New EOS Flavors For Any Season

We all love EOS lip balms. They have so many classic flavors to love, that it is hard not to keep a few in your hand bag. Flavors like sweet mint and vanilla mint have always been classics, but there are a few new flavors that are just to die for. And because EOS lip balms really work, you don’t need to feel bad about grabbing few of the new flavors. Follow EOS on

If you are looking for a cute gift, or even just to treat yourself, the new EOS Spring Lip Balm Duo is perfect. The packaging is so cute and the two lip balms inside have new fresh scents. If you are in more of a summer mood, you should try out the summer fruit flavor or the honeysuckle honeydew. Those are sure to put you in the mood for lying on the beach and soaking up some sun. But if after the long winter, your lips are feeling a little dry, trying out the Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres. With flavors like coconut milk and blackberry nectar, they are super nourishing and give your lips exactly what they need to be looking healthy and hydrated. Go straight to for this.

No matter what your favorite flavor is, there are always new ones to try. For those days when you want a little something extra, try out the Shimmer Smooth Spheres which give you that extra sparkle when you need it. And if you live a more active life, everyone could use the Active Protection Smooth Spheres which have SPF in them to keep your lips safe from harmful UV rays. EOS always has your back. It’s hard not to love when the flavors are great, they are cute, and they really work to keep your lips hydrated all day long, no matter what you go through. Try one of the new flavors and shake up your day!  Click this.

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