NGP VAN: The Democrats Most Powerful Campaigning Tool

The Democrats are winning on the technological landscape of politics. This may seem a little backward if you are paying attention to Trump’s now infamous twitter account. Trump seems to have the media on his finger and his social media account seems to be picking up headlines daily. However, on the election front, the Democrats are winning in landslides. The power of its candidates aside, the Democrats have been utilizing powerful tools in order to gain traction in current elections. In the past, these tools have played a major part in elections. Of course, the campaign trail is an intricate beast, and there are many different avenues that need addressing other than digital media. But, the Democrats have used digital media to great success. Take, for example, Obama’s election and subsequent re-election.

Obama used NGP VAN, a powerful digital campaigning tool that was majorly responsible for millions of his voters turning out at the polls. NGP VANs use by the Democrats came at the same time as the Republicans use of ORCA (which would later fail them on election day.) NGP VAN worked with the Obama administration to launch Pollwatcher, the powerful mobile app that was utilized to great success during the elections.


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Beyond Pollwatch, NGP VAN has been the Democrats greatest asset in the digital age on all fronts of campaigning. NGP owns Hustle — a peer-to-peer messaging platform used in voter engagement — as well as SpeakEasy Political — a powerful direct-to-mail tool –, both of which have been seeing the Democrats win again and again in the digital war.


The use of tools like NGP VAN have become necessities in the digital age. Campaigns can no longer successfully be run on the ground or through television advertisement. That worked once when television was an emerging technology. Now, with the internet, campaign agendas have adapted to target not only the technology but the emerging demographic that lives by it.


Democrats consistent use of powerful media tools will continue to see them rise above Republicans in the digital media age. Republicans need to act fast if they don’t want to get left behind. For now, NGP VAN continues to be one of the most powerful tools that the Democrats have for re-election.