Whitney Wolfe Reigns in the Dating World

She has created an interesting concept with her Bumble dating app, and it is a sure sign that the dating world is changing. What this represents is a shift in what was the norm and an introduction to what may possibly be the future of dating in the app world.

There is a certain amount of interest in what Whitney Wolfe is bringing to the table because she creates dating apps that are free. This has become something that is different from other apps in the past that have required users to pay a premium fee. When Whitney Wolfe co-founded Tinder she was already in a place where she wanted to make quality apps that allowed customers to sign up for free. This was something that had been overlooked in most of the dating apps. The majority of these apps require users to sign up and pay a monthly fee.

What Whitney Wolfe ultimately did was rebel against the system and build a totally different type of atmosphere. She gave potential used the chance to meet the love of their life without paying a dime to do so. This has definitely serve her well because many people are tired of the same old things over and over here.

Whitney Wolfe is the type of woman that knows that there was a change that needed to be implemented in daring apps. That is why her Bumble puts women in the driver’s seat and it allows them to have a better selection over who they choose to connect with online. This is very important for young adults.

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