Coming from a humble beginning, Adam Milstein is a person who has always had the heart of service. He was born in South America but later relocated to Israel. As a requirement, he had to enter the defense force where he became of direct service to the country of Israel. He got the opportunity to be educated and later advance to acquire a masters’ degree in Business administration. In the course of his studies, he had the privilege to join his father in real estate development. Therefore, the experiences and education he acquired, paved the way to the start and growth of his career and achievements.

As a start, he got the chance to work in the commercial real estate as an agent. Therefore, he was provided more skills to work and invest in the real estate business. At some point, he was selected to be the managing director of Hager Pacific Properties which deals with restructuring, relocating and designing in real estate among other things. Adam Milstein got to be a reputable entrepreneur through the works he did for people.

He had the urge to do more to reach the lives of the people. As a result, he started a foundation together with his wife. The foundation purposed to impact the lives of people by providing moral and financial support to the young people and small entrepreneurs. Therefore, the society got an influential person especially with the fact that he mostly wanted the Jewish American families to relate and identify with their origin. He has worked with other people as a partner in several philanthropic organizations to touch more people.

Adam Milstein has gone beyond to serve and contribute to the welfare of the people. Some years back he joined a team of bloggers in an online newspaper namely Times of Israel. The newspaper helps the Jewish families get informed on current issues concerning them. The people get the privilege to relate and feel a sense of belonging as they contribute their views. Therefore, Adam Milstein expresses his concerns and opinions on the blog to reach out to more people. For instance, in a recent article, he wrote about how the Jews located in the Diaspora will meet the needs of Israel and make it a better place. The article is titled,” Diaspora Jews will rise to meet our challenges with Israel in our hearts.”

Tony Petrello Gives From The Heart

A native of New Jersey, Tony Petrello is currently the CEO of Nabors Industries. Petrello has earned several degrees from both Yale University and Harvard University. He has been with Nabors Industries, a leading drill contractor oil company since 1991. In addition to being CEO of Nabors, he has also served on the Board of Directors as well as the Moderator of the Executive Committee.

Although Tony Petrello is a successful businessman, his real passion is in areas that hit closer to home. In 2017, he and Nabors Industries were there for the people of Houston when Hurricane Harvey pounded the city. Workers took time off to help in rescue efforts in the days following the hurricane. The CEO instructed Nabors Industries to pay its workers for time off. He also matched what his workers gave to the relief contributions, which came to $173,622 before his match.

Nearly 10 percent of the company’s 1,200 employees we affected by the storm. These employees were assisted by their employer in numerous ways. They were given paid time off until they could get back on their feet from the devastation that Hurricane Harvey caused.

The helping hand of Tony Petrello and Nabors Industries is not an uncommon sight for the people of Houston. Over the years, such organizations as Bike MS and the Susan G. Komen Foundation have benefitted greatly from Petrello’s generous donations.

One area that Tony and his wife, Cynthia, are passionate about is the work and research conducted at Texas Children’s Hospital. The Petrellos’s have worked closely with this medical facility, largely due to their daughter, Carena, being diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). In doing research, he found that little was know about the disease. Texas Children’s Hospital has the facilities and the interest to do more research on the disease with its goal of finding a cure. To assist the hospital in research, the Petrellos donated $50 million dollars to create the Jan Duncan Neurological Research Facility.

Tony Petrello also reached to his alma mater, Yale University by donating $150,000 to establish a scholarship which honors Yale math professor, Serge Lang, who passed away in 2006. Petrello wanted to honor his mentor, Dr. Lang, and thought that a scholarship would be an idea way of doing so.

Whether donating to disaster relief, giving to medical facilities for research efforts, or establishing scholarships, Tony Petrello truly gives from the heart.

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Barbara Stokes Shows People What it is Like Helping Out in Different Areas

Since Barbara Stokes is such an important part of the various communities she is a part of, she knows there are different things she can do to make everything better for herself and the people who she works with. In addition, she does more things when she is at home and when she is helping other people. She has an attitude of giving and that has helped her with her work life, her home life and even with the life she created to help serve other people. She knows what it takes to be a philanthropist and she won’t stop until she can help everyone who needs her to be there for them. Follow Barbara Stokes on Facebook.

Philanthropy is something that many CEOs and other people try to do. Barbara Stokes is no different. She knows what it takes to be a philanthropist and has tried to always give the people who are a part of the community what they are looking for. Even though she can help them with different situations, she knows how important it is to give back to the community and to the people who are a part of it. Barbara Stokes has always tried to give attention to the people who she helps.

Included in her attitude of goodwill and charity is her family. He family knows what she likes to do and how she helps them. Many of them are excited that she can help and they know she means to do things in the best way possible so she doesn’t have to worry about how she is going to fix things later on. In fact, her three kids are even often impressed with the things she does. By helping out with them and by giving them the things she needs, Barbara Stokes is creating a strong foundation at home for them for in the future. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Looking toward her career, Barbara Stokes was always doing what she could to help people. She started out at Boeing and built things up from there. After she learned what she could about the Boeing opportunities, Barbara Stokes felt she could try to make a difference for other people. That is where Green Structure Homes Delivered came in. She is in Huntsville, Alabama, like they are and that has helped her to have the most successful career possible. She knew doing these things would make her career better than it was before.


Matthew Autterson – An Investor with a Big Heart

Matthew Autterson is a popular name in investment banking circles. He is a reputable investor who has been at the helm of some of the biggest companies in the financial industry. He is also a generous philanthropist. Here is an overview of his rise to success.

Education Background

Matthew Autterson studied Accounting and Finance at Buena Vista University. He graduated from the university with a degree in accounting and a minor in finance. He also undertook the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program.

Autterson worked briefly as a lecturer of finance at North Iowa Community College. He also practiced as a CPA specialist briefly before venturing into the financial and investment industries.


Matthew Autterson’s first occupation in the financial industry was at First Trust Corporation, a subsidiary of Fiserv. He ventured out on his own soon after 1982 when he joined a team which formed a new Colorado state chartered trust company. The team formed the company as a subsidiary of New York based Integrated Resources, Inc., a respectable financial services company. They named the company Resources Trust Company, and Autterson became its President in 1986.

Today, Matthew Autterson is a member of the Board of Directors at Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB). He has also held many other senior positions in the past, some of which he holds to date. Some of these positions include a member of Board of the Denver Zoo, member of Board of the Denver Zoological Foundation as well as the Webb-Waring Foundation. He is also a former member of the Young Presidents Organization as well as the World Presidents Organization. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Denver Hospice.

Besides being a member of the Board of Directors at FAB, Matthew Autterson is also the President and CEO of CNS Bioscience, Inc. It is a clinical-state drug development company that was founded by Scott Falci, M.D. in 2013 – Autterson has always been interested in neuropathic conditions.

Matthew Autterson, the Philanthropist

Matthew Autterson shows great interest in medical welfare and wildlife. To this end, he regularly donates to organizations that endeavor to find cures to a wide range of neuropathic conditions – he is even at the forefront of one of these companies: CNS Bioscience, Inc. Autterson is also engaged in many environmental and wildlife conservation organizations. He donates to wildlife charities and serves as a member of the board of directors of several wildlife protection associations.