Oncotarget’s Accomplishments That Have Merit!

Beginning in 2010, Oncotarget originally started out as a journal that had carried multiple disciplines.

All of these disciplines were originally and still are geared towards one major goal: oncology. In other words, the study of the prevention of diseases.

Adding to the understanding of what Oncotarget is, there is something that allows Oncotarget to effectively stand out from other traditional journals. Oncotarget values the concept of democratization.

Oncotarget champions the concept of democratization that the traditional journal itself has implemented Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

What this means is that researchers can actively share the published reports that are published on Oncotarget.

This allows researchers to publish their reports and speed up trials for the experiments in related fields.

As before mentioned, Oncotarget had originally focused on oncology as its initial topic.

However, the adjacent topics of interest that Oncotarget finds that are related to oncology such as autophagy, cell death, immunology, and other topics that are related to oncology, the study of preventing diseases..

Because of this added feature of using the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, researchers are able to save themselves time when conducting their very own research.

With the free and open nature of the journal itself, Oncotarget is able to help researchers expediently speed up their research. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

Oncotarget’s Media Platform Progress

On another front, Oncotarget continues to progresses forward with its aim to improve its media platform objectives altogether.

In 2017, due to the rising volume, impact, and quality, Oncotarget stated that their goal would be to create two issues on a twice-weekly schedule.

Now obvious with that particular statement, more entries can be expected to be published.

Of course, this solves another problem, as well. Readers and media consumers will not have to wait until the next issue due to any unforeseen hiatuses or irregular gaps.

The next crowning accomplishment is that Oncotarget had stated that they had plans to create and premiere their podcast.

The podcast’s objective was to create an auditory avenue for listeners to hear about the breakthroughs in Oncotarget.

Most of the podcast episodes are shorter than ten minutes so the episodes are heavily digestible.

Through the podcasting media platform that Oncotarget has created, people would be able to listen to latest developments through podcast.

Oncotarget (the podcast) is available on Stitcher, Soundcloud, Player.FM, and iTunes. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at facebook.com

Worthy Achievements

Oncotarget has had a hand (or multiple of hands) in other accomplishments, as well..

The journal itself also carries a high impact fact with the score being 5.168. This means that Oncotarget is overly important to developments of breakthroughs in the field of oncology.

In fact, it’s because of Oncotarget’s rising importance that it will now publishing two issues per week on Tuesday and on Friday.

One such accomplishment is that Oncotarget researchers have been able to identify proven new therapeutic strategies to treat thyroid cancer.

Oncotarget is still remaining indexed by most scientific databases such as BIOSIS Previews, Embase, Biological Abstracts, and BIOSIS Previews.

Oncotarget’s rewarding accomplishments have been noticed.

Keeping Oncology Open and Free

The expediency of Oncotarget can be traced back to its democratization core value, which has been the reason that Oncotarget for making its crowning achievements worthwhile and meaningful.

Listen: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/oncotarget