Glen Wakeman: International Business Guru

Glen Wakeman, the owner and founder of Launchpad and other business ventures, has built his businesses helping others who are in business. Yes, this financial expert has not only taught others about business, but he has blogs and has business writings to prove it.

The business words of wisdom given from Glen have reached business executives at a C-Level. This helps them become well equipped to take on business protocols. When reading his blog, many follow his techniques and end up with successful outcomes. Glen Wakeman inspires himself and others to keep moving towards their dreams and not to forget to maintain great ownership within each company (

Wakeman is not only based in one country, his education from the University of Scranton, located in Scranton, PA, has allowed him to base all his knowledge on his evaluations of subjects pertaining to economics and finances. This has put him in an international spotlight. His passion for business has covered a variety of areas including investment mentoring, business counseling, and business production in different markets. His most notable characteristic that he credits as helping him the most in business was his sense of curiosity. Being observant helped him to key into problem-solving. The results are outstanding because of his consistency with using his knowledge daily.

Glen Wakeman has hidden talents that have come to the surface. He has a true remarkable love for writing. Ideas began to be revealed, and that’s how Glen can tell that his advice not only works for him but others too. Those strategic decisions have all come from the knowledge that he has obtained throughout the years. After the completion of his bachelors, he went on to complete a MBA from the University of Chicago which helped to cover more business grounds.

Wakeman states that a simple review allows any business issues to be noted and resolved. This self-advice has helped achieve global exposure. With three decades of studying and applying, he can recognize the issues other businesses have and give strategic advice. Making a decision prior to looking over a businesses budget, networking, and business plan can cause a business to fail from his point of view. His best business advice that he felt he has given is for businessman to research all areas of your business and cultivate from what you find. Glen Wakeman manages to keep his business floating properly while teaching others to weigh the pros and cons of business.