Kevin Seawright is Making a Difference

Kevin Seawright is the Founder and Chief Operating Officer at RPS SOLUTIONS LLC (Real Property Solutions), located in Baltimore, Maryland. He believes every body should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and own a nice home and acts as an advocate for those looking to purchase their first home.

He is an experienced financial operations administer that has used his knowledge to create a portfolio of vision; to create stable neighborhoods where wealth and a healthy community is achievable. RPS SOLUTIONS creates affordable homes in vibrant and healthy communities. This provides housing opportunities for seniors and those who may be disabled, that haven’t been able to qualify for other programs to meet their needs.

Crunchbase believes that Kevin Seawright had already been working in financial administration before he received his Masters in Business Administration in 2006. He first began working for the City of Baltimore as the Managing Fiscal Officer and then became the Payroll Director.

In his experiences, Kevin has managed planning for homeless shelter budgets, managed budgets of city, state and federal funding, monitored assets, liabilities, and expenses for state and local revenue, and much much more. He has strategic financial planning experience and knowledge with a vision to help people be successful and happy.

By founding RPS SOLUTIONS he has created a way to provide cost effective property management and give potential home buyers options they thought to be unachievable.

Kevin Seawright can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Crunchbase and LinkedIn, and has also been featured in World Class Magazine and several other media outlets. The Facebook page is under the company’s name, RPS Solutions LLC.

Here you can find a link to a youtube video where Kevin himself is speaking about the company and the mission that drives it.

There are also a few videos of first time home buyers, Jerel and his wife, showing their experience of working with Kevin and his company. RPS Solutions LLC made it possible for Jerel and his wife to own a nice home that they originally thought was out of their reach.

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