ClassDojo on a mission to train students minds

The most important aspect in teaching and learning is communication, which is what ClassDojo strives to do. With this new ground breaking app teachers, parents, and even students are able to share photos, videos, and messages to enhance the classroom. With this app teachers can now share the activities they gave in class with parents. By doing this the parents will have a better understanding of what their kids are learning, therefore parents will be able to help their kids with homework more effectively. Without this app a teacher may explain a concept one way and the parent another. This can lead to the student being confused by multiple explanations. With ClassDojo teachers can show how they explain concepts to students, so the parents can use a similar explanation to avoid confusion. This app not only assists in academics but can also help by easing the parent’s fears about what goes on during class. Sending a kid to school can be scary for a parent due to fear of the unknown. Many parents may fear that their kids may experience difficulty adjusting to school life, especially if their transfer student or was being home schooled. It can be extremely hard for students with autism to communicate with their parents what happens at school. With this app teachers can show parents what their kids are doing throughout the day, so the parent are not in the dark about what goes on. With this app the barrier between students, teachers, and parents are broken, making it easier for everyone to communicate.