Ian King, an expert in digital asset

Ian King is a remarkable cryptocurrency trader and a former hedge fund manager. He has over 20 years’ experience in trading, and he is an expert in analyzing financial markets. Ian is also a senior analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing and their crypto expert allowing their leaders to make massive gains and profits. He is the founder of Intellicoins where he every day produces contents that is meant to assist the investor to navigate through the cryptocurrency industry. He started his career journey at mortgage bond trading desk as a desk clerk. Later on, he served at Credit derivatives at Citigroup. Read more at Daily Forex Report about Ian King.

Prior to finding Intellicoins, the graduate from Lafayette college with BS in psychology had served as the head trader at Peahi Capital an equity fund in new york city for close to 10 years. Ian keeps readers up to date with the crucial information of the latest cryptocurrency developments as he is also an editor of the crypto profit trader service which is an investment advisory.

Ian King has passion in the cyptoasset markets and hence serves at Investopedia as a top contributor. His innovative platform also indicates his passion for educating the investors to understand the likes of Bitcoin, monero and litecoin among other platforms. Ian spends much time in crypto market research which enables him to remain on toes and on top of any trends and developments in the crypto fields. Read this article at Hi-Tech Chronicle.

Ian says that through the help of Investopedia and Banyan, he produced simple courses that help the new crypto investor with ideas and recommendations from step A to Z enabling an average investor to understand the complexity of crypto asset markets. Understanding the needs of the customer and how one can deliver something of great value is one basic strategy in investing in cryptocurrency. Ian says that investing in cryptocurrencies is not smooth and hence young and new investors require a lot of guidance.

Ian king got tired of making the wealthy people richer and walked away from Wall Street. Hence he started his firm to educate and give advice to cryptocurrency speculators and give them the power to venture into business and a perfect blending of investing and trading.

Ian is considered as a cryptocurrency expert since he has been successful and believed in the future of cryptocurrencies. He is also an expert in not just by writing about cryptocurrencies, but also he is a successful investor in the digital asset.

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