The Chainsmokers Return

Given the number of options people have for listening to music, standing out in the pop music genre is harder than ever. However the electronic pop duo helmed by Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart known as The Chainsmokers hit the ground running since their debut album Bouquet and Collage in 2015. Though they’re coming off a nine month music dry spell, their longest their formation, their most recent single “Sick Boy” has recaptured back in the limelight.

This new single is a bit of a divergence from their typical dance-centric electro-pop music, and carries with it a critique of our social media obsessed culture. “How many likes is my life worth?” and “Feed yourself with my life’s work” serve as the bridge to the song’s hook, and its a wonder whether the song is asking those questions rhetorically or acting as a critique of the general populous.

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Their latest single You Owe Me is more reminiscent of their previous hits, with slightly harmonized spoken word over the relatively simple background melody. While having been released only a month ago, the song already has over 29 million listens and is well on its way to cementing itself in the top pop charts of 2018.

They may have absorbed some of the heavy piano-driven pop style of Coldplay during their recent tour together, and overall it seems to bring a fuller and more complete sound to their repertoire.

I can’t wait for their next single to drop followed by their new full length LP later this year. Currently they’re about to kick-off a major Asian tour before coming back and settling into Las Vegas for the majority of the summer. They’ll be alternating weekend nights between XS and Encore nearly every single weekend between now and August 10th.

Circle Lens Talk with Wengie

Wengie talks about how to buy and compare circle lenses, which are contacts that make your eyes look bigger.

The first thing she talks about is the myth circling around these lenses that they destroy your eyes. As she notes, any makeup that’s sold under suspicious circumstances can be dangerous for you. She says to talk to your eye doctors and choose lenses that are FDA or KDA approved, not ones from sketchy retailers. Wengie urges you to get your eyes checked often in case problems develop, and states that if the lenses aren’t comfortable, you should stop wearing them. She suggests a specific brand of lenses and notes that they’re comfortable and easy to use.

Wengie then provides a quick chart showing some diameters so you can get an idea of what the diameter measurements look like. She notes that the final look is super dependent on the original size of your eye and that everyone will have a different experience with these. She talks about limbal rings, which is the black ring around the eye. She notes that there are many different styles of limbal rings on circle lenses, and which one you choose is a matter of personal preference. Strong limbal rings will make your eyes look bigger without sizing up. She notes that lenses without a limbal ring may look odd on dark eyes because there will be a color bleed effect. She notes that generally circle lenses are manufactured for Asian eyes, so they are designed for dark eyes.

Wengie then talks about tones and the differences between colors. She notes that single tone lenses will look better on darker eyes. She comments that comfort is king, and that you shouldn’t wear circle lenses if they’re not comfortable.

She then reveals her favorite lenses and shows what they look like on her so watchers can see them in action.