Getting the Most Out of Your Air Conditioning In The Hot Summer

Goettl Air Conditioning has some very good suggestions for homeowners on how they can easily save money on their air conditioning. These are some very simple steps that anyone can use.

For starters take a short walk outside to your outside air conditioning unit. Just be sure that there is no debris or plant growth within two feed of the unit. If there is too much in the way of impediments at this location your system will be very inefficient. Also you can remove the cover and wash off the coils which tend to get covered with grass clippings, dirt and debris as well.

Make use of your ceiling fans. They help to circulate the cool air in the rooms and cause the thermostat not to work so hard. While the fans are on the thermostat will not be calling for the air conditioning to go “on.” The US Department of Energy suggests that the thermostat can be set at an additional four degrees above normal and the inhabitants of the house won’t feel any more uncomfortable.

The installation of thermostats that are “smart” is a good idea. These devices can be programmed to raise or lower the temperature at certain times when you are not home. When you are at work, shopping, on a trip, or away for any reason for any length of time there is no reason to pay for cooling that you will not be using.

Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in 1938 and has been a staple in the air conditioning and heating industry for a long time, reveals Glass Door Reviews. They were the originators of evaporative cooling and air conditioning systems in the desert Southwest in the United States. They are also well known and appreciated for their high level of service and customer care of their clients.