over 24 areas of Dallas over the last three decades. The organization established a mortgage banker, the Dallas Neighborhood Homes so as to make loans affordable.

NexBank SSB is based in Dallas Texas and boasts of a charter that dates back to 1922 with assets of over $3 billion.