George Soros’ Support to Minority Groups

George Soros is one of the world’s most recognized philanthropists. He is ranked by the Forbes Magazine as one of the world’s richest people. In 1979, Soros created the Open Society Foundation, which is an organization that has been striving to better the lives of individuals who are oppressed by their communities. Since inception, he has given more than $12 billion dollars to facilitate the foundation’s activities. The billionaire believes in accountability, justice, and transparency in governments. The Open Societies Foundations supports different organizations that fight for civil and human rights. It has been advocating for the rights of the Roma people since they are regarded as a minority group in Europe. The foundation has also donated money to protect individuals who are unwanted in the society such as gays, sex workers, and drug addicts. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Soros has accumulated most of his wealth from currency speculations and the hedge fund industry. He owns Soros Fund Management, which is a New York-based hedge fund company. The firm was created in 1970 and is regarded as the one of the most successful in the United States. Soros has assisted many ignored communities to have better lives. He has offered scholarships to empower young people through education. The Open Society Foundation currently works with a couple of partners and institutions that are based in more than 100 nations. Its first beneficiaries were black South Africans who were sponsored to attend Universities abroad since the apartheid rule did not allow them to enroll in higher learning institutions.

The liberal billionaire believes that governments should be just to their citizens. He was among the major forces behind the Ferguson protest. George Soros offered millions of dollar to various civil and human rights activists to mobilize people to participate in the demonstrations. His aim was to make sure that there was civil action against Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown. The young black man was unarmed during the confrontation with the police officer, but he was still shot several times. The protests demanded the indictment of the policeman. The Open Societies Foundation motivated the groups to change the small shooting incident into an issue that attracted global attention.

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According to the Soros-owned organization’s tax records, about $33 million was donated towards different groups that were in the frontline during the protests. Most of these organization had significant influence in the grassroots. The director of the Open Societies Foundation stated that the body is committed to offering financial aid to the activist groups, but it does not control their activities. He also believes that governments should not violate the freedom of speech of their citizens. The Ferguson protests had a positive impact on the lives of the black community. Read this story at about George Soros.