Malcolm CasSelle is on the Lead of Launching WAX through OPSkins

OPSkins is a leading marketplace for digital trading. When discussing digital items, virtual assets like bitcoins are inclusive. With the ongoing revolutionary embrace of cross-border payments, it is clear that most investors prefer the decentralized system of trading platform. However, the centralized system has its disadvantages. Some of these disadvantages include technological incapability. As such, investors are now delving into decentralized marketplaces for trading.


Because of this new shift of preference in trading, OPSkins is coming up with an emerging platform made for virtual asset trading. This platform is called WAX. The World Asset Exchange is a revolutionary marketplace built by a blockchain as well as decentralized contracts. For traders, this will be a platform that allows buyers as well as sellers to trade virtual assets correctly.


World Asset Exchange will provide solutions to two universal problems that most traders face in business; fragmentation is one of the issues. According to this new platform, traders will not lose their assets to fragmentation. The second issue is fraud. WAX will curb fraud because it has a smoothly aligned interface that barely faces technological issues. Additionally, the blockchain- enabled interface allows users to sell and buy without clicking off their regular routines. Of course, with the ever-changing methods of selling and buying in the trading system, many traders are rushing for the deal.


Behind the new launch of WAX is Malcolm CasSelle. He is a successful entrepreneur and now the CIO of OPSkins. Aside from that, Malcolm CasSelle is the brain behind Worldwide Asset eXchange. But before that, he worked at New Ventures as the president. Also having worked at Digital Media of SeaChange International, he developed a particular passion for leadership.


In addition to holding the stated titles, Malcolm CasSelle worked at Timeline Labs. He was the chief executive officer of the firm, and in his capacity as the team leader, Malcolm ensured that the company’s revenue multiplied. Moreover, CasSelle has been an active investor in early-stage emerging companies related to Bitcoin. CasSelle is a dedicated team leader and project manager. He values business and has invested a substantial income in growing several companies.


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