Fabletics by Kate Hudson: The Past, Present, and Reasons Why It Will Change the Future

Few fashion retailers can boast that they have changed the fashion industry, but Fabletics undoubtedly can. Founded by Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson, this fashion retailer is most known for its athleisure wear clothing. Though there was once a time when this specific attire was strictly meant for the gym, Hudson and Goldenberg made a few alterations that have resulted in their brand being worn in the office, out on the town, on the beach, and surely the gym if a woman chooses.

The Success Behind Fabletics and Any Lingering Goals

Despite having sold over ten million products in only a few years time and achieving fifty percent of brand recognition, Fabletics has plans to open over a dozen stores before 2017.

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Delving Deeper: Why Do Women Love This Brand?

Who does not love to be comfortable? Very few women would admit to their love of restrictive suits and dresses, which highlights why Fabletics is so popular among the majority. Not only do the clothes provide the freedom of movement but they are trendy and fashionable for the majority of circumstances on thekrazycouponlady.com. In fact, the only time it would be considered inappropriate to wear Fabletics would be on your wedding day, and even that is questionable.

In addition to the level of comfort, attractiveness, and quality of the clothing, this brand promotes the confidence of women. Even those with the perfect figure, like Kate Hudson, look undesirable in incredibly tight clothing not really intended for their size. Most department stores sell clothing that does not truly fit anyone and experts will recommend the need to have a personal tailor. Fabletics, though, is equipped with such diversity in terms of size and style, something that allows them to please all types of females.

Marching On: Will Fabletics Always Remain Relevant?

In less than three years, the company has obtained and retained over one million subscribers. The numbers continue to grow by the day, which can be attributed to the awareness of the brand surfacing. Once women understand that Fabletics is a means to improve the confidence of the female demographic, the retailer becomes more apparent and is able to further change the fashion industry.

Learn more about Fabletics: https://www.facebook.com/Fabletics/

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