Championing for World Rights with Avaaz

Championing for other people’s rights is something that requires a lot of dedication and hard work. As for Avaaz, everyone associated with the organization is focused on changing the community in protecting the freedom of expression, democratic governance and other important rights affecting both human and animals. Since the year 2007, Avaaz has stood against corruption and conflict around the globe. Despite being located in the US, they still focus on climate change and poverty elsewhere across the globe. The organization’s name traces its background to the Persian language where it’s used to represent voice or song. Just like the meaning of the name, the organization fights to ensure that there is equality.

The group has received the recognition of many media houses such as the UK based Guardian that considers the movement as one of the most rapidly growing activist networks in the northern hemisphere. Since 2009, Avaaz changed its funding policy where it cannot accept donations from corporations and foundations. Instead, the Guardian reports that they have adopted a funding method of accepting donations from its members only who have raised over $20 million since 2009. Most of this money is used to pay the staff working for the company and part of it was used for the start-up.

At the moment, the Guardian reports that the group has its presence in over 30 countries across the globe. Some of the countries where they are vibrant include Brazil, Lebanon, India, USA and the United Kingdom. To ensure their members receive the necessary information, the group makes use of campaigning tactics as well as emails. Email-your-leader tools, videos as well as online public petitions are some of the campaign tactics that the organization employs. However, most of the tactics they use are suggested by their members. The group has been very vocal concerning the Syrian war.