How Roberto Santiago has generated Million of Dollar from his Business Ventures

Roberto Santiago is an individual who is regarded as a role model by many young entrepreneurs in Brazil. The 59 years old millionaire has been an active businessman since his teenage years. He owns properties in Joao Pessoa, and they include Mangeria Shopping and Manaira Shopping. Santiago is a knowledgeable individual, and he has a business administration degree. His first significant profits were from a restaurant that he had opened in Santa Rosa. The success of the enterprise enabled him to the gain sufficient capital that he used in establishing a business that manufactured a variety of decorative products from cardboards. Roberto had accumulated enough wealth to venture into the real estate sector by 1987. Roberto then started building Manaira Shopping, which was opened after two years.


Manaira Shopping has several features that make it be considered as the best retail center in Joao Pessoa. The building covers more than 135,000 square feet, and it has a parking lot that can be used by about 8100 vehicles. The business center has several amenities that make its appealing to shoppers and tourists. The facilities that it houses include banks, a food court, a bowling area, a game zone, a garden, 11 movie theaters, and over 280 shopping stores. Manaira Shopping has been the city’s biggest business center from when it was established. It has also undergone a couple of renovations that have enabled it to stay modern for the past 28 years. The size of the mall’s food court has been increased three times to accommodate the Joao Pessoa’s growing population.


In 2009, Roberto Santiago established a state-of-the-art concert hall on Manaira Shopping’s roof top. The architecture of the Domus Hall is outstanding, and it is ideal for hosting a variety of events. It has two stories that offer sufficient space for about 10,000 standing guests. Domus Hall is unique due to its cutting-edge air condition and sounding systems. Manaira Shopping’s food court has an excellent environment that enables shoppers to enjoy a wide variety of meals that are offered by its restaurants. It houses both cheap fast food cafes and high-end eateries.


According to Roberto Santiago, a business needs to be offering the best products and services for it to beat the stiff market competition. He strives to ensure that Manaira Shipping the favorite place for all shoppers in Jaoa Pessoa. His success as an entrepreneur can be attributed to hard work, discipline, passion, and commitment. Besides being successful in business, Santiago was a sportsman when he was a youth. He competed in a couple of motocross champion races and won several trophies. The Joao Pessoa community acknowledges him due to his commitment to enabling young people to achieve their dreams.