Love Wine? Become a Wine Guide and Travel Napa Valley Like One

If you love fine wines, especially wines from the fabulous Napa Valley, you will love the revolutionary concept that Traveling Vineyards provides. In short, the company has a legion of team members that they call Wine Guides. These Wine Guides will come to your home or office to put on a fun and spritely wine tasting. This can be paired with a dinner or a cheese tasting, whatever you think your guests would like.

Wine Guides help you put on a great event for your guests and will walk them through unique facts about each wine’s flavor and pairing options. After your guests have sipped and savored they can purchase as many bottles as they like, all at the specialized price that the Wine Guides receive. It’s truly a brilliant concept.

Becomming a Wine Guide is also a fun way to earn income while sharing your love for wine with others. You can easily learn more about the incredibly cool life of a Wine Guide.

Wine Guides also travel Napa Valley in style. Traveling Vineyards recently shared some tips for visiting Napa Valley and enjoying non-wine related activities. When you’re a Wine Guide, you always have access to the greatest of Napa Valley wines at the best prices so you will be more adept to check out other activities. Napa Valley is one of this country’s most lush and gorgeous regions and there is a ton to take in.

For example, those who love history can visit the Napa Valley Historical Institute and take a tour of how Napa Valley looked to people hundreds of years ago. Art gurus can visit the many art galleries in the area or stop by the Napa Valley Art Walk to see some really funky 3-D statue-like art pieces that can actually be purchased. There are many spas including the prestigious Auberge Spa at Calistoga Ranch. The spa has actual hot springs on site and a variety of other activities, even hot air balloon rides.

You can also stop by the Louis Stephenson State Park and see the famed Mount Saint Helena and try your hand (or legs) at hiking part of the great mountain. The entire area is rich with pristine views and trails. For more info about us: click here.

While the folks at Traveling Vineyard know that a trip to Napa Valley surely must involve trips to the vineyard, these many activities will help you travel like a Wine Guide.