The RealReal’s Success

Inspired by the great accomplishment of their first opening in New York City, popular brand, The RealReal, sets goals to start investing more in in-store experiences in the new year. This will make it “the year of the pop-up,” says the business’s Director of marketing, Allison Sommer. On Tuesday, In a conference in Miami, Sommer noted that selling in stores will help legitimize a brand an give an online business more of a street/eye level presence.

In late November the RealReal welcomed it’s brand to the SoHo location. The RealReal has had previous success when holding pop-ups in 2016 in the New York City area and brought in nearly two million dollars. That was the motivation right there to plan on testing new markets and pop-ups all throughout the year. The stores value is way higher than the value of online orders. This was a great start of accomplishment for a business that was previously an online brand only.

Sommers also made a comment about their customers becoming loyal fans after trying all that The RealReal has to offer. This comment holds very true for the new markets for the brand including San Francisco where a pop-up was also held at by The RealReal for a long two months that started in November. Pop-ups help so much to bring attention to the brand even when the pop-up is over.

Ever since The RealReal’s pop-up in San Francisco the brand has seen a big ammount of 500 percent year-over-year expansion with the number of online purchasers in the San Francisco area.

With the motivation of the San Francisco’s accomplishment The RealReal hopes to have a repeat with an opening in Las Vegas with a pop-up. The brand will continue to hold pop-ups throughout the United States all year. The brand’s goal is to reach those people who love fashion and who aren’t too familiar of those pop-ups like the people in the big cities like N.Y. and L.A.

The RealReal is also having experts and specialist at these pop-ups to help the customers as needed.

This brand has truly figured out the solution to a bigger business and that is the increase of the physical store presence and not just online. This has been very successful for The RealReal and they will continue on this road of success.