Nick Vertucci – Real Estate Investor and Educator

Nick Vertucci is the Founder and CEO of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA). Nick Vertucci’s real estate academy is one the the most sort after real estate educating facility. Vertucci has locations throughout the nation, but his main bases are California and Nevada. He focuses not only on the how to’s of real estate, but also on financial freedom. He uses the same strategic plan that has proved to work for him; and shares it with others. He also uses his academy as an outlet to advise and inform investors.

Nick Vertucci’s entrepreneurial spirit began early. At the tender age of 18 he started his own computer sales business. But his business came to a complete stop during the “” crash in early 2000. On the brink of losing his home and in financial despair; he took a chance and enrolled into a real estate academy. He learned fast and bounced back financially even faster. Once he bounced back, he thought of giving back. Vertucci decided to open his own academy and share his investment and real estate knowledge with the public.

Nick Vertucci started his company in January 2014 and set a goal to have the best real estate training facility ever. His motto is, “See it, Believe it, Map it, and Execute it. He has lived by this motto for a long time. He believes that this motto is what has carried him through to all of his successes. Nick Vertucci continually expresses this motto throughout the employee culture of his company. He has a strong sense in believing in ones own abilities, despite what others may think or feel. In other words, put blinders on and stay focused ahead to achieve your goals.

Nick Vertucci reminds everyone that it is not easy to become financially free. But with hard work, believing you yourself, and planning; becoming a success will be inevitable. One thing that he continues to remember is his humble beginnings and the loss of his first business. Both changed his life not for the worst, but for the better; because now he plans for contingencies. In his own words, “Nothing lasts forever. Learn to accept change.”