Interest Rate Changes Provide Highland Capital Management Valuable Investment Strategy

Highland Capital Management primarily focuses on the credit market. As Highland Capital Management assesses the market, there are two dominating risks the firm concentrates on. Those risks include the economic risks, and the interest rates by the Federal Reserve Bank. In order to establish capital building opportunities for their clients and investors, Highland Capital Management roots itself in the ability to perform based upon those risk assessments.

While awaiting the second interest rate rise in 2017, Highland Capital Management was prepared with a strategic development plan to obtain additional capital growth for investors. The Federal Reserve Bank announced a new rate range of 1 percent to 1.25 percent above the current rate of 0.91 percent. This was an increase that was highly anticipated by Highland Capital Management.

Highland Capital Management deals a great amount of their investments within fixed rate credit markets and uses that familiarity to determine which direction the firm will position investors within their portfolio. The new interest rates provide a significant growth opportunity for the firm with over $15 billion in assets and leading the market in collateral loan obligations (CLO). The firm also sees a great opportunity for a floating-rate market and a dynamic way to allocate capital as an asset class for investors as long as those corporations have managed their portfolio effectively.

The opportunity comes at a time when Highland Capital Management recently announced Damon Krytzer as the new Managing Director for business development. Mr. Krtyzer specializes in corporate and structured credit markets as well as portfolio strategies.

Highland Capital Management determines the best opportunity for purchasing regulated entities as a strategic advantage to build upon. For over 20 years Highland Capital Management has capitalized with alternative investing and generated dominance over extended periods of time. With blending a top-down risk assessment framework alongside a bottom-up positioning for determining significant risk targets, Highland Capital Management has been able to make bold decisions and create key drivers for establishing a proactive investment strategy.

Highland Capital Management has a diverse client base and continues to provide alternative investment opportunities through emerging credit markets as well as short and long term equities.

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